Operation: Berberoka After-Action Report
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Operation: Berberoka

Log Number: 09052020/5142

Risk Classification: Kamatayan

Foreword: Berberoka is the designated codename for the operation initiated against the Valravn Corporation after it illegally operated within the Philippine territory and committed several acts of human rights violations. Valravn operated under the employment of Zenith, a multi-national industrial conglomerate, after the latter purchased land in Mindanao for mineral cultivation projects. This violated several provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution due to the fact that Zenith Group is owned by foreigners, as well as their deliberate exploitation of the archipelago's natural resources without proper permission from Local Government Units and the Republic of the Philippines, and thus viewed as an attack to the national interest of the country that necessitated AFP intervention.

The operation took place in Tawi-Tawi, Mindanao where Zenith Group purchased land from one Mr. Abdul Karim for an undisclosed sum of money. The land in question was located in the municipality of Masantong, near a populated settlement. For some reason, Zenith Group hired foreign and local Private Armed Groups, specifically the al-Asrif Group1, and deployed them to the settlement in an attempt to displace the residents. The residents fought back and managed to repel the attackers before the PAGs struck for the second time.

The residents were successfully displaced and scattered across Masantong by the PAGs. In desperation, they enlisted the help of an anomalous armed communist group related to The Serpent's Hand, Ang Sinumpa2, and launched an all out attack against the contested settlement where the combined forces of the residents and the Sinumpa operatives managed to retake the area. Due to the confirmed presence of the anomalous armed group, Zenith Group then hired the Valravn Corporation, an Anomalous Private Military Company, to counter the attack of the residents and the Sinumpa operatives.

The resulting catastrophe led to the deaths of the residents and Sinumpa operatives. The surviving Sinumpa elements retreated to several of their hideouts across Tawi-Tawi but were pursued by Valravn assets, presumably to neutralize them.

The Anomalous Warfare Battalion was scrambled for deployment after the skirmishes between the two anomalous groups threatened to pierce the Veil of normalcy and to halt the increasing amount of civilian casualties.

Follow-Up Actions Taken:

The 817VLTR-1D "Vulture" model is a surveillance drone upgraded from the S17-8F Foundation Drone model that the SCP Foundation donated to us. It was previously a battery-operated drone modified to be gas-fuelled that operates on 500 liters worth of diesel. Its capability was further expanded with the addition of combat features, as well as storage and logistic functions which enabled the drone to provide support fire missions and deliver emergency supplies to troops on the battlefield. It has a memory storage of up to 20GB and can record videos with 720p resolution that the on-board computer automatically transmits directly to Main Command.

In addition, the drones in our inventory were blessed by Sanctioned Katalonan Priestesses who disguised them as birds when viewed by unaided eyes.

There were at least fifty of these drones deployed in Philippine airspace, twenty of which were permanently stationed above Mindanao. As the engagements between the two groups raged across Tawi-Tawi, the drones were used to gauge the battlefield capabilities of the Valravn Corporation.

Marine Companies Alpha, Tango and Victor were prepared for the commencement of the operation.


The following log was from a transcribed video of the initial engagement between the Valravn Corporation and Sinumpa operatives captured by Drone 7A-8:

Date: 25 AUG 2020
Remarks: N/A
Belligerents: Valravn Corporation and 3rd Armed Cell of the Sinumpa


00.00.00 - Aerial shot of Baranggay Kamagong, an urbanized rural village consisting of a large public market, a mosque, concrete office buildings, and a few elementary and high schools. Clustered wooden huts can be seen sporadically across the Baranggay, connected to the area's plaza via beaten and muddy roads. The Baranggay was surrounded by thick trees. The skies were visibly cloudy due to the recent passing of a typhoon.

00.00.20 - Sinumpa operatives entered the Baranggay and prompted unarmed civilians in their immediate vicinity to scatter and flee. The Sinumpa operatives hastily proceeded deeper into the Baranggay where they were halted by armed police officers, whom they fired upon.

00.00.45 - Behind them, armed men in unidentified tactical battle armors3 entered the frame. Upon closer inspection, the surfaces of their protective equipment were carved with Nordic runes, presumably thaumaturgic protection of some kind. The two sides engaged in a firefight for a few seconds.

00.01.25 - The firefight ended as Sinumpa operatives disengaged from the skirmish and retreated to the plaza, where they met up with more Sinumpa operatives. One of them initiated a thaumaturgic ritual that resulted in the soil beneath the Valravn ground forces erupting with large wooden stakes that impaled several of them.

00.01.45 - Valravn forces suffered a number of casualties, resulting with their request for reinforcements in the form of Chiron Models and Valkyrie Units.

00.02.00 - Some of the Sinumpa operatives waved esoteric items4 in the air, resulting with the appearances of several humanoid elemental entities. The entities aided their masters in the firefight. They launched streaks of flames, geysers of water and tiny pebbles from their hands at the Valravn ground forces.

