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SCPs of the Month


Index # 1370
Type: AutoHumor
Ability: Unaware / Clear Body
Tier: Archon

Index # 179
Type: MineralCosmos
Ability: Forewarn
Tier: Euclid

Index # 5866
Type: Divine
Ability: Neuroforce
Tier: Apollyon

Index # 073
Type: MortalDivine
Ability: Aftermath
Tier: Keter

Reviewer's Analysis


Index # 682
Type: DreadDivine
Ability: Regenerator
Tier: Apollyon
HP 112
Attack 112
Defense 125
Sp. Attack 72
Sp. Defense 105
Speed 98


This staple of the Apollyon tier is once again one of the best SCPs in the game. Possessing a titanic 112/125/105 bulk in conjunction with stellar defensive typing makes Resistile an excellent wall, and one of the best defensive answers to Tiamat. Its Ability, Regenerator, allows it to passively recover HP, absorb hits and pivot to other teammates. With access to reliable recovery in Reconstruct, decent offensive presence and deceptively high Speed tier, Resistile is an excellent support option for many matchups.

However, Resistile is not perfect, as it is unable to break through bulkier foes without significant Attack investment, and is complete setup fodder for Noiredge. It also possesses a highly exploitable 4x weakness to Humor-type attacks.

Mixed Wall

Move 1: Crush Jaw
Move 2: Reconstruct
Move 3: Corroshock
Move 4: Crystal Burst
Item: Refined Locket
Ability: Regenerator
Persona: Disgusted
AVs: 252 HP / 8 Atk / 152 Def / 96 SpD

Crush Jaw is Resistile' primary method of hitting opposing threats, dealing neutral damage to a large majority of the tier. Corroshock allows it to cripple switch-ins like Ken-Shinigami and Scarimian. Fear Response is a possible alternative to let it phase out setup sweepers like Shining Edge Justikore, but loses out on the ability to pressure many of its answers. Refined Locket maximizes Resistile's passive recovery, with its downside being easily offset by Reconstruct's reliable recovery and ability to remove status effects.

The given AV spread lets Resistile avoid being 2HKO'd by Masked Shyguy's Final Rip. If holding other items, 204 Defense AV is needed instead.

SWANNfucker (Porcelain Mask)

Move 1: Crush Jaw
Move 2: Deific Defier
Move 3: Shed Scales
Move 4: Crystal Burst
Item: Porcelain Mask
Ability: Regenerator
Persona: Sneering
AVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Porcelain Mask gives Resistile immediate power to nab surprise KOs from foes expecting more defensive variants. Deific Defier is Resistle's main STAB move, which can consistently 2HKO to even OHKO frailer SCPs. Regenerator is ideal for minimizing DD's recoil damage, and allows it more chance to spam attacks every time it switches onto the field.

Crush Jaw is the secondary STAB which neutrally hit a large portion of the tier, and Crystal Burst is preferred to hit Cosmos-type such as Moonchamp while also setting up entry hazards. Shed Scales gives Resistile option against incoming Humor-types, who are immune to DD and resist Crush Jaw otherwise.

Checks and Counters

  • Humor-types: Common Humor-type SCPs such as Kottie, Porknife and Gumboss can switch into Resistile's attacks, although they have to fear being Corroded, and can OHKO it with a super-effective Humor-type attack or force it to switch out.
  • Setup Sweepers: Justikore can set up on Resistile without Fear Response and 2HKO it with a +2 Saturn Splitter. Likewise, Emptivity with Hollow Mind can muscle past Resistile with enough boosts, although it doesn't appreciate being worn down by Crystal Burst.
  • Bulky Attackers: Resistile can't do much against SCPs like Cerveris-Artifice, who takes little from Crush Jaw and can force it out with a super-effective coverage move, although it does not appreciate eating a Masked Deific Defier.

Written by NebulousStar



Is it just me, or are the release periods between each Series getting shorter and shorter?


its just u


It's blatantly obvious that the SCP Foundation has gone from a passionate indie developer to a mainstream corporate shill who only pumps out yearly releases just to make big bucks. SMH


ok seriewunner

Masters Division World Championship Winner 2021


the introduction of the Meta-type in series IV and its consequences have been a disaster for the meta :p


meta deez nut


Of all the Series VIII SCPs, I really like Busiguana. It's a bit underpowered, but you can really pull off some surprise sweeps with it against unprepared teams :>

Lepidopteran Cup Tournament Master


It still baffles me that someone at the Foundation thought it fine to balance True: Nature like this. Dual 170 offenses, 110 Speed and 90/90/90 bulk, with nearly unresisted STAB combination, and it can hold an item?

I would like what they were on, please, because god knows I, Tier isn't high enough for this crap.

Lt FlopsLt Flops

assuming things were ever balanced in the first place


Just use Pesterbot, it completely walls True: Nature my dude


meta deez nut

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