Operation Kontra-Simoy After-Action Report
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Operation: Kontra-Simoy

Log Number: 17012023/3645

Risk Classification: Bathala

Foreword: Kontra-Simoy was an operation initiated after the discovery of several olfactory-based cognitohazardous substance contained within 35 ml vials sold as perfume from multiple fashion boutiques by a joint task force comprising of Department of Health personnel and National Bureau of Investigation agents after an online complaint from one of its customers.

The discovered items were confiscated by DOH for research and study. The results were not revealed to irrelevant government agencies, including ours, but NBI had conducted a follow up investigation on the matter.

Investigation teams were sent to gather information about the stores from where the anomalous products were sold. Upon proper detainment and interrogation of certain key persons of interest, none could divulge any information about the products. Specialists from Foundation Provincial Site-198D were sent to assist in the interrogation but the efforts were fruitless as none have any recollection of how the products turned up in their inventories.

The detained persons were amnesticized before released.
The NBI continued their investigation, which escalated into an extensive surveillance operation when word from undercover agents were received that merchandise of the items of interest were still on going. It appeared that at certain time of the night, cargo trucks were manifesting on highways and arriving at the surveilled business establishments. Humanoid entities in black jumpsuits possessing yellow incandescent eyes were observed carrying cardboard boxes from the back of the vehicle and walked "through" the walls of the establishments.

After the delivery, the humanoid entities had walked back to the trucks; none of which were observed to have undertaken actions typical of embarking vehicles. The trucks accelerated across the highway before de-manifesting.

On the next day, visual feeds taken from closed-circuit TV cameras have shown only static at the duration of the delivery period. Other invstigation teams assigned to different surveilled business establishments have also reported witnessing iterations of the aforementioned event and described it accurately consistent with the another.

On 12th of January, a patient who have bought an instance of the item was rushed to a local infirmary for a self-inflicted blunt trauma to the head. The DOH assigned to the case have notified their NBI counterparts, who have immediately conducted interview of the patient.

The following interview was transcribed below:


INTERVIEWER: Patient 3645-1


Agent [REDACTED]: Hello, ma'am.

Patient 3645-1: Who are you? The doctors did not notify me of an incoming visitor.

A: Do not be alarmed, ma'am. I am a part of the NBI investigation team handling your case.

P: What does the NBI has to do with my sanity? [Laughs] Anyways, what do you want to know?

A: Drug related case, ma'am, but why did you do it?

P: That? [Gasps] I am going insane, that's why. I've been considering seeking professional help in the past two weeks before it1 happened, but no asylum is taking me in.

A: Can you tell me everything that happened?

P: It all started two weeks ago. I don't know what caused it. At first, I was seeing things, like figures or shapes moving in my peripheral vision. It must be the fatigue from my work as a call center agent. I haven't got enough sleep.

A: And—?

P: And, it gradually became worse. I thought it stopped, like some temporary mental exhaustion or something but I started to see writings on the wall. It said something about a "Da'shul" coming down from the sky or something.

A: Can you try to remember what the writing on the wall was? Just give me something close.

P: [Sighs] It said something about "Hail Da'shul, the Lord of the Unborn, the herald of the doomsday, He-Who-Shall-Descend-From-The-Throat-Of-The-Great-One, blessed are those who could perceive him."

A: Okay, that was really helpful. Anything else?

P: [Silent for a few seconds] Well there was… [Pauses]

A: Are you alright?

P: Yes. The blood on the wall disappeared. But, the skies…no, my perception of the sky was different.

A: What do you mean?

P: I asked everyone and I told them that the skies were red but they just looked at me like I was insane! They even fired me from my job for nuisance to other workers…but the clouds…oh God, it was terrible!

A: Can you describe it to me?

P: The sky was covered by a giant…cloud, no it was a face! It was stretched from one direction to another. Its eyes…oh Lord! It was bloodshot and dilated, staring at me! Its nose were bleeding and it wore an angry expression! Everywhere I go, the face was there, staring at me! Its mouth was agape, like it was forcibly stretched wide because even regular humans can't open their jaws that wide! It was like screaming at me but silent and frozen and everywhere I go, it never disappear! [Loud sobs]

A: Anything else?

