Opera Omnia Iveris

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Hi I'm Iverson/Lime/Lemmolime.
I go by a bunch of names depending on the platform, apologies.
I'm a scip author who occasionally does some basic 3D rendering.

Yeah so uh, here's my stuff:

"My Best, Oldest, and Newest Friend"

My entry to 7kcon, and a sequel to my first prose tale Rat non Satiata (see below). Give it a read, in my opinion it's my best article.
"-the image of a dying space probe deep into the unknown finding something so normal and deeming it so anomalous is just a very well-realized piece of imagery." -RallistonRalliston
"This was oddly sweet, actually." -Sound ChaserSound Chaser
"Subverts the expectation that 7000s need to be grand by just making this… extremely personal." -EcronakEcronak


"This is Eye-Catching"

My 2nd best article revolving around a fax machine from another dimension. Been debating a rewrite for this piece, we'll see. This was my first article.


"The Agrarian Union of Neche"

The article I like the least of out of them all. Rewrite is planned. Revolves around an anomalous nation state in North Dakota.


Tales and Poems
-"Endless abyssal noise consuming all but a speck of light hiding within the great nothingness of it all."
"What… in the fucking fuckity fuck?" -EcronakEcronak
"what a plot twist" -Fish^12Fish^12
"bro wtf." -Jack WaltzJack Waltz
Where should I go if this is not my home?
-"Cause the gold times are over, do I go?"
-"Please hold onto me whilst my world goes dark."
"-pretty fantastic use of poem structure to convey meaning…" -YossipossiYossipossi
"I really admire the way this piece is structured…" -UncannyClown276UncannyClown276



Old English

SCP-173 - Þæt Græft – Þæt Ealdgecynd
iċ hierde bangian - I hear a bang

𐌋𐌉𐌍𐌂𐌖𐌀 𐌋𐌀𐌕𐌉𐌍𐌀

prōcidēns sīcut egō sum – egō crepidinem adhuc dēsīderō - Falling as I am, still I miss the ground

ᛏᚢᛜᚷᛟ ᛊᛏᚨᛁᚾᛉᚨ


Unfunny quote section:
iverson scp :)
Today marks the second month of his ravenous quest for blood. He has been eating my organs. Save me. The rats are crawling out of my ears and inside my eyes and they’re ripping them out as I watch him munch on them. Save me. Dear god he’s got an appetite though.

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