Operation Dilim-Laya After-Action Report
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Operation: Dilim-Laya

Log Number: 02122022/7473

Risk Classification: Apolaki

Foreword: Dilim-Laya was an operation initiated after the investigation of the National Bureau of Investigation agents embedded within the Philippine National Police Mindanao following the discovery of heavily mutilated corpses in and around a small village in Davao City, Mindanao. At first, it was hypothesized that terror groups operating in the nearby cities committed the murders but after 24 hours of discovery, no one acknowledged the act as their own doing.

A Joint Task Force was formed between the PNP and the members of the 3ID (3rd Infantry Division, Kampilan) of the Philippine Army to pursue the suspected perpetrators. Another round of investigation was executed and the city of Davao, as well as the neighboring cities had been subjected to a lockdown to prevent the perpetrators from escaping.

However, exactly at 2300 HRS, a communication blackout erupted and isolated the government troops from one another. Radios within the established military checkpoints that were still connected to the Central Mindanao Command sent transmissions of loud screaming, cries, gunfire as well as guttural roars. Later, it was discovered that a disruptive special frequency was utilized by the attackers to affect communication instruments connected to one another, but not to the main source it was connected to.

The 47th Signal Corps Brigade of the Philippine Army monitoring the communications channel between CenMinCom and the Joint Task Force mistook the distressed transmissions as a mundane attack by Armed Lawless Groups and ended up directing a platoon from 9IB (9th Infantry Battalion, Kalasag) of the Philippine Army to their location, resulting in more casualties.

The attack lasted for five hours, including the eventual massacre of the elements of 9IB. A detachment of PNP from Lanao Del Norte Precinct immediately responded at the scene of the crime. Upon arrival, they saw uniformed corpses mutilated in the same way as the earlier discovered corpses. Some were disemboweled by what appears to be a sharp tool, some were missing a lower jaw as if ripped by a powerful force, and some had a missing limb. Streaks of blood were noticeable across pavements; an indication that the government troops had killed a significant number of the opposing combatants, who assumed to have dragged their own dead with them upon escape.

The severity of the attack made the responding PNP troops retch privately.

The NBI had dispatched an investigation team to find out what had transpired in the moment of the attack. To avoid panic within the Mindanaoan populace, a media cover-up story was spread about a gas explosion. Vaporized Foundation Amnesiacs were sprayed at the surrounding areas under the guise of 'Chemical Control Agents'. However, officers within CenMinCom's secretive Paranormal Combat Division deemed it unnecessary because no one was left alive to be a witness to the attack.

After a week of investigation, the NBI was alarmed at their discovery. The formal conclusion of their investigation had led to a scramble order issued to the Anomalous Warfare Battalion (AWBn) of the Philippine Marine Corps.

Follow Up Actions Taken: The NBI Investigation Team had discovered an isolated compound eighteen kilometers away from the scene of the crime. As brutal and merciless the perpetrators may be, they were careless in hiding their tracks. A surveillance of the compound was followed and unearthed the presence of a Private Armed Group (PAG) guarding the compound. Each of them were noticeably equipped with kevlar vests as well as sophisticated weaponry of international design, an indication that the PAG might be foreigners in ethnicity. This was confirmed by the extensive study of the captured video tapes and revealed the coloration of their complexions.

All CenMinCom units were pulled out and redeployed to a safe distance, away from the operational combat area. The Alpha Company of Anomalous Warfare Battalion was dispatched to neutralize the threat. Units unaware of the AWBn Marines' existence were given with a cover-up story about a 'Chemical Filtration Protocol' initiated by the Department of Health.

Operation Dilim-Laya was officially initiated.


Operation Dilim-Laya took place on December 02, 2022 at 0323 HRS. For brevity, the transcript only included the visual feeds of MSgt. [REDACTED], PN(M) and MSgt. [REDACTED], PN(M) as well as that of their teams.

