Open War at Site-34
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Administration building, first floor. Doctor North panicked as he loaded ammunition that was far too small into his stolen revolver. The orange tip of its barrel flashing dangerously in the crack of sunlight that still managed to become involved with the dynamics of the darkened office, in spite of the closed blinds. North pivoted in position to peek out above cover and managed to fire two rounds into the nearest opponent before the weapon jammed; a third bullet falling paralysed out of the barrel. He cursed, and threw the weapon aside, scrambling in cover as the distinct whistle of bullets flew just above him, towards the closest of his defeated opponents. He quickly searched them for the all important ammunition he was so desperately lacking.

"Standard twelve millimeter." He read, a riotous grin spreading across his face. He quickly checked the ammunition on the rifle, and returned fire to the two remaining people in the room.

Administration building, ground floor. Doctor North's rifle finally ran out of ammunition, and clicked repeatedly at him as he tried to catch the red-haired assailant by surprise. It didn't work, and within half a second he could hear the spray of her minigun shredding away his cover. He pulled a short blue blade from his belt, and threw his gun to his right. As his opponent was distracted, he ducked to the left of his cover, and jabbed the knife into his enemy's chest. He watched the burning passion in her eyes turn to disappointment, before backing off and taking her copious amounts of ammunition.

"Better luck next time, Juggernaut." He said, quickly recalling the codename from the list he'd been given at the start of all this. It made sense now, as he turned towards the open doors.

Outside, eating area. Doctor North hated how open this place was. The various benches and tables did little to shield him from the intermittent shots of snipers in the remaining building. A lucky crosswind kept the yellow and black guns from pointing directly at him however, and he slid his way across the obstacles as fast as he was able. He heard a pained scream from inside the building, and was lucky to avoid a falling rifle as it impacted the pavement next to him, and broke into three pieces. It looked like his luck was turning.

He ducked under the sheltered entrance of the building, and listened for a time until the sounds of combat ended from inside. He opened the door, but immediately threw himself away from it. A short beep signified that the turret had finished its firing for a few seconds, and that was all the time Doctor North needed to throw himself into it, knocking it to the floor and disabling it.

"Turrets? That's not really sporting, is it?" He told the empty room, the defeated lying all around him.

Staff dormitory, top floor. Doctor North stood before the longest hallway in the entire facility. No cover, no barriers, and open double doors at the end. He steeled himself, finally biting down on the mint his colleague had passed him before this all started, and held the newly loaded magazines in his free hand. He crouched low, making sure nobody was behind him, and began to sprint down the corridor. His feet were loud on the floor, drowning out the sounds of the building around him so much so that he didn't know he had been shot at until he felt the foam ping off the back of his head, nearly knocking his trilby right off.

It was shock, more than anything, that caused him to stumble and fall to the ground. He turned to face the one who had downed him so easily, and saw a streak of sky blue hair descend from the ceiling. He watched as the very person he'd been talking to earlier hit the floor, before firing two more darts into his poor defeated body.

"Sorry mate, can't have a visitor win this year's war." Krona smiled at him, before calmly walking past him. North smiled, and let his head rest against the floor in defeat. It was fun while it lasted.

"So I made it into the top eight?" North adjusted his strangely tinted glasses. Probably why he didn't see Krona until it was too late. That's the lie he spun regardless. It also made it difficult to see the screen in front of him, as he played some RPG or another. The doctor was lying across the table they shared, getting crumbs and other detritus all along his nice jacket. North didn't mind, all he cared about at this moment was defeating Brock.

"Aye, you really irritated Rhianne when you booted her into eleventh place." Krona Midaeus was sat opposite him, enjoying a burger that was slightly too tall for her mouth.

"Where did you come then? Did you win?"

"Second, Director Walker had a turret set up on his desk them hid behind his door."

"Ah, so it was the Site Director that put down all of those?" North watched as she dropped a piece of gherkin into her skirt, and then quickly brush it off.

"Aye. Really not cricket, is it?"

"Only as unsporting as hiding above a doorway. How did you even get up there?"

"Carefully." Krona said, and left it at that.

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