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Nexus #: Nx-58

Civilian Designation: Yumegēmu, Tokushima, Japan

Population: 5,724

Area Class: Shangri-La

Nexus Interaction Protocol: All personnel assigned to Nx-58 must be implanted with sub-dermal tracking devices. All identity verification at Site-79 must consist of passcode-based security, as retinal, facial, DNA, or fingerprint recognition are ineffective due to Nx-58's anomalies. Personnel may also apply for individual identification tattoos, provided that the identification design does not match any existing designs among personnel or inhabitants of Nx-58. Personnel are advised against carrying objects of significant tactical, economic, or sentimental value into Nx-58.

Civilians within Nx-58 are fully aware of the anomalous nature of the area they populate, and have been encouraged to cooperate with Foundation personnel on matters pertaining to anomalies within the town. The populous of Nx-58 is amicable, and have E-Personnel-Class Level knowledge of Foundation operations.

External civilians are to be deterred from entering Nx-58. Nx-58 is to be removed from all civilian maps and registries, and all roads leading to Nx-58 are to be closed off or monitored and controlled by Foundation operatives.

Containment Facility: Site-79

Description: Nx-58 is an urban area located in inland Japan. Disregarding the numerous tangential anomalies generated due to Nx-58's nature as a Nexus, the majority of the anomalies in Nx-58 are derived from one of two main thematic systems.

The first system bears several similarities to the logic encountered during REM sleep. The topography of Nx-58's streets is often inconsistent, with scenery and layout changing when not in a line-of-sight. The recorded area within Nx-58 also appears to be much larger than its external dimensions would allow. Time also appears to be inconsistent, with chronometers registering separate lengths of time while operatives are separated, despite functioning at the same speed while the operatives were together. While inside Nx-58, humans are also prone to undergoing regular changes in physical identity,1 often accompanied by lapses in attention. These changes often result in the loss of clothing and personal items, which are replaced by a new set of clothes and personal items. These changes do not appear to change sub-dermal alteration, such as tattoos or sub-dermal tracking devices, or the currency generated within Nx-58.

The second thematic system in Nx-58 seems to be tied to various games and challenges. Approximately 62% of all accessible buildings in Nx-58 host some form of logic puzzle, challenge, or game for a variable number of players. Various points exist throughout the Nexus which contain a variety of challenges, often presented as written instructions attached to a display-board or display-board analog. Completion of any of these games or challenges results in the manifestation of a variable amount of unmarked coins of undetermined composition.

The aesthetic theme of Nx-58's architecture tends towards urban variations of surrealism and fantasy, with high-technological additions. Various utilities within Nx-58, such as running water and the power needed for electrical lighting, do not have any apparent source. Besides gaming facilities, the vast majority of buildings within Nx-58 seem dedicated to the sale of food, drinks, and supplies of various and occasionally unknown purpose. These supplies can be purchased with the currency generated by Nx-58. These buildings, along with the other buildings in Nx-58, are staffed by single anomalous entities (AE-58-1). Despite a variety of human phenotypes across instances, all AE-58-1 are genetically identical, with DNA extremely similar to Sepia officinalis. Due to behavioral analysis, it is currently believed that AE-58-1 are not truly sapient, and are only capable of limited human interface.

Of note is that humans do not appear to be adversely physically or mentally affected by a lack of sleep, nutrition, hydration, or waste production, though subjects do report hunger and thirst if they go without eating or drinking.

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