Oh, How Brightly the Moon Shines Over the Forest of Green
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Do you see how brightly the moon shines over the forest of green? Its brilliant red dancing along the emerald canopy as the lords look on from their balconies stained with blood. Oh, my dear, how the crows see it so clearly.

Those wondrous creatures float ever so gently from land to land, never bound by the confines of the universe forever keeping these worlds separate. As those dressed in their cloaks and masked remain ignorant of those who wander without a name, the crows shall not be held back by such restrictions, the crows are truly free.

See how in the night, when our queen shines so brightly upon the city of crimson, where a single white star shines lovingly by her side, so look upon it now and wish. Witness as this wondrous creature glides away from its masters' side and over the impassable walls holding us in its uncaring grasp and into hills basked with leaves and bush!

The lords of black and yellow, red and blue remain ignorant to the treachery of the crows and their queen. Unknowing of their tricks to bypass their walls.

The King's hatred boils as he is forced to watch his subjects walk alongside those horrid smiling beasts. Their freedom hanging over its head like an unattainable prize remaining eternally out of his feeble reach. "Those disgusting creatures" cried the God-Shaped Hole.

Oh now, how those pitiful forest folk look up in awe as the white crow soars through their unknown home and the men dawning masks walk happily through the underbrush, seeking a home free from the scorn of their colorful lords.

"Oh my, how horrid!" you can hear them cry as the crow of white guards from up above.

You'll often hear "those poor creatures, hiding behind their masks of porcelain white" said in a swift reply.

But the crow of white will not respond to these whispers. They simply look down upon the weary travelers in their cloaks dipped in vermillion.

"Oh, dearest travelers walking through these hallowed woods!" they would call through the forest of towering pine.

"You poor, poor things. Please, allow me to have your attention, come sit for a spell!" they cried, smiles too big to be truthful. The traveling men would look to them but the white crow would simply sing in their stead.

Oh, that white crow, that wondrous beast. The watcher of the ones who dare to escape from the city of ruby. The one unstained by their spiteful evil, always floating to and fro, always between the town flooded in wine and the darkest oaks until those travelers feet reached a home free from their grasp, singing away their deceitful calls.

Forevermore would that crow fly, until its duties were done.

Ah, sleep soundly now, Miss Moon. For your white knight sleeps by your side once more and those you look down upon have found a new home, free from those colorful lords, forevermore…

With thanks to Luxaaj, Luxaiko, AvocadoMilk, Fish^12, Thanatian, and LAN 2D.

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