P: The worse was every person I see, their faces became like the one on the sky! When they spoke, I only heard loud trumpets and loud drones of insects and I think I also heard a lion's roar in between—[Fell silent all of a sudden]

A: Ma'am? Are you okay, ma'am?

P: [Patient remained unresponsive]

A: Ma'am?


A: Shit! Doc, we have an emergency!


Patient was administered with amnesiacs, the only known form of remedy from the influence of the item. Foundation Satellite Drone Omicron-6 ("Death From Above") was activated to track down the mysterious trucks initiating the delivery. The trucks were traced to numerous establishments which appeared to be abandoned. However, closer observation have indicated activity taking place within its premises.

Due to a provision stated under the Aquino-Obama Agreement of 2015 or most commonly known as the "Backyard Operations Agreement",2 the Anomalous Warfare Battalion (AWBn) of the Philippine Marine Corps was deployed by Central Visayas Command's Paranormal Combat Division to neutralize the threat.

Follow-Up Actions Taken: Before Operation Kontra-Simoy commenced, Foundation Amnesiac Administration Team Alpha-09 ("Vaporub Care") has conducted an aerial Class-B amnesticization to the households of the costumers who have purchased the anomalous products. Mobile Task Force Zeta-04 ("Cat Assassins") was deployed to confiscate the items for their own research.

The Foxtrot Company of the Anomalous Warfare Battalion was deployed to conduct raid operations on the located nine establishments where the delivery trucks came from. Kontra-Simoy officially started at January 17, 2023.


NOTE: For brevity, the visual feed of MSgt. [REDACTED], PN(M) was the only one included in this document because of his intriguing discoveries. Please request permission to CenVisCom's Information Analyst Officer to see the full operation log of Operation Kontra-Simoy.

Subject: MSgt. [REDACTED], PN(M) designated as Uniform-6 (or U6, Team Leader U6)

Objectives: Threat Eradication and Item Recovery

Parameters: The target establishment is a four-storey high building with a wide frontal parking lot. The property was previously owned by Gonzales Logistics Inc., a subsidiary of the SM Group of Companies responsible for the conglomerate's logistic solutions. The joint investigation conducted by the Foundation and NBI has indicated that the aforementioned companies were not involved with anomalous activities.

Team Uniform-6 was expected to terminate any hostile entities encountered along the way as well as the recovery of any items of interest. If possible, Team Uniform-6 was optionally tasked to detain any live entities for questioning.


00.00.00 - The interior of the cramped armored van was bathed in red light. U6 glanced around and displayed U6/4, U6/5 and U6/6 in the feed, sat on the opposite side.

00.00.12 - The van was presumed to have stopped when the driver notified their arrival. U6 reached for the van's backdoor lever and opened it, revealing a wide parking lot beyond. The city lights in the distance were visible on the horizon.

00.00.20 - The team disembarked in two rows. U6/6 shut the van's backdoor close and prompted the vehicle to park elsewhere safe.

00.00.25 - Team U6 moved across the empty parking lot with their direction headed towards the building's entrance. Five trucks manifested around them, presumed to be the beginning of the anomaly's usual delivery time.

U6/2: Sir! U6/2 stopped with his rifle aimed at the vehicles.

U6: Don't slack, Private! Corporal, get the ordnance out!

00.00.30 - U6/3 produced a set of devices from his backpack, presumed to be explosives.

From 00.00.32 to 00.01.12, Team U6 attached the explosive devices at each trucks' cabin, with the purpose of killing the drivers and the passengers inside. After that, Team U-6 assembled at the entrance of the target building before they entered inside.

00.01.30 - The building's lobby area was empty, save for a few wall posters displaying a logo of a circle diagonally crossed by two lances. The bottom text of the poster read: "Holy Empire of Da'shul". Team U6 proceeded across the dark hallway without stopping, and reached its end which terminated into an eastward bent.

00.01.50 - A staircase was seen ahead. Team U6 began to cross the hallway when a loud Public Service Announcement rang across the building despite the absence of visible speakers.


U6: Be alert. All targets are expendable.

U6/2 through U6/6: Yes sir!

00.02.01 - Humanoid figures wearing what appeared to be combat armors appeared from the walls. Their eyes were observed to glow iridescently from green to yellow. U6 opened fire the moment he caught sight of an immediate target. Entity sprawled across the ground and liquified into a puddle of thick black ooze (Consult the Items Recovered Log attached to this document).