Subjects: MSgt. [REDACTED], designated as Zulu-1 (or Z1, Team Z1 Leader) and MSgt. [REDACTED], designated as Zulu-2 (or Z2, Team Z2 Leader)

Objectives: Destruction and Recovery

Parameters: The compound was enclosed by a large firewall that prevented anyone from seeing the structures inside from outside. However, it has two entrance located on north and south. Aerial surveillance was deemed impossible at that moment due to the drones utilized were shot down by patrolling PAG. Resistance from the opposing force was now expected.

Team Z1 was to enter the compound through the north gate while Team Z2 was to enter the southern one. Teams Z3 and Z4 were to secure the perimeter while Teams Z1 and Z2 proceeded. Team Z5 was deployed at Route Alfa, Team Z6 was deployed on Route Bravo and Team Z7 was deployed on Route Charlie. These Teams acted as cut off groups against any escaped PAG or Persons of Interest.

[Begin Log]

00.00.00 - The feed was lit up in green. Z1's hands were visibly seen clipping his tactical vest. He glanced up at his team, then at Z2.

Z1: We're moving out, Mistah. See you on the other side.

Z2: Godspeed, buddy.

00.00.30 - Z2 turned his gaze back to his disassembled rifle as Z1 moved out of the armored truck. Teams led by other Marine Leaders were seen securing perimeters as Z1 and Z2, the assigned assault groups, moved into position for entry.

00.01.02 - The northern gate was slowly approaching. Z1's left hand waved at an unseen team member, towards the gate. The team member stepped away from alignment and sprinted across to reach the gate.

00.01.40 - The team member ran back from the gate. A sharp explosion was heard followed by men yelling expletives. Men in tactical vests moved into view and prompted Z1 and his team to open fire.

00.02.00 - The southern gate was breached. Gunfire erupted on the other side of the compound. Z2 moved across undetected.

00.02.40 - The compound consisted of a large warehouse in the middle, painted in red. Two smaller sheds, assumed to be empty guardhouses, were seen on the left side of the compound walls.

00.03.01 - The warehouse was unlocked, presumably because the guards left it due to the confusion brought by the sudden firefight. Z2 entered; stacks of boxes were seen scattered throughout. Z2 and his team navigated the warehouse and encountered a pair of PAG shouting at one another. Z2 and his team opened fire, taking the two of them down.

00.03.20 - Z2 noticed something from one of the corpses and proceeded to bend in order to extract the object of significance. He retrieved keys from the corpse's belt.

Z2/4: Sir! We found a trapdoor!

00.03.29 - Z2 turned at Z2/4 and approached. A trapdoor appeared into view, secured with a padlock. Z1 and his team entered the warehouse from the opposite side, prompting Z2/4 and Z2/5 to aim out of instinct.

Z1: Wait, it's us! Z2's team lowered their weapons. What is it?

Z2: We just recently found a trapdoor. Not sure where it leads to. He lifted the keys and tested each to see which one would work.

00.04.50 - After a while, the padlock unlocked after the correct key was inserted. Z2 discarded the padlock and placed it aside. Z2/3 and Z2/4 aimed at the trapdoor in caution.

Z1: We're going in.

00.05.36 - A descending staircase appeared into view. Z1 took point, accompanied by Z1/2 and Z1/3. Z1/4 and Z1/5 stayed a few meters behind for easy escape should things go bad.

00.06.00 - Z1 reached the landing. Static washed across the screen momentarily as they moved across the tunnel-like corridor. Z1 grunted as he complained about the area's pungent smell. The sound of water dripping could be heard in the background.

00.06.30 - Z1 whispered a curse as he glanced to the left. The view of a small cell was seen which contained a cot, a bucket and a plate. Z1 glanced slightly to the right; more cells identical to the first one were seen around.

00.06.50 - They continued walking when they heard a loud wailing. Camera feed abruptly cut but auditory feed remained. Z1 was heard screaming expletives and ordered his men to retreat back.

