One Last Ride
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You know what my favorite part of a roller coaster is? The climb. You're just inching your way up that hill, and you know that the terrible drop is coming soon. Riding with family is even better. I can see the tension building on their faces as you depart from the station. I love the clicky sound it makes as you go up and up and up and… Down…

I feel gravity let go as you plunge down the first hill. My hair is in my face, and the skin on my face is stretched back. I open your mouth and let out a big scream, and then pull into a loop - eugh, whats all this in the air? It looks all red… What is this stuff?

I don't really care anyways. We're going into the loop! Loops are the best part of any coaster. Especially when you sit in the front row. Man, the dudes in the front row aren't even putting their hands up. Everyone else does, why don't they?

The second loop is even better. It has a really sweet banked turn, so you can see everyone on the coaster going nuts. And those guys in the first row are still being sourpusses, not even lifting a hand. They aren't even… They're not cheering or anything.

No, that can't be true. It must have been a trick of the light. I'm okay, everyone is okay. People are still yelling with joy, the coaster is still on. Nobody is in danger. I'm okay. Time for the third loop of the ride, the cobra roll… Oh god.

I have to get out of here. This isn't fun anymore, I have to get off. I can hear everyone screaming, but nobody is stopping us. Maybe it will stop, maybe it will be okay… Oh god, it's another loop…

I can hear the people in the row before me crying. They're holding each other, crying and wailing… I'm not going out that way. I have to get out of this restraint. Why is it so tight?

It won't let me off.

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