Operation Cannery Row: Document 2013§451A3
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Keeping Our Friends Close, Whether They Like It Or Not

As part of our continued effort to ensure our partners in SUSEOCT (Southern United States Extranormal Organization Cooperation Treaty) are maintaining integrity and the safety and security of the American populace are protected, the FBI's UIU maintains information regarding our operational partners in the extranormal containment sphere. Our efforts to monitor the SCP Foundation comprise Operation Cannery Row.

The following documents were recovered from the body of Foundation Agent John "Jallit" O'June, found dead with severe burns and apparent stab wounds on January 3, 2013 after a conflict with the Order of the Hyacinth in Cross City, Fla. O'June's remains were first discovered by a UIU agent embedded in the Dixie County Sheriff's Office. O'June's possessions and remains were returned to the SCP Foundation in accordance with SUSEOCT. Copies of available documents were retained, reproduced below. Few readable pages remain.

"LMTF-352-ל Site Responsibility Overview"


"Region 352-ל Hume Readings: 0700 January 3, 2014"

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