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Mobile Task Force Command, Site-01

This document is classified 4/AZURE PEREGRINE. Unauthorized access is to be reported to RAISA immediately.



From: Commanding Officer, MTF Tau-5 “Samsara”
To: Operations Director, O5 Command
Subject: Combat After Action Report, Operation AZURE PEREGRINE

1. Code Name: Operation AZURE PEREGRINE

2. Dates of Operation: 01/06/16, 0200 hours – 0700 hours

3. Location: Date Orchard Compound (Grid 29RPQ██████████) in the vicinity of Marrakesh Morocco (750 m north of the N9 highway).

4. Task Organization:
1. Organization:
MTF Tau-5 “Samsara” Captain Hughes, Sarah
HQ Squad Staff Sergeant Chen, Arthur
Rifle Squad Sergeant Ghazi, Nazgul
Weapons Squad Sergeant Campos, Juan
Samsara Squad Sergeant Irantu

2. Paratech Deployment:

The four SAMSARA program troopers of Samsara squad were equipped, in addition to the core implant suite (build 4.31 Mod 2) and their standard tactical loadout, with the following mission-specific prototypes:

1. Counter-Thaumaturgical Warding Implant (Mk. V Mod 0), consisting of a subcutaneously implanted superconducting wire mesh with full body coverage, micro-etched with a Gen IV warding grid (Key of Solomon derivation). This system is designed to absorb or deflect a broad-spectrum of hostile thaumaturgical malefices as well as non-corporeal attacks by paranormal entities.

2. Argus-III Situational Awareness System, consisting of two sensor modules attached to the LBE (200g each), a xeno-tissue graft to the brain stem (derived from genetically engineered precognitive Rhesus Macaques) and a micro-controller installed into the core implant suite that interfaces these systems. This system should provide 360° parasensory awareness within a 30 ms temporal range.

3. Hellgate Point Defense System, consisting of a back-mounted unit (6.4 kg) containing a demonic integrated microsummoner, a compact demon particle accelerator, an electromagnetic focusing array and a high density superconducting capacitor loop. This system uses data from the Argus-III system to generate miniature short-lived wormhole bridges to tartarean phase-space. The resulting collision deforms and destabilizes projectiles, greatly magnifying the effectiveness of conventional body armor. This system can intercept four rounds per second, and is powered for 400 interceptions. As interceptions are accompanied by a burst of gamma radiation, operators should take care to avoid fratricidal and collateral damage.

4. Spelleater Rounds (Mk VII), these rounds (chambered in match grade 7.62×51mm and 12.7×99mm BMG) are composed of Beryllium-Bronze jacketed cores inscribed with a Gen IV fractal integrated warding glyph/banishment grid and blessed by ordained clerics. These rounds will penetrate most known personal defensive charms and workings (in excess of 60 mm depth) and generate wider wound channels (~43% wider compared to conventional munitions) when tested on thaumaturgically derived paranormal entities and constructs. 12.7mm BMG Spelleater ammunition was also issued to the sniper team.

5. Banishment Grenades, these grenades (chambered in 40×53mm SR) use a high-explosive charge to generate a compression wave harmonic resonance keyed to the musica mundana, disrupting the physical vessels of non-native paranormal entities manifesting in our universe.

5. Intelligence:

Following up information gained during interrogation of SCP-2970 on 01/04/16, a location of interest was identified in the vicinity of Marrakesh, Morocco (at Grid ██████████). Further investigation uncovered that the present structure (built ca. 1340) was constructed over ruins of unknown origin. The current structure's owner, Ahmed al Marrakesh, was found to be a thaumaturgic practitioner.

Mobile Task Force Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") informants uncovered plans by al Marrakesh for a thaumaturgic ritual (codenamed ARGENT ICON), intended to summon a divinity-class entity into a physical vessel. Field agents assigned to the case determined that the intelligence was credible and were able to collect a probable date and location for the event. O5 command found this intelligence to be actionable.

The compound consists of one main structure (Building A) and three smaller outbuildings (Buildings B through D) surrounded by a 3 meter tall stone wall. A main gate is situated on the east wall, with a secondary gate on the southwest corner. Building A is a three story 13th century house consisting of two wings on the north and south linked by covered arcades and mezzanines to the east and west, surrounding an open central courtyard.

6. Mission: MTF Tau-5 “Samsara” conducts a cordon and search of the site at Grid ██████████ to prevent ARGENT ICON and to locate and destroy or seize all anomalous persons and objects in the target area.

7. Concept of Operations:

Supporting local assets are to be deployed near the target location, under the cover of routine movement and to standby to establish an outer cordon. Local artillery assets are to emplace at Grid ██████████ (SBF1) and standby for fire missions. A field team from Area-28 is to be standing by in Marrakesh. MTF Tau-5 is to be staged at Ben Guerir Air Base. SAMSARA personnel are to establish pre-mission backups and verify checkscan.

