On the Subject of the Coarse Mannered Men
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It’s ya boi, Al.

BQ Lisa, back again!!!

Hey, we got similar colors! Ugh, I'm so sorry! This was my first color, but it was really bright and gearspawn already has that green thing going on so I changed it to this but I really don't wanna step on your toes and It’s totally fine, Lisa. Use whatever color you want, I couldn't care less. But if we're too similar it'll be confusing! What about this color? Looks good to me.

It's your favorite little sister, Black Queen Lilly!

this is introduction what is for black queen dado yes

…Would asking you how you did that be worth my time? Probably not lmao. Okay then.


The coarse mannered men are a distinct subspecies of humanoid creatures, often with pale skin and bright plumage, who enjoy engaging in all kinds of buffoonery. And debauchery! Don't forget the debauchery! We are talking about clowns here right? Bright red nose, horns flowers and cars, hair and features probably derived from racist caricatures that I'd rather not think too hard about? Don't be insensitive, Al! Clowns can't help how they're bred. yes the clown spousery very hard indeed, clowns no get say. clowns merely hatch one day and then must deal with being clown :c


The development of humanity seems to be key, though why is uncertain. I mean, clowns and humans are two completely separate species with separate biological niches! Talk about the limitations of morphology-based phylogeny. :/ On the one hand, I feel like you can't possibly be serious, Lisa. On the other, you just used the phrase "morphology-based phylogeny" so I'm deeply confused. Presumably all timelines with Clowns must have a god present. Dare I ask why? So the Coarse-Mannered-Men can fly in the face of and/or kill it. Yep, I shouldn't have asked. no, clown is what is most favored creature of the natural world. when clown is there world is good, yes?


Clown husbandry is popular in many timelines and may be used as a stable source of income! clown is docile creature, but can be trained what for accomplishing task for helping dado, yes? Words cannot describe how fucking bizarre it is that I'm the serious one in this catalogue.


clown is vulnerable, easily hurt. clown fragile, very very fragile, and not smart like dado. Sorry Black Queen Dado, but can you maybe stop using rainbows? It kinda hurts my eyes. dado stops now.

Instance: Timeline C-35:

Clown husbandry boomed as an industry here during the industrial revolution. Often these poor clowns are mistreated, but there are clown's right's activists fighting the good fight! In particular, ethical clown husbandry has been gaining more popularity in part because of the writings of Bambousio Starswinger, a notable clown breeder. Thanks to the tireless work of him and plenty others, clown population numbers are on the rise! Aww! How heartwarming! Every word of this confused me.

Instance: Timeline J-112:

Clowns were once a blossoming species, until they were subjugated by a particularly troublesome demon knight. Now they live in fear, hunted for sport, their numbers dwindling by the hour. This horrible monster clearly has no low. Wow, those poor people. Oh the people are already dead. But the clowns outlasted them. How does that work? but clown still have hope! hope is good for clown.

Instance: Timeline F-97:

in this timeline dado knows many clown who are raised by clown farmer. these clown are treated well not, but dado makes money selling clown and clown care product. dado product very good and trustworthy, and clown Hold the fuck on, are you still changing colors? just like, very dark colors? dado thought colors would hurt eyes less, yes? I mean… yes? But at that point why not make it all one color? How are you even changing color I still don't understand. Come on don't be rude, Al! Lisa told me you were cool.

Instance: Timeline U-22:

Fairly standard baseline for clown existence. Clown husbandry, egg hatching, all the typical things. Poaching is weirdly common in this timeline, however, as Clown meat is thought to be an aphrodisiac here. I'm having a stroke.

Instance: Timeline Z-273:

Okay, so in my timeline, like most timelines, clowns aren't a fucking species. They're just entertainers trained in humor that nobody really finds funny but everyone pretends they do. They are intelligent humans who wear makeup and costumes, they certainly don't hatch out of an egg which I never thought I would have to say, they're just normal and frankly I'm concerned by what I've read and it feels like this is all some practical joke at my expe

Ya boi, Al was banished by Lilly:
"I think we've all had enough of your ridiculous outbursts, Al, and this fabrication is a step too far. Come back when you're ready to take this seriously."

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