00.20.45 - Chiron Models armed with occult weaponry neutralized the elementals, which also killed several Sinumpa operatives in the process due to the destructive nature of the weapons. Remaining Sinumpa operatives were forced to flee the area.

00.02.30 - Sinumpa operatives were outflanked by the Chiron Models, forcing them to find another path but Valkyrie Units reached them and neutralized the Sinumpa operatives.


Several engagements such as these were captured in video by the drones with no apparent change on Valravn's assets deployment. Preparations and planning were soon undertaken to neutralize Valravn Corporation's presence in the national territory.

Due to the extracted information, the participating AWBn Marine Companies were armed with occult ammunition in anticipation of the Chiron and Valkyrie assets of the Valravn APMC. The following ammunition are as follows:

5.56mm and 9mm Parabellum Anomalous Material Piercer (AMP) Rounds

Description: Anomalous Material Piercer Rounds (AMP) are designed with three-pronged tips, sanctified with rituals from the major Abrahamic religions and carved with arcane Filipino thaumaturgic runes associated with destruction5. It is sometimes used in tandem with theological weapons against creatures with powerful hide or shell. As the name suggests, AMP rounds are used for annihilating anomalous materials that are otherwise indestructible.

Civilian Camera Footage-5142

The following footage is recovered from a civilian camera found on the shores of the river. It was repaired and its contents were extracted and played in a computer. It was the only surviving record of the event captured from the perspective of a civilian.


An unidentified adolescent female of Hispanic complexion posed for the camera. Behind her was the river connected to the Celebes Sea. The owner of the camera spoke in Spanish, at first mistaken to be Zamboangan Chavacano, but analysis revealed that the persons were actually Mexican tourists.

Owner: Parate ahi en el banco y sonrie.8

The female adjusted her position before widening her smile once more.

O: Espera… Lo siento, pense que habia puesto el modo "foto". Accidentalmente lo puse en "video".9

Collective screams were heard, the camera pans and revealed a large crowd running towards the direction of the camera owner.

Female: ¿Que esta pasando?10

O: No se…11

The camera zooms beyond the fleeing crowd where it focused on a humanoid with quadruped legs, identified to be a Chiron Model asset. It was armed with an M4A1 rifle. Several more Chiron Models were seen galloping in a formation, dispatching civilians with gunfire.

At this point, the camera owner and the adolescent girl began to flee. They followed the crowd to the direction of the disembarking AWBn Marines. The Marines rushed towards the direction of the commotion.

O: ¡Quedate cerca! ¡Vamonos!12

The Marines proceeded towards the Chiron Models and began neutralizing them. The camera pans away as the owner and the adolescent female continued to follow the crowd.

A powerful screech was heard which sent most of the fleeing civilians on their knees. The camera pans to the face of the adolescent female. Her facial orifices were dripping with blood. The screams were becoming distant as seconds passed.

O: ¡Dios Santo!13

Soon, a woman with a pale skin flickered in and out of view. Its eyes were covered with a horizontal optical device that glowed red, its mouth was outstretched to an almost impossible degree.

O: ¡La Llorona!

It first dragged the adolescent female to the river. Shortly, another of the entities appeared and dragged the owner, and the camera with it, towards the river. The last frame of the video was the entity's face, its forehead was tattooed with a stylized "V".


After the 05 SEPT 2020 Engagement, the Anomalous Warfare Battalion's External and Foreign Relations Department received an invitation from the SCP Foundation's External Affairs Department for an open conference with a Valravn Public Relations representative.

Items Recovered:

The following are recovered from the Sinumpa hideout in Tarawakan, Tawi-Tawi:

  • A leather-bound ritual book
  • A set of tools typically used in surgery
  • 450kg of dog remains stored in a black plastic bag
  • Candles
  • Bundles of sampaguita flowers

Due to the effectiveness of the thaumaturgic ritual, the aforementioned objects were stored for safekeeping, its existence denied from groups of interest and irrelevant personnel. The entities created through it were stored in the Applied Thaumaturgy Combat Division's cryptid holding cells in an undisclosed location.

Arturo Bagatsing was forcibly amnesticized. He was then reunited with his family, who assumed him dead after he disappeared for twenty three years. Foundation agents within the Department of Social Welfare and Development disseminated false news to the family, who reluctantly accepted Bagatsing back. Undercover AWBn Marines from OMNINTEL Division and Agents from NBI-SOU were deployed in the neighborhood where the Bagatsing Household was located to protect Arturo from any Sinumpa elements that might retaliate for his "sudden return to the fold of the government".

Currently, he is working as a tricycle driver in Davao City and is annually receiving monthly pensions from the government. He lives in peace.

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