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Largest City


Official Languages

All of them.
Every single one.

Ethnic Groups (2022)

48.4% Bubble
32.7% Free Consciousness
14.6% Corporeal
4.3% Transitory


I literally can't tell. It's glitched


Don't be silly!




Welcome to the Oneiroi Hub! The best place you could be just about now. We are the collective (un)consciousness of everyone and everything that chooses to join us. You could say we’re a hivemind, a dreamscape, an egregore, or whatever eases your confusion when faced with something so remarkably not something.

Everyone owns the Oneiroi collective! Or no one? Honestly, if you care so much, why don't you find out for yourself?

A myriad of merged consciousnesses means the dreamscape can manifest in infinite ways. The most common format our users enjoy appears to be a reproduction of familiar media outlets such as websites, books, shows, and occasionally art. But, however you choose to envision your experience with the Collective, we totally support you! Just make sure it's collective-consciousness compatible; we don't need a repeat of The Incident.

Oneioroi is everywhere and everything, but also no where, and no thing… so here’s a list of some popular states of being within the Collective:

  • The Parliament's smallest women's bathroom
  • The box you keep your seasonal decorations in
  • You know that road you always pass by and think, 'I wonder where that leads to?' Well, if you had an ounce of adventurer in you and figured out where that road actually fucking went? Then there.
  • Your mother
  • Every other signpost, and the ones in between
  • In people with the mystical ability to solidify others using only a toothbrush and are quick to anger
  • You!

Already raring to try it out? Wait no more! If all of this sounds like the best day ever, then it can be all yours; call 1 (800) JOIN PLZ to be connected with the nearest entry point.

Oneiroi West - The largest of all dream hubs, with the most varied of dreamers including but not limited to: visitors, dreaming humans and pure Oneiroi who have long abandoned their physical selves. Commonly abbreviated to OW, it is considered the most favourable dream hub to live in. The only downside is that those connected to the grand consciousness of OW (the collected consciousness of everyone in OW, an entity within itself) are rendered incapable of death. This is a problem, considering most get bored of immortality.

Oneiroi Collective - A mystery to many, the collective is believed to consist mainly of flora and fauna native to Earth. Any Oneiroi that attempts to join the collection is either never heard from again or returns as a conglomeration far from who they used to be. Because of this phenomenon, not much is known about this dream hub.

Dreamers - The avatar of oneself. What one might consider their dream self, their subconscious given form. When one visits or joins a dream hub, this self is what you would use to represent you; it may not look anything like your physical form; it may be an exact copy, it is what you choose (or don't choose) to be. A Dreamer is the collective and the individual, both the society of dreamers and the individual dreamer. Every wanderer is a world unto themselves.


How many dreamers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Here Rating Created Length
#Xiupania 205 11 Feb 2016 20:51 27003
Number 27, Oneiroi Station 70 04 Dec 2016 23:20 41375
Sleeping Under the Stars 64 02 Mar 2018 03:06 17288
The Kingdom Upon A Hill: Zamadenbora 25 16 Nov 2018 22:48 23569
My Head Is On Fire And I'm (Not) Ok 98 14 Mar 2019 15:47 27760
Crushing Your Dreams 52 01 Jul 2019 03:47 33862
#IsItWeirdThatIWantToFuckTheShark? 56 01 Jul 2019 03:55 21057
#Midhesia 58 30 Apr 2020 07:31 9904
Over The Surface Of The Deep 14 25 Jun 2022 03:01 8180

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I think three moons is a bit much; back in my day there were only two!

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SCP-1498 313 17 Mar 2013 03:22 4836
SCP-2028 228 20 Mar 2014 23:14 7750
SCP-2805 355 29 Mar 2014 16:25 6490
SCP-2272 255 22 Sep 2014 20:37 5731
Activity Documentation File 11-A 47 07 Oct 2014 04:49 4810
To The Dreams He Is No Nobody 85 03 Nov 2014 04:10 10922
A Eulogic Elegy For The Dreams 86 04 Nov 2014 19:50 9840
Mission Statement 246 22 Nov 2014 05:00 37545
The Melody Of Autumn, Passing Into Winter 56 22 Nov 2014 06:22 12726
Beneath the Name 40 07 Jan 2015 03:44 6031
SCP-2245 116 02 Apr 2015 17:04 7228
Chasing Interest 50 08 May 2015 20:29 16993
A Wandsman in the Court of the Hanged King 265 26 May 2015 01:44 12926
SCP-2144 99 09 Jun 2015 02:16 9627
Project Morpheus 40 06 Dec 2015 02:01 12222
SCP-2603 107 26 Feb 2016 11:13 11928
Black Lotus 60 02 Mar 2016 18:33 11737
Oneirocritic 36 02 Mar 2016 18:37 13660
Oneirochemy 31 04 Mar 2016 15:06 8663
Oneirophrenia 28 04 Mar 2016 15:06 11434
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