Operation Galahad
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Project Corbenic - Operation Galahad Briefing

So pass I hostel, hall, and grange;

By bridge and ford, by park and pale,

All-arm'd I ride, whate'er betide,

Until I find the holy Grail.

Sir Galahad, Lord Alfred Tennyson

By accessing this document, you have verified your clearance for Project Corbenic. If you are an unauthorized user, close this window immediately or memetic kill agent Assurbanipal-7 will be deployed.



This is a message to all members of the newly-formed Mobile Task Force Omega-16, "Grail Knights".

First of all, congratulations. You weren't chosen at random - your hand-to-hand combat abilities, skills of judgment, and stamina are all exceptional, among other things. Corbenic is a very strange place in that you will have no Earthly weapons available, and all of your tools will either need to be found, invented, or present on your body. You were chosen for this mission because your bodies are some of the most capable bodies for exploration and combat available.

The problem remains, however, whether or not any living soldier is strong enough to navigate and map Corbenic. One of our scientists made her own path through the place - we'll get to her later - but it is crucial that the Foundation understand as much about Corbenic as possible. It is a very important realm to the Foundation and humanity at large, for reasons that unfortunately cannot be disclosed to you.

I am happy to note that none of you have read the documentation for SCP-2922. Hopefully, I will not have to stress the importance of not breaking into a document long since labeled for Level 5 clearance. I will tell you all you need to know - and for all intents and purposes what the Foundation does know - about the extradimensional realm known to us now as Corbenic.

The most important thing to remember about Corbenic is that it is the home of an enemy of the Foundation. We will capture her, end of discussion.

I'll be watching. Win or lose, we secure, we contain, and we protect.

- Dr. Isaiah Henderson, Project Corbenic Director

Primary Objective: Locate and capture SCP-PC-001, a traitor to the Foundation who is using SCP-PC-005 to actively work against Foundation operations and harbors knowledge crucial to the safety of humanity.

Secondary Objective: Explore and provide information about Corbenic and its contents.

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