Olympia Integration Experiment GAMMA
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Project Codename: Olympia

Project#: PRJOLM-000134

Clearance and File#: NPF-00051473

Head Researcher: Professor K.P. Crow

Experiment Aims:
To test the properties, capabilities and limitations of the subject.

Subject is the product of Olympia Integration Experiment BETA, and is the ultimate product of the Olympia Project.

Pre-Experiment note:
Subject will be run through a variety of exercises, and be subject to several unusual circumstances.

Post-Experiment Note:
From this series of experiments and examinations, several exceptional factors about the subject have been determined.

Physical Attributes

  • Subject is capable of acts of great strength, lifting up to seven hundred and fifty pounds (750).
  • Subject is capable of reacting to events at a level that borders on precognition. Tissue samples have revealed that subjects' nervous tissues are built of several unknown compounds.
  • Subject is capable of completely digesting most organic matter with little to no harm to herself.
  • Subject can apparently see most other spectrum of light at will, though only through her left eye.
  • The skin of the subject has displayed several photosynthetic qualities. Prolonged contact with direct sunlight, or even ultraviolet light, has made the subject noticeably more energetic.
  • Subject is nearly invulnerable to basic physical damage, including conventional gunfire, although due to the weaker composition of the skull and musculature structure of the head, a .45, .50 or larger conventional caliber round is capable of stunning the subject, even causing minor skull fractures.
  • Subject has displayed almost one hundred (100) percent accuracy in most tests regarding hand to eye coordination, although displays more ability with her left hand.
  • Rather than break or crack, subject's bones bend or warp when subjected to high pressures.
  • All of subject's circulatory, filtration, breathing and digestive processes are highly more effective than should be physically possible. This should be due to composition, but apparently is mostly due to pre-integration operations on the composite material subjects, under the supervision of SCP-542.
  • Subject has the ability to heal wounds very quickly, with minor wounds taking hours, and more serious taking a few days, although this leads to a massive temporary spike in metabolism. Based on current data, it is theorized that the subject could even survive partial dismemberment, or normally fatal brain damage.
  • The immune system of the subject is highly advanced, repelling most fatal diseases, infections and poisons, although the deadlier items do cause headaches, nausea and vomiting for a short period of time while they are forced from the body.

Mental Attributes:

  • Subject displays multitasking, complex computations, memorization and logical problem solving skills on a level equal and beyond high-end scientific computers.
  • Subject retains all abilities present in Subject Zero pre-integration, including limited telepathy and multidimensional viewing.
  • Subject is largely unaffected by mental agents, such as memetic kill agents, telepathic and subliminal suggestion, and most forms of brainwashing, among other things.

Noted Weaknesses:

  • Subjects' left eye is the most vulnerable part of her body. It is composed of a much weaker material than the rest of her body, and obviously, leads directly to the brain. This area, if exploited properly, can lead to an instant kill on the subject with conventional means.
  • Owing to the composition of the subject's brain, she displays a large weakness to Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). While low energy blasts are often blocked by the shielding offered by the unique construction of her head and skull, high yields of energy will cause intense migraines or unconsciousness. It is theorized that exceptionally high yields, such as those from modern nuclear explosives, would be enough to render the subject to a vegetative state, if not kill her outright.
  • Subject has a very high metabolism, possessing little to no fat storage abilities. Estimated time needed for death of starvation is roughly three weeks, although this could be significantly lengthened if the subject had access to direct sunlight, or significantly shortened if the subject had been wounded first.
  • Subject's lungs were largely unmodified, leaving the subject vulnerable to airborne agents, although owing to the subject's unique physiology, the agents in question must be more highly concentrated to take quick effect.
  • Interestingly enough, subject is still vulnerable to SCP-061.
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