Select Compositions & Programs of O. B. Gieger

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Welcome back to the collected works of the Staged Community Productions theatre company. Today, we offer you the works of that geeky band oboist, O. B. Gieger (they/them).

O. B. Gieger is a playwright and composer. Despite their prolific work, it seems outside of the Staged Community Productions community they're best known for their contributions to others works, such as their compositional work on Carlisle Aktus' Track 4: You and Me (the chords to which can be found here). Collected here are the programs and playbills of several of their works, including cast list and author's notes.

One acts

These plays require no knowledge of outside work by the author and may be read without reading anything else by the author.

Longer Works

While Gieger's one-act plays are fairly well known in their own right, many of Gieger's fans find satisfaction in reading their longer works, wherein Gieger ties together longer stories across multiple acts or even multiple works.


One of Gieger's first attempts at a longer work, Schwarzwald is a grim retelling of the fairy tale "The Juniper Tree". Despite early bursts of motivation, the work remains unfinished, with only the first two acts ever surfacing, though rumors persist a finished (if unpolished) draft exists for the third act, even going so far as to claim that Gieger did begin Act 4.

Self. Similar.

A lesser known Gieger work, Self. Similar. was co-written with Dr. Lake, seemingly as some sort of collaborative competition. While the work was released complete and as intended, Gieger has made no secret of their dissatisfaction with the work, as well as their desire to go back and change it.


The infamous "toe show" initially began as a joke by Gieger and friends, but quickly spiraled out of control when Gieger began crafting a narrative. Though generally well liked, fans and critics agree that the second act was the weakest of the bunch and the whole arc feels a little less than complete.


Probably the largest impact Gieger has had on the Staged Community Production community is their creation of the world of UnHuman, a post apocalyptic setting wherein all normal humans died, leaving only anomalous ones. The world was so popular it inspired other writers to write for the series, something which Gieger enthusiastically approved of. Though only Gieger's UnHuman works are collected here, the writers of this website recommend reading UnHuman works by other authors as well.


Though this page mostly consolidates the writings of OBG, it is a truth acknowledged by the playwright themselves that they are perhaps best known for their music. Collected here are the songs most relevant to the Staged Community Production, along with links to the works they're initially from.

Track 4: You and Me

Ballad for a Faraway Disaster

Single: [untitled]

Siren Song

Songs from Clef Eats Ass: The Musical


Just One Day (Without Apples)

Logic My Way Through

Clef Eats Ass


Useless Clef

Full List of works

Those wishing to find a more concise list of Gieger's work without cast listings and descriptions may wish to open the collapsible below. This list also shows the order in which the works were published as well as how popular said works are, as well as the latest published review.

Closing Remarks

While the selected works here are the easiest to consolidate, other works by Gieger exist, and Gieger themself has indicated they have no plans to stop writing anytime soon. Much of Gieger's work has been shared online for free and they have repeatedly stated that the best way to support their work is simply read it and potentially share your thoughts in discussion spaces. If you would like a more direct way to financially support the playwright, the link below is a good place to start, but it should be reiterated that financial contribution is NOT necessary to access the works of OBG. We hope you will enjoy reading the works of O. B. Gieger and that you will continue to read the works of other contributors to the Staged Community Productions theatre company.


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