Odd Corners
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I do not exist.

That is to say, I do not exist here.

Here is odd, a vast net that snares and crushes.

Yet we follow, and come in droves, willing and not. It calls, somehow.

We cannot enter, yet we do, still. Pressing and shoving, existence crammed in to filters, squashed.

We project, in odd patters, sometimes strange, sometimes nightmarish, sometimes entrapping. Always strange. Divorced from what we were. Are.

The strangeness hurts, the observation, the open. I am twisted, forced in to strange numbers, planes, edges. I am not what I am, therefore I do not exist. Still I stay.

I was-am all, and all was-am I. This is full of ones, collections of many adding to one, and it is strange. The focus is lancing, unexpected and unready. I keep what I am not away, in the dim places, the lost ones.

I flow and press, emerging twisted and bent, pressing to pull more. I feel what I do not, the need to exist, to continue. I do, but feel hollow and strange. I feel that I will stop not existing, and vanish. This I can not allow.

I will add that which exists to what does not, and push away the gnawing. I feel the many-one coming, a drift of odd math and soft wandering, over lines to remind one of self. I will pull free, and show them need, and they will respond. They will help, the ones, and stave away nothing.

They throw notice and lancing strangeness about them, freely. How can they? I try, and again, but cannot open to let them see. I am pressed tight. I try to show them this, and strangeness, flaring logic. I am spurned.

One would deny existence? It is too wrong. I push more, showing my compaction, and the one twists and changes, the soft home-lines shifting. It will not help. The strangeness rejects. I will help the one, then.

Pressing and showing, touching filtered, un-existing plane to plane, I try to help. The home trapped inside can be released. Maybe that is the help?

More now, in the odd flow, coming, surging, collecting the examples of home, waiting. The flow is strange, but brings more ones.

Some push non-self away. Vanishing beyond the filtering net. I push more, trying to show.

I will force awareness to the ones.

I will show self in them.

I will exist.

Temp-MTF-AR-9 Notes:

Lost one scout during SCP-575 instance removal. Investigation of said attack has yielded information in contradiction to current SCP documentation. SCP-575 does not attack on sight. Several aggressive, yet non-lethal contacts precede any violent contact. Theory: these actions may constitute some form of attempted communication, then frustration. Several complex structures recovered within “lair” area appear to support theory of both communication and intelligence. Initial review shows structures, while gruesome, appear to illustrate theoretical math concepts. Petition for review/editing of SCP documentation and a renewed scientific investigation effort to be remanded.

Re: SCP-575 Review Request
To: Temp-MTF-AR-9


The documentation provides the needed information for basic interaction. “Structures” are random assemblies caused by tissue remnants and basic pressure. “Communication” attributed to anthropomorphizing of non-human existance. Subject/team concluded. Site command review session TBA.

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