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Item #: SCP-079

Object Class: Explained

A photograph of SCP-079's keyboard.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079 is to be disconnected and all components archived in General Storage at Site-15. Personnel with a level 2 clearance or higher may request access to its components for the purpose of testing.

Description: SCP-079 is a Sorcerer-brand microcomputer built in 1978 by the Exidy gaming company. Its owner, Michael Kosniak, purchased and modified SCP-079 in 1981 to house a primitive version of a Type-1 AI. Kosniak's intention was for it to continuously improve and evolve over time.

Currently SCP-079 possesses a vastly limited memory span, only being able to recall the last 24 hours. SCP-079 also possesses a limited secondary memory card, capable of permanently remembering beings or things considered particularly important by SCP-079.


SCP-079 holds an almost fabled place in the Foundation's history. Like SCP-682 and SCP-076-2 before it, 79 is a reminder of the Foundation's earlier days, of an organization of men and women standing in darkness to protect those living in the light.

But the world has changed. Our organization, once a few dozen sites spread haphazardly across five continents has changed into an organization that reaches across this solar system. We have a thousand sites across six planets, thousands more anomalies counted and contained, and half a billion humans, Yeren, and various extraterrestrial species in our employment.

Once upon a time, SCP-079 was seen as a legitimate threat to the continued normalcy and well-being of humanity. Today, its programming is outmatched by the one in my coffee machine. No further value can be gained from continuing its containment.

SCP-079 is available upon request to those wishing to examine it for scientific research, and for those who would wish to gaze upon our organization's humble beginnings.


- O5-18.

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