00.02.10 - Gunfire erupted behind U6 while he fired upon his second target, which he took down with a coincidental headshot. The third one returned fire. A streak of red glowing light escaped from the entity's weapon. U6 yelled at his team before he dove away. The light streaked past harmlessly; U6 aimed at the entity. The muzzle of his rifle illuminated in three flashes.

00.02.18 - U6 stood up from the floor and saw his liquified target on the ground. He gestured at his team as they moved across and ascended the staircase.

00.02.25 - As they reached the first landing, two combat humanoids like the ones encountered earlier appeared at the final landing, aiming down at them. U6 and U6/2 immediately opened fire. The roof above the humanoids were splattered with black liquid before they rolled down the stairs. Team U6 avoided the falling corpses which morphed into a puddle.

00.02.40 - The office complex was devoid of all furnitures with the exception of the cubicles still bolted on the floor. A few flipped wooden tables can be seen sometimes between the cubicles. The objects bore nothing of importance at closer inspection.

00.02.59 - Combat humanoid entities manifested throughout the complex as Team U6 navigated it. U6's labored breathing was audible in the feed as gunfire erupted around him. He moved halfway towards the middle of the complex when a pair of combat humanoid entities manifested before him.

00.03.10 - With U6/2 and U6/3's assistance, they opened fire at the pair before their targets attack. A shout was heard behind; U6 immediately turned to see U6/4 limped to a nearby cubicle.

U6: Corporal, are you alright?

U6/4: Yes sir, I am alright! Just a little burn, nothing I can't handle!

00.03.25 - U6 reached the center of the office complex, his direction was towards a dark ascending staircase ahead. He was about to take a step forward when a room obscured by frosted windows illuminated to his right. U6 turned, directly faced the room's door. Above, the word: "MANAGEMENT" was seen.

00.03.30 - U6 pulled a disorientation grenade from his belt and approached the door's room. He reached for the knob and turned it, which he slightly opened. He tossed the grenade inside before he closed it shut. High pitched squealing similar to the sound emitted by mice were audible inside. It was only silenced by the activation of the grenade.

00.03.50 - Team U6 breached the room and was brought into a laboratory of some kind. It was bright, the walls were lined with tables full of medical instruments as well as devices used for chemistry. On the white tiled floor, man-sized humanoid rodents in labcoats lied on the ground, vomitting what appeared to be live specimens of maggots and earthworms.

00.04.01 - Team U6 executed the injured entities, but left one alive. It was shot at the left knee to prevent it from fleeing.

U6: Glanced at U6/4 through U6/6 You three, stay here with him. Gather any items you see of import for evidence keeping with Command.

U6/4 through U6/6: Yes sir!

00.04.09 - U6 and his group exited the room and proceeded to the third floor. They ascended the staircase without incident and arrived in a large area where rows after rows of tables were seen. On the surface of each, a paper, a set of vials, a table lamp and an unknown herbal flower contained in a jar were seen.

00.04.12 - U6 retrieved the jar containing the herbal flower while the others collected other evidences from the table. Combat humanoid instances manifested in the vicinity and prompted the Marines to action.

00.04.21 - U6 kept his head down while firing upon entities that had appeared before him. He took down a total of two hostile entities as he crossed the room with his group, who fought targets of their own.

00.04.30 - U6 fired at an entity to his northwest and terminated the threat before he aimed at another one to his northeast, which he also took down. The fighting gradually died down and enabled the group to reach the fourth floor through the staircase beyond.

00.04.43 - Another humanoid manifested at the first landing, which the team terminated with ease. They continued on; security was visibly getting lax, presumably because the establishment's reserve of security forces have dwindled.

00.05.01 - They reached the fourth floor, which was a wide auditorium reappropriated as a storeroom of some sort. Worktables, toolboxes, unknown measuring instruments and repair tools were seen scattered across the floor. Large and small cables were seen attached from the wall, snaking across the floor and connected to a gigantic device in the middle.

00.05.10 - The device was a large cylindrical capsule with a circular viewing window on the upper part, displaying what appeared to be a humanoid resembling a modern man with a shaved head. His face was frozen in a shocked expression.