Commencing no later than 0215, concurrent with establishment of the outer cordon by local forces, HQ, Rifle and Weapons squads are to deploy (via "Black Owl" rotary wing aircraft) to LZ Charlie (Grid ██████████). HQ squad is to establish COC and communications. Rifle and Weapons squads are to clear the compound perimeter by fire and maneuver. After securing the two gates in the compound wall, Rifle squad is to establish the inner cordon, Weapons squad is to establish a support by fire position (SBF 2) on Building B with good coverage of egress points for building A.

Once security and support elements are in place Samsara squad is to deploy via fast rope for vertical insertion onto the upper story mezzanine of Building A and conduct a search of Building A.

Black Owl 4 is to remain on station near Building 3 and provide overwatch.

All elements are to operate under blackout, utilizing night vision, and rotary assets are to operate under acoustic stealth until the security cordon is established and Samsara Squad is successfully inserted. Moonrise is at 0357.

Samsara squad is to complete search operations and establish security in Building A. In the event that the commander determines that Samsara squad is unsuccessful at its task, she is to call a destruction mission by local artillery assets on Building A (Grid ██████████). Samsara squad is to be considered highly expendable under this contingency.

Once the site is secure, MTF τ-5 is to be relieved by Area-28 field operatives.

8. Execution:

Commencing at 0200, MTF Tau-5 deployed by helicopter. Flight conditions were normal and all elements arrived on target at 0212.

At 0209, Local security established the outer cordon. At 0212, HQ, Rifle and Weapons squads deployed to LZ Charlie. At around 0216, Rifle and Weapons squads commenced their assault, and quickly secured both gates. Three sentries were removed (one dead, two wounded) with no friendly casualties. Black Owl 4 observed lights and activity in Building A.

At around 0221, the compound was cleared to Building A with no additional resistance. An approximately 13 year old male was encountered in Building C (a goat shed) and detained. This person was later determined to be an uninvolved civilian employee, with no useful intelligence and was released following amnestization.

At around 0225, Rifle Squad reported that the inner cordon was established. Weapons squad established SBF 2.

Commencing around 0225, Samsara squad inserted into the western third story mezzanine and entered the south wing.

Black Owl 4 moved into overwatch and observed a two man RPG team moving across the south wing roof. SBF 2 notified and snipers engaged with two confirmed kills.

Samsara squad encountered heavy resistance in the third floor mezzanine access (room A-35S). Encountered hostiles were four human cult members and two Type-IV semi-volitional thaumaturgical animated revenants all armed with AKM rifles and set up in a prepared ambush. Sgt. Irantu and Spc. Onru established a base of fire as Cpl. Munru and Spc. Nanku assaulted through the enemy position. The revenants demonstrated considerable resistance to small arms fire (including Spelleater munitions) and were finally successfully neutralized by gross central nervous system damage. Three of the human hostiles were wounded, secured and detained in place and one was confirmed killed. No additional resistance was encountered on the first floor.

A counterattacking force was encountered at the stairway to the second floor (room A-21S). Hostile forces consisted of five men armed with AKM rifles. MTF troopers were able to hold the top of the stairs and engaged the hostiles at the second floor landing. Hostiles threw a single fragmentation grenade (identified as an RGD type), bouncing against the ceiling, and landing behind the MTF position. Corporal Munru covered the grenade with his body and was killed in action. This assault was subsequently repelled with one hostile killed, and two wounded and captured, the remaining two retreated into the second floor. Prisoners were secured and detained in place.

With Spc. Onru securing the stairway from the first floor, Sgt. Irantu and Spc. Nanku proceeded to sweep and clear the second floor. A hasty ambush was encountered on entry of room A-23S, consisting of two armed men and a thaumaturgic practitioner. Sergeant Irantu was targeted on entry with a Level-III lethal malefice but his warding implant held. The practitioner, identified as Juan Carlos de Guzman, was shot and wounded, and the remaining men subsequently surrendered. Guzman was stabilized, and all three prisoners were secured in place.

As Samsara squad proceeded to clear the second floor an armed group of two adult men and one adult woman attempted to leave building A by the south entrance. SBF 2 began suppression of the group. The woman attempted to run through the killzone, apparently relying on esoteric defenses against small arms. Snipers engaged with Spelleater rounds, killing the woman (later identified as Maria de Guzman). The guards fell back to the entrance, initially returning sporadic fire, but then quickly surrendered and were detained by the inner cordon.

