Operation Firewolf After-Action Report
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Operation: Firewolf

Log Number: 260200HOCT2021/5734

Risk Classification: Apolaki

Foreword: Firewolf was the codename for the offensive operation previously conducted against Hannad Atallah, a politician in Indanan, Sulu, who was implicated in the murders of his rivals in politics. The causes of death of the deceased victims were confirmed to be anomalous in nature, based on the autopsy reports provided by the NBI-Special Occurrences Unit. Assets from the OMNINT Division were instructed to gather intelligence on the subject's activities, to prove or disprove his innocence.

After days of surveillance, it was discovered that the subject has raised a private army of HDEIs1 and RFNs2 consisted of Type-718s3, Type-720s4 and Type-701s5. This prompted action from the Paranormal Combat Department to issue a scramble order to the Philippine Marine Corps' Anomalous Warfare Battalion and deploy Oscar and Papa Company.

Follow-Up Actions Taken:
The recent surveillance operation conducted by OMNINT Division operatives revealed that Atallah has several properties across Mindanao and Luzon, specifically, in Angeles City, Pampanga. Elements of Oscar and Papa Company was deployed to pursue and apprehend (or eliminate, if possible) Atallah and neutralize his thaumaturgic private armed group, which officially earned a LAG6 status as designated by PCD and the Department of Supernatural Defense.

The offensive operation began in Barangay Bato-Bato, Indanan, in an isolated mansion located away from the rural area. The 4th SOP7 of Oscar Company was assigned as the assault element in the raid, supported by the line elements of Oscar Company, the 3rd and 4th Platoon. Elements of Papa Company, specifically the 2nd and 5th Platoons were positioned as cordons around the operating area to act as security elements in roads and routes leading to the mansion to deter and prevent enemy reinforcements.

The target building is a two storey mansion surrounded by a withered garden. A garage housing several technicals8 was located near the starboard side of the building. Vulture Drone surveillance feed revealed men in black and blue tactical clothing, and armed with an assortment of high powered firearms. Thermal imaging revealed heat signatures within the target building, presumed to be security elements masked within the target building itself.

From: Sgt. Fernando "Fireball" Paras, PN(M)
To: 1st Lt. Bartolomew "Bayawak" Ando, PN(M)
Re: Evaluation of SSgt. John "Delta" Lopez, PN(M)

Good day sir,

The previous operation concerns me about SSgt. Lopez's current state of mind. I believe he hasn't fully recovered yet from his trauma, despite what he claims and I don't think he should be put on the field. As we speak, I am already finalizing my evaluation report to the Head Corpsman but I feel like I'm stabbing him in the back.

Though I truly believe that letting him ride along will pave the way for his path to self destruction; he will jeopardize the entire operation if we let him take his personal vendetta.

Very truly yours,
Sgt. Fernando Paras, PN(M)

The raid operation in Indanan yielded little results but information regarding Atallah's destination and current disposition at that time was gathered through confiscated electronic devices. It was later discovered that Atallah boarded a commercial cruise ship for transportation, bound to Pampanga. Theta Company attached to NORLUZCOM was notified of the development and was put on standby until Atallah's destination in Pampanga was determined.

Meanwhile, the 4th SOP of the Oscar Company, along with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Platoons were scrambled to perform a boarding action on the cruise ship, MV Maiden of the Pacific, a passenger ferry owned by [REDACTED] company. The raid operation on the ferry was initiated while it was docked for refuelling.


Subject: Ramon Akhtar

Interrogator: 1st Lt. "Veritas", PN(M)

Date: 182300OCT2021


00.00.00 - Interrogator entered the room with a clipboard in hand. He walked towards the table where Ramon Akhtar was chained to.

Veritas: (Tossed the clipboard on the table) What's your deal? Why are you here? (Interrogator occupied the steel chair in front of Akhtar)
Akhtar: I was just implicated. I'm not related to Atallah-

Veritas: Then what do you call these? (Pointed at the photographs of jars containing dead and live insects, alongside several other paraphernalias used in occultism)

Akhtar: Listen, they planted those in my bag!

Veritas: Shut up, mambabarang. So you used to run assassination jobs for Atallah. You killed people from afar using rituals that we are already familiar in. You can't lie your way around that because we know, Akhtar.

Akhtar: What do you want?

Veritas: I was hoping you'd be cooperative, Akhtar. I don't want to stain my hands red again like before. (The interrogator cracked his knuckles while gazing straight in Akhtar's eyes. Subject was seen swatting parts of his body before screaming. Subject calmed down shortly, as if woken from a nightmare)

Akhtar: W-what was that?!

Veritas: My question?

Akhtar: Question?

Veritas: My bad, I haven't asked any questions yet. I was hoping you could point us to the right direction. (Veritas slammed both hands on the table and leaned closer to the subject) Where will Atallah and his goons be in Angeles, Pampanga?

Akhtar: Isachar cursed the name of the place12 You could die if you heard it.

Veritas: (Interrogator faced the closed circuit television camera and gestured at its operator. Visual feed suddenly distorted before returning back to normal) Let's hear it.

Akhtar: They were in [REDACTED]13. You'll know it by its red paint and pink lights.

Veritas: Hmm, I'm glad you're cooperative, Akhtar. Hopefully, you're not going to fuck with us, like the first ones.

Akhtar: Where are they now?

Veritas: You came across the trapdoor back in the corridor, yes?

Akhtar: Yes.

Veritas: I'll let you use your imagination. (Interrogator left the room)


After learning of Building-918's location, the 1st Squad of Oscar Company's 4th SOP was scrambled for rapid deployment. The target building was located in an abandoned compound vacated by its inhabitants several years ago after the "Hydrochloric Scare" of 201614. It was a red building with three storeys, decorated with pink neon lights installed by the squatters, who were illegally operating it as a nightclub and a hub for narcotics dealers and their buyers.

Theta Company's 7th Squad was positioned around the area-of-operation as a security element with its 3rd Squad providing support with sniper and mortar assets, and reinforcements, if necessary. The Philippine Air Force's Paranormal Combat-capable Unit, the 13th Abnormal Operations Group (13th AOG) will be providing air assets in the form of Quick Strike Single-Entry Aircrafts (QSSEA)15 and Blackhawk Helicopters for inserting additional Marines in the area-of-operation.

The apprehension of Atallah concluded the operation. The PAG he controlled was neutralized and the subject himself was terminated via lethal injection on 251200HOCT2027. SSgt. John "Delta" Lopez, PN(M) requested to be transferred out of Oscar Company's 4th SOP. It was first denied by 1st Lt. Bartolomew "Bayawak" Ando, PN(M), but Col. "Omega", PN(M) overruled 1st Lt. Ando's decision and reassigned SSgt. John "Delta" Lopez, PN(M) to Beta Company, the unit currently in charge of security in and around the borders of the Rajahnate of Mahari-Likha in Pangasinan.

The search for Isachar, now labelled as ATCD/HDEI-942, was ongoing.

Items Recovered:

  • Paraphernalias used in barang18
  • Three red eggs19
  • A maraca painted in green and blue20
  • An aspis21

The items were stored by the ATCD for further experimentation. The paraphernalias used in barang however, was turned over to the SCP Foundation.

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