Operation Wilhelm
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02 JUNE 1947


Director Collins,

The USHRC has received your written request in regards to Operation Wilhelm and reviewed it in accordance with preordained policies and regulations. We find the matters addressed by this request to be of the utmost precedence in national security and have taken the appropriate action necessary to allocate resources to your proposal. Therefore, the USHRC, with authorization from the Department of Defense and the Office of the President of the United States, hereby bestows upon you and the Federal Bureau of Investigation the authority to initiate Operation Wilhelm at once. The USHRC will act as a supervising entity during the span of the operation and will receive, with no delay, weekly reports on the operation's activities and successes.

Please note that, due to the nature of Operation Wilhelm and all relevant activities, information regarding this is to remain TOP SECRET per direct order of the President of the United States. Any information leaks shall be treated as existential threats to the United States and met with disciplinary action at the discretion of the USHRC.


Robert T. Mulligan

Director, USHRC


Overview: During the concluding years of the Second World War, elements of the United States government, specifically the United States Higher Research Committee and the Office of Strategic Services, became aware of remnants of the National Socialist Party infiltrating higher echelons of United States governmental entities with an unknown, though likely hostile, agenda. Through exhaustive investigation, it was discovered that many of these individuals were in possession of artifacts or items of potentially anomalous significance, either retrieved from former Nazi Germany prior to the dissolution of its government or stolen from agents of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It is now understood that these items are being systematically identified and captured by another organization, referred to solely as "The Foundation", for unknown purposes. As the intentions of this organization remain unknown to the United States, it is now the responsibility of the USHRC and the FBI to retrieve such items before they can be used against interests of the United States or obtained by The Foundation, at which point they are to be treated as permanently lost.

A log of all known items and their current statuses is provided below. Recovery efforts remain ongoing.

Item Designation Description Current Status
USHRC-OXI-01 Large metallic staff-like object capable of being wielded by human personnel. When directed at another human subject, object emits a brilliant flash of light followed by restructuring of the target subject at the atomic level, resulting in an apparently random new being. Some beings are unknown to modern science and defy understood physical laws. Possessed by Erwin Schultz, a known agent of the Nationalist Socialist party
USHRC-OXI-02 Small object resembling a stuffed elephant toy, origin unknown. When thrown, dropped, or otherwise acted upon by an external force, object exerts a mass and force consistent with that of an adult elephant, often resulting in serious injury or death being inflicted upon any subject impacted by the object. Recovered by the Foundation; current whereabouts unknown
USHRC-OXI-03 A medium-sized wooden canoe believed to have been hand crafted by an unknown party. When any human subject enters the object, the bottom of the canoe dissipates, followed by the canoe inverting its position in the water and forming a film-like sheet of unknown composition around the head of the subject. Death usually occurs through drowning or suffocation within several minutes, at which point the head cannot be found. Research personnel have suspected that the object is a sentient predator. Recovered by the USHRC
USHRC-OXI-04 A collection of medically extracted human organs, including eyes, lungs, a heart, a brain, and various bones. Each item is stored within a glass jar filled with an unidentified transparent liquid. When any human subject physically interacts with these jars, the corresponding organ immediately fails; after several seconds, the failed organ will be replaced through unknown means. In the case of the brain, this results in the subject developing an entirely different personality. Recovered by the Foundation; current whereabouts unknown
USHRC-OXI-05 An African male first encountered in Egypt, claiming to be "Jesus Christ" in the literal sense. Subject exhibits various anomalous abilities, chiefest among them being almost total invulnerability to any type of physical harm. Subject exhibits an uncanny knowledge of human history and religious texts, frequently discussing an event referred to as "The Judgment" believed to be of apocalyptic significance. There is no evidence conclusively proving the subject's true identity, though he is believed to have been initially captured by German forces in northern Africa and transferred to an unknown camp based on cursory analysis; after camp personnel were unable to neutralize the subject, he managed to escape through unknown means. Recovered by the Foundation; current whereabouts unknown
USHRC-OXI-06 A prototype German nuclear weapon incapable of detonation due to the lack of sufficient uranium. Object is sentient and will communicate with any other sentient entity nearby. In general, object exhibits an opinion on human warfare described as "colorful", with excessive use of expletives and insults believed to be of a derogatory nature. Object was quoted as being aware of its nature as a non-functioning nuclear weapon, but has stated that if it is capable of change, so too is humanity. Further research ongoing. Recovered by the USHRC
USHRC-OXI-07 Medium-sized rubber ball of German origin. Object exerts a repulsive force greatly in excess of its initial force and is capable of penetrating effectively any man-made material. Object was recovered by the USHRC and briefly contained until a security error resulted in the ball "bouncing" off a chamber wall, decapitating a security officer and resulting in the object departing the facility at a velocity believed to be approaching the speed of light. Though its current location is unknown, research personnel have speculated that the object has departed Earth's atmosphere and is now travelling through the solar system. Unknown
USHRC-OXI-08 A bag of chocolate candies of varying shape and color. Each candy is sentient and will request that it not be consumed; should a subject consume a candy, the remaining candies will exhibit considerable levels of anxiety and fear. There is no apparent end to the bag, as no evidence has been found suggesting it will ever be empty. A failed "revolt" by the candies shortly after capture was notable for its brevity, as security personnel simply consumed the candies after they began an ill-fated "protest". Recovered by the USHRC

This log will be updated as more items are brought to the USHRC's attention.

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