00.05.15 - The computers around the capsule displayed the vital signs of the humanoid contained within it. U6 approached one, and saw that the letters displayed on the screens were unidentified characters.

U6: We better get the nearest Engineering Brigade over here. We might not be able to deactivate that thing without compromising the health of the person inside. Glanced at at U6/2 Contact Extraction and tell them we need combat engineers.

U6/2: Yes sir!

The rest of the visual feed was trimmed for brevity since nothing happened of importance were worth recording.


Items Recovered: The following items were recovered from the target building raided by Team U6. The objects were surrendered to Central Visayas Command upon arrival. The complete list of confiscated items were logged below:

  • A vial of black liquid extracted from the remains of a hostile entity encountered within the target building.3
  • A set of flasks containing colorful non-anomalous aromatic liquid.
  • An unknown bacterium contained in a petri dish.
  • Various instruments used in chemistry.
  • Manual on extracting concentration from a plant.
  • An unknown herbal plant suspended in a blue colored liquid.

Within the capsule:

  • A head contraption presumably utilized for psionic purposes.
  • Automated mechanical arms equipped with sharp and blunt instruments.
  • Detachable tubes presumed to be used for liquid extraction.

Interrogation Log:

Note: The entity detained by Team U6 Marines were interrogated first before handed over to Foundation custody. The following was a transcript of the exchange:

Subject: Entity-1
Interrogator: Sgt. "Scorpion", Philippine Navy (Marines)


Entity-1: Stared in the ceiling Goorah vash lah vahh.

Sgt. Scorpion entered the interrogation room.

Sgt. Scorpion: Do you realize how much trouble you're in?

E: Goorah vash lah vahh.

S: Still continuing with this crap, huh? You do realize this was an interrogation, not an interview?

Entity-1 fell quiet.

S: That's more like it. Tell me, who you are and what were you doing back there?

Entity-1 remained quiet.

S: You know, the reason why you're still alive is because my superiors told me to. My cousin was among the raiding party who got killed by your security forces4 and I am not a man of patience, you alien fuck.

Sgt. Scorpion stood from his seat and approached Entity-1.

S: Are you going to speak? Subject stared at him. Don't look at me!

A loud crash was heard.

S: Get up! I was just getting started!

E: The Lord Da'shul revelled in His Subjects' sufferings. A huge amount of pain and torment is required to draw Him to this…magnificent world of yours.

A loud crash was heard as Sgt. Scorpion slammed Entity-1 on the surface of the table.

S: How'd you like suffering now?

E: You cannot impede it. We shall rise and take over—Entity-1 stopped to spit a tooth on the ground, which turned into a live earthworm. You cannot resist.

S: Oh yeah? Sgt. Scorpion slammed his fist against Entity-1's face.

E: We will win, we will take over. Hell on Earth. Hell on Earth.

At this point, the Subject did not respond to any questions asked to it. Interview was terminated shortly.


The Subject continued to repeat the words even after its transfer to Foundation custody. Sgt. Scorpion was reprimanded for his actions and was temporarily relieved from duty.

Addendum: The humanoid recovered from the capsule seen on Timestamp: 00.05.10 was identified to be one Theodore Pemberton, a Caucasian male in late forties and an American national of German descendancy. He was previously employed by the Global Occult Coalition as a senior researcher in the field of Paracryptology and Extraterrestrial Engineering. He was announced Missing-In-Action, along with Strike Team 7236 "Exuberant Purgation", in an extradimensional expedition twenty five years ago and was presumed dead. The expedition's purpose was unknown at this point because most of the personnel involved with it were either retired or had been transferred to another department.

Theodore Pemberton is currently undergoing a mental rehabilitation treatment and body reconstruction. The damage inflicted to his body includes, but not limited to:

  • Cranial fracture
  • Multiple perforations around the temple
  • Missing liver organ
  • Fractured left shoulder
  • Fractured right femur
  • Third degree burn to the right thigh down to the right foot
  • Perforation in the right appendix
  • Laceration in the left breast down to the waist

How the person of interest remained alive was still a mystery. Together with the aforementioned recovered items, Theodore Pemberton was surrendered to Foundation custody for proper management.

Due to the threat being extraterrestrial in nature, the PAGASA Extraterrestrial Watch was notified to alert the Paranormal Combat Division of anything that might compromise the safety and the sovereignty of the country.

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