Z1: Move back, move back! Gunfire erupted from his rifle followed by sounds of footsteps.

00.07.23 - Sporadic gunfire erupted from Z1's team as they presumably moved back the way they came. A guttural scream that reached a high pitch emanated throughout the audio of the video.

Z1: Eat this, mother[REDACTED]! Gunshot erupted followed by a wet snap and loud crunching.

Z1/3: It's dead! Sir, I think the flashlight affects them! Another roar was heard in the distance.

Z1: Seems like we're using too much of night vision goggles. Alright then, flashlights on and open fire!

From 00.07.40 to 00.10.21, the visual feed remained cut with only the sound of gunfire, roar, expletives and footsteps audible. The team were presumably navigating the corridor for a couple of minutes before they stopped.

Z1: Z1 audibly held his breath, a knob was turned quietly. Incoherent whispers were heard beyond the distance accompanied by muffled screams from a male and a female. The door was shoved wide open. Open fire!

00.11.50 - Team Z1 did what they were told. Gunfire erupted from the Marines, shortly followed by agonized screaming.

Z1: We've got two civilians in captivity rescued, I repeat, two civilians rescued!

Z2: From a radio: We heard gunfire over there, did anybody got hurt?

Z1: No, we're fine. We're going to take a look around.

Z2: Listen, we can't here you. We're coming over there right now!

Z1: Oh great, so I was talking to myself then.

From 0.12.00 to 0.15.20, footsteps and conversations between Team Z1 was the only thing heard.

Z1/2: What the fuck is this? It looked like one of those winged reptiles we fought earlier!

Z1/3: Are you alright ma'am? We're going to get you out of here, okay?

Z1/4: This one was unconscious, sir!

Z1: Apply First Aid Procedures and assist him on the way out.

Z1/5: What about these containers and this book, sir?

Z1: We will take it as evidences for Command. Grab everything you can.

Z1/5: Yes sir.

00.16.40 - The visual feed was submerged in complete darkness. Z-2 walked across the corridor where Z-1 and his team had presumably traveled to. Something caught his attention to the left and prompted him to turn at that direction. His team halted and glanced at the same direction as well. Beyond, they could see a crematorium still incinerating whatever object crammed inside of it.

00.17.00 - Z-2 continued on and arrived at the chamber where Z-1 and his team were currently in.

The feed was trimmed short for brevity because it mostly contained nothing of importance.


Items Recovered: The Alpha Company of the Anomalous Warfare Battalion has recovered the following items which was turned over to Central Mindanao Command upon arrival:

  • A black esoteric book containing texts written in an old version of the Tagalog Dialect.
  • Three transparent 800 ml jars filled with human semen.
  • A tray of amniotic eggs that belonged to the three races of: Crocodylus Mindorensis (Mindoroan Crocodile), Naja Samarensis (Samar Cobra) and, Pithecophaga Jeffryi (Philippine Eagle).
  • An incubator.
  • Medical tools typically used in childbirth delivery.
  • A set of syringes.
  • A jar containing an underdeveloped iteration of the entity possibly encountered by Zulu-1 and his team, suspended in an unknown gelatinous substance.

In addition, Zulu-1 recovered the cellphone of one Eustacio Macaraeg, presumably one of the hostile Persons of Interest encountered in the chamber where the aforementioned items were retrieved from. It contained a message from one Konsehal Ahmed Mubarak. The message was transcribed below:

Kamusta, nalalapit nanaman ang eleksyon. Tatakbo ako sa pagka Alcalde ng Davao, tulungan mo naman ako sirain reputasyon ng kabilang partido.

The motives of the Persons of Interest were currently unknown at this point. The items recovered, as well as the message, was turned over to Provincial Site-198D, the nearest Foundation site for records keeping as well as the surveillance of the potential Person-of-Interest.

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