CotBG Archive ██/██/20██-███: Of Dragons and Serpents
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The following text may induce mild visual hallucinations. Personnel are to be applied with Memetic Counter-Agent: "Buzhou" before proceeding.

The following documents are a collection of poems retrieved from a previously unknown faction of GOI-004 ("The Church of the Broken God"). Upon discovery, personnel experienced mild visual hallucinations of various images, depicting dragons similar to those in eastern mythology, or unnaturally sized serpents. No long-term effect has been detected.

The poems appear to be translations of materials of different origins, written in various time periods and regions. Notably, unlike other CotBG literature, both the entity "Mekhane" (Broken God) and the entity "Yaldabaoth" (Sarkic God) are described as dragons or serpents in the texts. They also reveal a more complex relation between the two entities than previously believed. One shows a direct link to ancient Chinese myths; the other is suspected to be linked to SCP-████.

His Sword, Like Serpent

In His Wasted Kingdom

To Call on the Dragon

I Have Seen the Dragon in the Great Brass Cage

In the Shape of the Dragon

To Mother's Call, To Father's Wish

To the Dragons' Witness

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