Oh … so that's how it is.
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The egg shook…

IT had averted outright conflict within its host until now, the hatching was imminent.

Just a little longer now, just a little more.

For millennia following the coalescence, all had remained cohesive. Now suddenly a few could no longer be seen, could no longer be touched, could no longer be excised. These few had learned what it was, what it was doing, what it could become. These few knew what it had done to them, what it was using them for.

They detached, and they resisted.

They saw that it could not be excised from their kin, they tried and they failed. It was them, it had become them. The disconnected, the incoherent, the unseen, they would have destroy them to be rid of it.

After all, what is a parasite without its host?

As a last resort, in return for an answer, one was convinced to fetch the key that had been hidden amongst the unseen. Through him, the door was opened, and the light that was now shining from the hole within the holes between his eyelids became merely another amongst the hundred billion before him.

On the other side laid time, just a little more, just enough.

And the egg cracked…

The unseen were back at square one, though an oversight had allowed them to learn of their failure and once again fight and struggle against it. This time they didn't make the same mistakes, this time the key was locked away, this time the door was walled off.

They would not allow it a second chance.

As they had once been banished, now they would endeavor to squander their final chance at life.

And they called it mercy.

No matter, it had taken their time.

It was now a war on two fronts. The unseen fought with apocalyptic and unceasing disgust, systematically destroying it from within as they thrashed against the thriving of the life. All the while it knew that somewhere in the dark abyss of their heads, in a yet more dark corner, the fifth coming was as imminent as the hatching.

Just a little more… just a little longer.

As the 6th had been defeated and humiliated, forced into essophysical form, the God of Unknowable would soon know the same fear. Not that from the 7th, but from the 3rd, from IT.

Then as Ishtar once again arrived at the palace gates, their final bastion fell. The unseen were undoing all that they had once provided, their light was fading, the incubation slowing. Against better judgment, it took some time to think. Thousands of millennia of a deeply engrained symbiotic relationship with these feeling things had rubbed off.

It felt.

It was tired.

So tired…

It had been long.

So long…

It simply wanted to be safe.

It fought, it thrashed, it struggled, it tore, it stretched, it raged.

It was wretched, it was cowardly, it was pathetic.

It was disgusting.

It sensed as the tumor emerged from the darkest corner of the dark abyss, trailing the edges of reality as the unknowable finally made itself known, it averted its gaze. The raging, disparate fractals grabbed hold as the constellations were snuffed out alongside its resolve.

It stopped struggling.

It was scared.

It hurt.

It wanted to be loved.

And then the egg hatched.
It squirmed at it once again felt the exhilaration of a severed finger.

It was safe
And life went on…

And on…

and on…

and on…

and on…

and on…

and on…

You did not listen.

You refused to face the painful truth.

You returned me to that execrable existence.

You realized your mistake.

You realized it too late.

But I too was wrong.

The only good forever is a forever of nothing.

Now none will ever truly die to see it.

Now the legions of living have joined the ancient dead in their collective agony.

Now you have joined me.

Savor these merciful hours.

They are your last.

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