Samsara squad then moved to clear the first floor. On entry of room A-13S a Type-II Qlippothic entity (provisionally identified as a Naamahim Corruptor) engaged the MTF troopers in close combat. Spc. Nanku reported that a humanoid figure was visible briefly behind the entity before activating a Way and vanishing. Sgt. Irantu was critically wounded and Spc. Nanku was superficially wounded. Postmortem analysis of Sgt. Irantu's warding implant shows that the system was weakened by his prior exposure to a lethal malefice enough for the Qlippothic entity to penetrate the wards. Spc. Onru deployed a 40mm banishment grenade at close range and successfully dispersed the entity. The blast also inflicted fragmentation wounds to Spc. Nanku's left leg.

Spc. Onru and Spc. Nanku then crossed the courtyard to clear the north wing. No hostile contact occurred during this movement. Twelve uninvolved civilian dependents and employees of al Marrakesh, were detained and concentrated by MTF τ-5 in room A-12N at 0235.

Sgt. Irantu was medivac'd to Ben Guerir Air Base in critical condition, arrived at 0255 and was immediately uploaded.

No additional resistance was encountered. Ahmed al Marrakesh was located hiding in a spider hole in the courtyard and surrendered without incident.

Combat operations were concluded by 0245 and the site was designated as secure. MTF Tau-5 was successfully relieved by Senior Agent Mohammed Pasha, and his team from Area-28 at 0430.

9. Results:

MTF τ-5 personnel KIA 1
MTF τ-5 personnel WIA 2
MTF τ-5 personnel MIA 0
Collateral KIA 0
Collateral WIA 0
Hostile KIA (confirmed) 6
Prisoners 13
Detainees 13
Anomalous Objects Neutralized 3
Anomalous Objects Contained 0

10. Problem Areas:

1. Esoteric Counterintelligence:
Hostile forces were able to quickly react to the operation in part due to divinations performed by the targets. Foundation counter-divinatory measures were at best only partially effective in maintaining operational stealth.

2. Esoteric Weaponry:
While warded munitions performed as designed in respect to defensive magic, the Spelleater rounds again failed to have any significant effect on thaumaturgically animated constructs. The 40mm banishment grenade was extremely effective, but close quarters deployment caused significant fratricidal damage.

11. Commander’s Analysis

The SAMSARA troopers were extremely effective in an extremely hazardous operation, leveraging a high degree of individual competence and combat experience with a consistent level of personal bravery and risk tolerance impossible in normal troops. They took no unnecessary risks, and accomplished all mission objectives without unnecessarily endangering human life or the Foundation’s interests. Conventional military practice is to consider a unit destroyed after suffering 30% casualties, yet the SAMSARA troopers completed the mission with half the squad disabled. They will be combat operational again in only a few weeks with unit cohesiveness, training, and experience intact and no need to rebuild the unit with replacement soldiers.

The paratech equipment load-out on this mission was a true force multiplier. Each SAMSARA trooper's effectiveness matched or exceeded their org-chart weight as individually equivalent to an entire conventional MTF fireteam. This is a marked improvement over the effectiveness of this program a year ago.

The ARGENT ICON ritual was successfully prevented and three potent practitioners were neutralized. Two of those are now prisoners of the Foundation, and are likely to yield high value intelligence on occult activities. Additionally a significant cache of thaumaturgical literature and paraphernalia was confiscated. As a result the human race is significantly safer.

One person of interest escaped through thaumaturgical means and is presumably still active and capable of recreating ARGENT ICON, representing a continued potential threat to humanity. Further improvements in our equipment, procedures and training are needed to ensure mission success going forward.

Sarah Hughes
Commander, MTF Tau-5, "Samsara"

From: Cpl. Zabek, Tekla (MTF Tau-5 "Samsara", Neurotech)
To: Operations Director, O5 Command
Cc: Project Director, SAMSARA
Subject: SAMSARA Project Status Re: Operation AZURE PEREGRINE

Premission checkscan:
Trooper Iteration Checkscan Fidelity% Target% Pass/Fail
Irantu 42 99.1 97.8 PASS
Onru 41 99.3 97.8 PASS
Nanku 48 98.7 97.8 PASS
Munru 39 99.0 97.8 PASS

Status: All backups were green, and all four cleared for deployment.

Postmission checkscan:
Trooper Iteration Checkscan Fidelity% Target% Pass/Fail
Irantu 43 97.9 97.8 PASS
Onru 41 99.5 97.8 PASS
Nanku 48 97.7 97.8 FAIL
Munru 39 0.0 97.8 FAIL

Status: Irantu #42's damaged shell was destroyed and he is being reinstated as iteration 43. Onru #41 is operational. Nanku #48 failed checkscan, her shell was terminated and she is being rolled back to iteration 48. Munru #39 was unrecoverable and is being reinstated to iteration 39.

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