Obsession's Price
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The journal entries included with this report were recovered from Researcher █████'s official research notes on SCP-589 following Incident 589-40. It is believed that Researcher █████ was the first researcher to come under SCP-589's effect.

Assigned to work on a new project today, first one since the hearing. It's nice to know somebody up there still thinks I've got my shit together.

I really shouldn't dwell on it. I have a new fresh start. The new project is some kinda animal thing, with a pretty standard desire compulsion. It was kinda frumpy looking, but in a sort of cuteish way. I'm not sure if I was even supposed to see it, since later they briefed us that it was cognitohazardous. Meh. I'll keep that to myself. Last thing I need is an amnestic drill in my brain.

Second week on the project, and things are going really swimmingly. Paul has been complimenting me on my diligent work, and I haven't gotten one reprimand yet. But I hope they let me see the doll soon. If I work my best they might let me see the doll. I've been thinking about it, and it's a little familiar. One of those things you can't quite put your finger on, but it's still there.

Paul and I are going out to drinks tonight, with some of the other guys on the team. I like it here. We're building a real sense of camaraderie. Plus, this bar they all go to is really something else. Got like, a retro-disco theme.

Submitted a request for greater research access. I think that if we're going to study it's effects, we should be able to see it. For science.

This is taking too long. I have submitted 3 requests for access, and they have all been denied. Ridiculous. Nobody else has worked on this as I have, I deserve to be able to check to see where I know it from. I thought Paul was my friend. He looked at my paper and you know what he did? He laughed. if I can't find a way to get access this way, I'm going to have to find another way in.

I did it. I found a gap where security isn't around for a 4 minute window. I used my access pass to get in, and there it was. i think it really is Freddy. I picked him up, and I helped him stand. I took a picture with my phone so I can have him with me. Everybody needs to see him. Everyone deserves to see it.

Got Alan in today. He was just as enthralled as I was. Said it smelled like his grandmas house. Kind of weird, but whatever, he deserved to see it. Had a close call with security, but I managed to talk my way out of it. Alan's on board with showing more people, and I have an idea of who I want to show next.

Something is wrong something is very very very wrong. Paul is asking me funy questins, and everyone on site seems to be on edge. Security was looking at our workstations today and Alan was taken away. The people we showed were being given funny looks. I don't know whats going to happen

All gone. Freddy isn't in the cell. Nobody knows where he went. He isn't on my phone he isn't in the photos he isn't anywhere at all. I really hope that we can find him soon. Susan was starting to panic, but I calmed her down. We'll find it.

I can't find it. I looked everywhere. I looked inside the cell, outside the cell. I searched everybodys room. Went outside and scoured the area, couldn't find anything. People are starting to get unhinged. Susan jumped out a window and broke. Need to find it before someone else gets hurt.

Paul must have it. he's the only one who I didn't search his room. he was the only one who we didn't show. It must be him. A couple of the guys and I are going to talk to him after hours today. Sure that he'll be cooperative.

Went through Paul today. Nothing in his room, nothing in him. He told us he had it when we had him, but he didn't he is a liar. We hid him in Jess's room, and cleaned up the bathroom. Next one we search is the Director.

Shortly after this entry was written, Researcher █████ and the remaining research staff attempted to access the Directors office. After a confrontation with security, Researcher █████ led a riot within Site-██, resulting in over 40 casualties, and the death of all SCP-589 personnel. Following this, the body of Paul Rothberg, lead researcher of SCP-589, was found in the dormitories. SCP-589's containment procedures have been updated, and reclassified as Keter.

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