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From: Grade 3 Researcher Dorothy Zhang
To: Containment Area-25 Administrator █████
Subject: CN-076 Research Team’s Proposal of Containing SCP-076

Dear █████:
I am Dorothy, a grade 3 researcher from the Chinese branch. I would like to propose a plan that can possibly contain SCP-076 more efficiently.
Considering the possible association between SCP-076-2 and “Abel” in religious works, we hypothesized that SCP-076-2 was relatively moderate prior to its death, and its current status is resulted by stress response of its murder. Therefore, we suggest adding amnestic equipment to the “killing corridor” inside SCP-076-2’s containment measures, erasing its memory about its death. Possible outcomes of the plan include alleviation in its rage state and reduction in containment procedures.
There is no foreseen injurious consequence, and the cost is within an acceptable range.
Hoping for approval.

Dorothy Zhang

From: Containment Area-25 Administrator █████
To: Grade 3 Researcher Dorothy Zhang
Subject: CN-076 Research Team’s Proposal of Containing SCP-076



Cain finally realized his mistakes after millions of years. In the endless years, he has walked through barren grounds and stepped in bone-chilling rivers, greeted the births of lives, and seen downfalls of civilizations. By the time he has learned empathy and ethics of human beings, he had realized that he himself was the first murderer ever. He has grown tired of common customs. Only his wish of apologizing to Able stirs his thoughts. It is hard to distinguish, whether the apology is for self-satisfaction or his brother Able. It sure can be both, but Cain is indolent to think of it. Not to mention that Able might not even accept it.

After Able’s death, Cain did meet him a few times. His moderate brother has turned out to be extremely savage, determined to kill everyone in sight. Cain could not communicate with him, though he has been trying to. Whatsoever, keeping some distance between them might be the best choice for both of them, he thought. He had hope in the Foundation, before he realized it wasn't helping Able all that much. All they did to his brother was force him back into his coffin, repeatedly, and have him revive with even more hatred.

But finally, the change has happened.

Plan Description: In the case that amnestics are proven to be practical, in order to keep the object serene, the containment area should resemble SCP-076-2’s residence prior to its death, as described in various religious texts.

Safety Agreements: SCP-076-2 (“Able”) must bear an equipment on its neck, which explodes immediately if it is triggered or interfered upon, killing SCP-076-2 instantly through the destruction of its spinal cord, trachea, and other major arteries.

Able has forgotten.

He quieted down and murmured with an unrecognizable language, wondering where he is. He stepped out of the corridor as the guards nervously watched him. An ancient Sumerian expert was soon sent to the scene to help communicate.

He has forgotten.

Since then, a month had passed. Staying in a standard humanoid containment room, Able told the researchers that he wanted to go grazing. To satisfy his requests, an indoor farm was soon built. He often prepared sacrifices just as how he did back then. Those were given to SCP-343 since the staff did not know what to do with them. They were still highly alert to Able, but he had a great time anyways. He asked the employees, who were dressed as biblical characters, of Cain’s track. They got away temporarily by telling him that Cain “went to travel.” Though, he became much more persistent two months later and even threatened the employees. More armed forces were arranged around Able’s farm. They also tried to think of one excuse that could be accepted by Able. But there was one that they never thought of.

Incident Record 076-D: SCP-076-2 escaped from its containment room. No injuries or deaths were caused. The object met SCP-073 later and there were no recorded conflicts. Since then, SCP-073 was allowed to meet with SCP-076-2 periodically.

There were no conflicts between SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 for an extended time period. SCP-073 often apologized to SCP-076-2, though SCP-076-2 did not appear to comprehend what the apology was for.

Some of the architecture of Containment Area-25 was altered by SCP-073 to its familiar style. SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 then proceeded to live in them together. SCP-076-2 appeared to be dissatisfied of abandoning grazing, but agreed to live in the architectures with SCP-073 after considering SCP-073’s effect on plants.

SCP-076-2 was aging at the same speed as an ordinary human being, and was estimated to die in ██ years. By then Containment Area-25 should recover all special containment methods that were used to contain SCP-076.

The current SCP-076-2 remained its state of death for 10 years, in which no SCP-076-2 has been produced from SCP-076-1 since. The object is now considered neutralized.

SCP-073 surely is different from the Cain that Able remembered. In Able’s memories, his brother was much more irascible and resentful to him. But now, Cain is as mild as the sheep he is riding. Not only that, but Cain also frequently brings up memories that Able has never heard of or remembered. That confuses Able even more. He feels like that he has lost some memories that are crucial, but has no clue whatsoever of what it is.

However, Able does know something; it is not like that he knows nothing at all. One day, while the sunset glows had dyed Containment Area-25 red, he sat together with Cain, facing their house. Suddenly Able felt that they shouldn’t be living together so peacefully. Pieces of details flashed through his mind, which he somewhat intentionally found out through listening to conversations between the staffs: Cain is a sinner; Cain killed his younger brother; Cain should be punished eternally… and Able deliberated about it, and decided that maybe he shouldn’t continue these thoughts. He likes his life right now, and thinks that it is good enough. As for his murder, he has already forgotten about it anyways. He has forgotten about the fear of being deprived of his life, his fear of his brother, and the pain he suffered. There’s nowhere to speak of any hatred. If he doesn’t remember it, Cain won’t blame himself for it anymore. They can then reconcile, such that it is best for them both.

When Cain apologized again, Able simply replied, “Did those ever happen?”

He then pretended that, just as what he said, nothing has ever happened.

Able has forgotten. Containment Area-25 has been abolished, and there would be no more infuriated outcries from SCP-076-1. SCP-073 is still left forever on the barren earth. His victim is gone, and will never be back again.

Able has forgotten, but he didn’t know if it was the right choice.

Item #: SCP-076

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

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