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Nexus #: Nx-33

Civilian Designation: Drake, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Population: 759

Area Class: Camelot

Nexus Interaction Protocol: Nx-33 is to be removed from physical and digital civilian maps. Travel into and out of Nx-33 by non-personnel is to be monitored, and restricted as needed.

In addition to standard staffing requirements, Site-127 is required to have a minimum of three on-site representatives from the Anomalous Relations and Negotiations Division for the purpose of maintaining positive Nx-33/Foundation relations.

Civilians within Nx-33 are fully aware of the anomalous nature of the area they populate, and have been encouraged to cooperate with Foundation personnel on matters pertaining to anomalies within the town. The population of Nx-33 is mostly amicable, and inhabitants have E-Personnel-Class Level knowledge of Foundation operations.

Any personnel wishing to take part in a SOLEMNITAS Event must submit form T615J a minimum of three weeks in advance to the event, and receive approval in response to said form. Participation in a SOLEMNITAS Event will count toward personnel's paid-vacation limit. Participating individuals will be required to record full accounts of their experiences upon return.

Containment Facility: Site-127

Description: Nx-33 is characterized mainly by a large number of human-guided/operated anomalies, compared to other anomalies present in the Nexus. Specifically, the majority of these human-guided anomalies are dedicated to short-term alteration of reality, the surrounding environment, and human anatomy. Both these and other anomalies are integrated into the daily life of residents, aiding in agriculture, construction, and recreational activities.

Also of note is the fact that most of the anomalies present in Nx-33 display signs of extra-universal origin, despite only slightly higher-than-average levels of inter-universal breaches for a Nexus. Despite having identified anomalies from upwards of ██ separate realities, the majority of extra-universal anomalies present are believed to originate from Timeline-12-7-████.

While most large scale anomalies remain inconstant and are only active sporadically, there are several which either remain constantly and predictably active, or remained so in the past before being naturally neutralized in 1939 during event 33-Beta (see Addendum 33-1 for more information):

  • The occurrence of SOLEMNITAS Events.
  • The town and the areas surrounding it are inhabited by unusually large populations of SCP-936.
  • An uninhabited cavern system located beneath the town. The cavern system possesses a low frame-of-reality, increasing the likelihood of trans-universal breaches and overlap.
  • When viewed indirectly (e.g. through a mirror, photograph, or film) native residents of Nx-33 will appear to be composed of various forms of plant matter. Photographic evidence shows that this phenomenon affected increasingly greater portions of the population until 1939, at which point the whole population was affected.
  • Nx-33 recorded unusually high numbers of childbirths and crop yields from 1798 to 1939. Durring the winter cycles between SOLEMNITAS Events within this timeframe, there were also unusually high numbers of unsolved missing persons cases and unexplained deaths.
  • Approximately █.██% of the remains located in Nx-33's cemetery possess divergent physiology or genetics consistent with SCP-2615-A, indicating possible past existence in the area. This theory is currently under consideration, though further research has been deterred by the natural advanced decay affecting the samples.

Addendum 33-1: Please enter security credentials to proceed.

Username: jfujimoto
Password: ●●●●●●●●●●

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