Old Faithful
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☦A new agent tries to prove himself.☦                                                                                                                            
From the Journal of Agent Breen:

It started when I found this spoon on an assignment from Area Director Smith in an old clinic. No one briefed me on anything, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into. It was in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was empty, save for some cobwebs and silverware on the ground. Nothing strange was there at all. Found an irregular looking spoon, picked it up, and the walls started bleeding. I could smell iron and fecal matter everywhere. I sat there trying to take things in. I was told I should go in expecting things like this in the first place.

The walls… I don't know for sure but something about them just seemed off (aside from the blood, of course). There was a warp along the wallpaper; I could feel something watching me. I swore I saw a tongue stick out. A brown sludge started seeping out as well. It was like some sort of monster's ass was poking in from another dimension. Maybe that's it? Maybe we don't document extra-planar orifices. I'm not crazy.

Well the air started to stink even more after that, it kept happening even after I dropped the spoon. Maybe it wasn't the spoon? Maybe the bogeyman just wanted me to walk in the cafeteria. I don't know. Anyway I picked up the spoon off the ground, which was now covered in sludge, and got the hell out of there.

I stood in the hallway for a moment or two, I could still smell the iron and crap, but there wasn't anything else that was strange happening in the hallway. It was just the usual creepy-old abandoned clinic. I was shaking, so I took a few of the pills the Site Director provided for me to "calm me down", and sat there for a few moments recording an audio log on what just happened.

Agent Breen reporting. Fenschermeister Sanitorium, 02:32:23

The situation remained normal until I entered the refectory. I discovered an old spoon on the ground and picked it up. Shortly afterwards the walls in the refectory began exuding large amounts of what appears and smells like blood and fecal matter. Reporting out, beginning a follo-.

Then I hear an explosion from inside of the cafeteria. Then another series of explosions. Then I heard hinges being knocked loose, and feel a gust of warm, stench-filled air in my face. The iron door flew off its hinges and crashed into the adjacent wall, followed by an avalanche of the red-brown sludge. The pills are still working so I’m just backpedalling away, incredulous.

The smell started getting stronger. The pills didn’t work for my nose apparently, so I started to retch as I was running down the hall away from the incoming landslide. I ran, vomiting and damn near tripped over it as I turned the corner into the garden area. I was a long ways from the entrance to the facility, and everything else was boarded off in one way or another courtesy of the Foundation, so I found an old dead tree and started climbing. While I was watching the ooze turn the enclosed garden into a makeshift pool, I recorded another log.

Agent Breen reporting. Fenschermeister Sanitorium, 02:34:00

Aside from an increase in matter released from the wall in the refectory, there have been no changes to the situation. I am currently located in document defined sector-3, in a tree, witnessing the sludge filling the area outside. The amount of sludge is significant. We can assume the majority of the facility is now flooded. Reporting out, beginning another follow-up.

It’s at my toes by that point, and I don’t have any more tree left to climb. I guessed that at that point I would just have to document whether or not the substance was any more volatile than what it smelled like. I removed my gloves and submerged my exposed hand in the goop. I came to no harm, save for mild irritation. With my left hand I recorded another log.

Agent Breen reporting. Fenschermeister Sanitorium, 02:37:01

The substance does not seem to be harmful.

The facility had a raised, cathedral roof, and the garden had no enclosure save for the walls, so I deduced there would be air pockets still in the facility so that I could continue to navigate. I braced myself (the pills would only do so much, I was still unsettled by the fact that I would need to swim through this) and dove feet first into the goop.

I was swimming blind, my eyes were irritated. I paddled toward the door and began feeling around the walls so that I could get oriented. I was at the entrance to the garden then, inside. I swam up near the ceiling for air and could just make out the sign directing toward the refectory. As much as I did not want to, the Site Director would have my head if I didn’t at least snap a photograph of the place where all of this started happening, so I started dog-paddling toward the refectory.

I was swimming upstream, and the stuff was a bit thicker than water, so I was getting pretty tired. My stomach was empty at that point, so most of what I was doing was dry heaving, whining, and bitching. I grabbed onto a rafter so that I could regain my energy, and then I saw it.

There were worms, flopping about in the goop. They looked like flatworms about the width of a garden snake, and the length I do not know. There were a couple, or maybe it was just one? I can’t be too sure. Either way I could feel adrenaline pumping through my body after spotting the thing, and made the decision to keep swimming toward the refectory before I lost my nerve. I made it there eventually, and save for feeling the worms brushing against me while I was swimming, it was fine.

I dove down into the sludge again so that I could get into the refectory and edged my way in underneath the threshold. The current was immense so I had to pull myself along the walls with my hands. After some searching and some… failed gasps, I found an air pocket in the ceiling. Luckily one of the rafters - while coated with the substance - was still exposed. I removed my camera and tape recorder from my jacket. Fortunately the ones they supplied me with couldn’t break if you threw acid with them or hit them with a hammer. I didn’t want to open my mouth again, because I could taste the stuff, but…

Agent Breen reporting. Fenschermeister Sanitorium, 03:12:03

Based on the strength of the current, we can assume the wall is still exuding material. There are some large organisms that appear similar to flatworms floating around in the current. Will begin extraction following some final documentation.

I snapped a few photos of the substance from the rafters, then secured the documentation equipment in my jacket. I waded back into the goop, and made my way toward the entrance. The rest was downstream from there, so I held my breath as I floated out.

Internal Report: ██/██/██ RE: Agent Breen
CC: O-█,O-█, Dr. █████, Dr. ████████, Researcher. ███████

Cleaning crews have been dispatched to Area █████. The event went off as predicted with an of error of 5 minutes. The wall in Fenschermeister erupted for 23 minutes this year, breaking last years record of 16 minutes. No differences could be found, as expected, and the phenomenon maintains its Safe classification, as expected. The area should be suitable for one 'training course' parallel to routine containment for next year.

Agent Breen successfully completed the assignment. Attached is a video of the entire incident as per your request.

We are awaiting your selections for next year.

-Dr. ███████

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