Olympia Project
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Project Codename: Olympia

Project#: PRJOLM-000134

Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473

Head Researcher: Professor K. P. Crow

Project Aims: To successfully create an artificial humanoid through the use of several SCPs, and use it to the benefit of the Foundation.

SCP Utilised:

  • SCP-040 - for the altering of the raw materials [DISCONTINUED FOR THIS PURPOSE DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES]
  • SCP-040 - for the altering of the integrated product
  • SCP-143 - as a raw material
  • SCP-148 - as a raw material
  • SCP-158 - for the altering of raw materials, for obtaining composite materials, and for final integration
  • SCP-291 - for altering composite materials, and for final integration
  • SCP-500 - as a raw material
  • SCP-542 - for altering of materials and the finished product, as well as a surgical consult
  • SCP-784 - as a raw material
  • SCP-914 - for the altering of raw materials

Raw Materials:

  • A selection of forty (40) D-Class personnel, five (5) male, thirty-five (35) female, all within the twenty (20) to fifty (50) age bracket. All are relatively healthy, with no major medical issues, although some do have slight mental issues. All have been personally hand picked by Prof. Crow.
  • Five (5) Cray CX1, sixty-four (64) core, entry-level massively parallel supercomputers.
  • Five (5) BASLER L304KC 4080 pixel Trilinear line scan camera.
  • Fifty (50) pounds of SCP-143.
  • Fifty (50) pounds of SCP-148.
  • Five (5) pills of SCP-500

Refining and Altering Procedures:

Integration Procedures

Mass Production:

After examining the prototype model (Olympia Zero) for several days, it has been decided to implement the wide scale production for various purposes.

Production Model Changes and Procedures

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