Operation Red-Killer After-Action Report
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Operation: Red Killer

Log Number: 10051972/0001

Risk Classification: Bathala


Red Killer was a previously commenced operation in response to the growing communist threat1 in the Visayan islands. The Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) initiated a raid on a convoy of military trucks deployed from Outpost "MAGDIWANG", which was en route to Barangay Bontod, San Sebastian, Samar to deliver the much needed medical supplies in response to the dengue pandemic that affected the residents.

The raid resulted in the deaths of thirty-seven (37) uniformed personnel from the 3rd Infantry Division Army (3ID, Kampilan), a total of twelve (12) civilian drivers and medical personnel, and the capture of the survivors, who were comprised of four (4) uniformed personnel and two (2) medical personnel. The survivors were burned at stake by their captors; their charred corpses were dismembered by the CNTs; the remains were subsequently sent to Outpost "MAGDIWANG" as a message to the military personnel stationed in the outpost to discourage a retaliatory response.

Follow-Up Actions Taken:

The Martial Law2 currently in effect, allowed us to conduct enhanced search methods on suspected Communist Terrorist Group territories without the required supervision of the Philippine Navy's Ethics, Casualty, and Collateral Damage Control Section (Section PN-7) which had been suspended by the Proclamation, and allowed us to carry out our duties without unnecessary delays. 

The CNTs were theorized to be hiding in Barangay Masuksok, San Sebastian, Samar; its residents, based on SIGINT, were rumored to be providing food, shelter, medical care, and logistics for the Communist insurgents. Enhanced search methods were conducted; the survivors, who were all suspected members and sympathizers, were arrested. They were detained indefinitely to be frequently interrogated with effective methods. A cover-up story of a wildfire was disseminated to the media after a brigade deployed by the Bureau of Fire Protection extinguished the flames that eradicated the village.

The CNTs were soon located3 and surrounded by units of the Philippine Army Infantry Division. The Anomalous Warfare Company, First Platoon, was soon mobilized and prepared for combat.

As part of its combat doctrine, the First Platoon reconnoitered the enemy position first, with the emphasis on studying the rebels' daily routine and identifying key personnel to capture, if applicable. After this phase, the First Platoon proceeded to seize and interrogate enemy patrols for any additional useful information. The First Platoon then initiated Ritual-7A4 on the captured insurgents

Operation: Red Killer officially commences.


Subject/s: 1st Platoon, AWCoy, Philippine Navy (Marines)

Objectives: Eradication of the communist menace.

Parameters: Insurgents of the New People's Army were encamped in the forest beside the previous site of Barangay Masuksok. Cut-off groups from Army Infantry Divisions 3ID, 6ID, and 8ID were positioned in the outer perimeter. Their objectives were to eliminate any escaping communist insurgents.

Ammunition-8IC was cleared to be used by 1st Platoon5 for this operation.

The following was an audio log from the Platoon Leader of the First Platoon, AWCoy.


00:00 - "This is 1st Lieutenant Danilo Versoza, 1st Platoon, Anomalous Warfare Company of the Philippine Navy, Marines. I am here to report the conclusion of Operation Red Killer, which was a success, but not without a price on our part."

00:10 - [Mumbled cries and loud banging in the background. An angry scream, followed by swearing in Tagalog and Bisayan dialect, was heard before a single gunshot rang in the air.]

00:12 - "Forgive me for the sounds outside; we were decommissioning the assets we created with Ritual-7A. Anyway, at around 0100 hours, my platoon and I arrived in the area-of-operation. We retraced the paths we memorized earlier in the reconnaissance phase back to the CNT base and found its security to have tightened after the news of their fellow rebels' disappearances spread among the insurgents."

00:22 - [A chuckle from Lt. Versoza.]

00:24 - "Little did they know we'd brought them with us. <Pause> The forward elements of the platoon first eliminated the guards who happened to be out of their comrades' line of sight. We hid their bodies with fronds and shrubs we uprooted from the ground around us. We pressed on. At this point, we found where the leaders of the cadre were holed up. As expected, they were resting inside a tall hut in the middle of this encampment that looked more like a small barangay than a proper rebel hideout. The remaining guards stationed around it were sleeping in their posts."

00:35 - [A pause.]

00:36 - "It's either the bastards were confident in the protection provided by the terrain's inaccessibility, or the sons of b[REDACTED] were just really incompetent to be entrusted with tasks as simple as sentry duty. After all, they're all just civvies with no military background who picked up arms to fight the government through violence as if it would change anything. None of them were as disciplined as we are."

00:40 - [Another pause. Lt. Versoza was heard exhaling, indicative of tobacco use.]

00:42 - "Forgive me for my ramblings. <Pause> I told my second-in-command, Master Sergeant Santos, whom I'd like to commend for his gallantry, to deploy the assets we weaponized with Ritual-7A against the sentries. The assets were, for ease of coordination, restrained, gagged, and blindfolded. They were connected together with chains, the last one guided by Santos with a leash connected to its collar."

00:56 - [Another muffled cry, and gunfire were soon heard.]

01:01 - "We covered ourselves with the blood of one of the rebels we weaponized with Ritual-7A before the commencement of the operation, which prevented the assets from attacking us when the chains, straightjackets, gags, and blindfolds were removed. Their sunken eyes tracked each one of us with malicious and contemptuous gazes. Perhaps they have a clue about what we are about to make them do. They wanted to kill us, but the stench of the blood of their own suppressed them. I cannot forget their slack jaws and the drool falling from their lips in animalistic hunger. I read the file, especially the part about those administered with Ritual-7A still retaining their awareness and humanity."

01:22 - [The sound of liquor pouring into a cup was heard, followed by the sound of Lt. Versoza taking a swig. The muffled cries from a small group were silenced by a series of gunshots.]

01:25 - "The assets, as if guided by an unseen force, moved in a pack and, at the sight of one of their former comrades, rushed like hungry animals. They tore through him, ripping his skin open with their nails and bashing his head open with stones while repeatedly asking for forgiveness, which soon turned into groans and moans as their hands began to force their comrade's flesh and organs down their throats like raw steaks."

01:35 - [The sound of a door being shoved open was heard, providing clarity to the muffled screams and cries. One of the Marines was heard yelling and cursing in the background.]

01:40 - "Hoy putang ina, ilabas mo yan!" <Deep exhale> "Fucking idiots. Forgive me for that commotion. Anyway, the whole neighborhood awoke at the sound of the disturbance. The rebels were surprised at the sudden appearance of their missing comrades, but more so at the bloody scene in front of them. They didn't know what to do at first because the assets were pleading for their lives. They were asking them not to shoot and that they were being forced to do it, which adds more to the confusion. The impulse that gripped the assets was stronger than their will to stop. In the end, they attacked them."

01:59 - [A deep sigh was heard while the termination of the weeping voices continued.]

02:00 - "And we watched them from a safe distance. We watched them devour the flesh of their former brothers and sisters at arms. Chills ran down my spine at the possibility of one of the assets being related to a rebel in blood. While the massacre ensued, the cadre leaders made their appearance, panicked at the scene, and began firing at the assets. The remaining rebels finally got their shit together and started firing as well, but the fight ended in favor of our assets."

02:10 - [Lt. Versoza poured himself another one and took a swig. Laughter was heard in the background after another gunfire.]

02:15 - "At 0130 hours, we proceeded deeper into the encampment. We engaged the remaining survivors and lost three men in the process. We let the CNTs run away in the direction of the Army boys posted on the outer perimeter, who were waiting for them. The remaining assets watched us with hatred while they consumed the dead on the ground. Some who happened to obstruct our path avoided us as if we were lepers."

02:20 - "We approached the hut where the cadre leaders went after the initial contact and surrounded it. We instructed them to surrender by throwing their weapons outside the hut and gave them an ultimatum of ten minutes to do that. One of the fuckers ran out with guns blazing. He ended up becoming a target for the megos. The remaining three decided that it was wise to surrender instead of uselessly fighting to the last and to return to the folds of the law. They threw their guns outside, and we had Privates Dimasalang and Carlos, supervised by Corporal Lantog, cover them with the blood of an asset I shot."

02:30 - [Lt. Versoza pauses for a moment. The last muffled cry was soon punctuated by an echoing gunshot.]

02:40 - "At 0200 hours, the area is free from communist control."



Items Recovered:

The following were recovered from the area-of-operation and were turned over to the Naval Intelligence and Security Force (NISF):

  • Communist propaganda materiel
  • Six crates of ammunition
  • Three wooden lockers containing Kalashnikov rifles and looted AFP-issued M14 rifles
  • Map drawn with symbols that represented encampments of known NPA guerilla fronts
  • Documents pertaining to several key personnel within the group and their involvement in several acts of terrorism committed in Manila
  • A list containing the names of high-ranking members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, politicians, and foreign businessmen. 

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