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Nexus #: Nx-07

Civilian Designation: Gwag Hen y Cwn, Swansea, Wales

Population: 1,506

Area Class: Asphodel

Nexus Interaction Protocol: Civilians within Nx-07 are fully aware of the anomalous nature of the area they populate, and have been encouraged to cooperate with Foundation personnel on matters pertaining to anomalies within the town. The populous of Nx-07 is amicable, and have E-Personnel-Class Level knowledge of Foundation operations.

Due to the mostly self-containing attitude towards anomalous traits which has developed in Nx-07, Foundation efforts are to be directed towards covering up and discrediting any possible information leaks which result from non-Nx-07 civilian or news sources. Efforts are also to be taken to prevent the staying of visitors overnight in Nx-07 on any nights with a full moon.

Personnel who have been transferred to Site-78 are to be fully debriefed on the consistent effects of Nx-07. Specialized psychological care is to be offered to all on-Site Foundation personnel in order to help them adjust to life in Nx-07. All newly transferred personnel are to be placed in overnight quarantine while prone to experience their first ACTAEON Event.

Containment Facility: Site-78

Description: Nx-07 is a small village located on the southern coast of Wales. Archaeological study of the area has revealed various artifacts and cultural sites from the Paleolithic █████████ civilization in the area. The town's economy is mostly centered around four manufacturing companies, as well as multiple smaller, family-owned businesses, and the archaeological study of the aforementioned civilization.

Human inhabitants of Nx-07 who have experienced an ACTAEON Event are universally affected by various forms of therianthropy. The effects of the therianthropy manifest by the subject manifesting several noticeable animalistic traits, causing them to appear as an anthropomorphization of an existing species. While not experiencing a ACTAEON Event, inhabitants are capable of consciously activating and deactivating their anomalies. More experienced members of the community have shown the capacity to enter an almost completely animalistic form, without noticeable anthropomorphic traits. Over ███ classifications have been identified, with some of the statistical modes being wolves, dogs, cats, frogs, sheep, cows, pigs, and ravens. █ anomalous species have also been identified. No pattern for the species each subject is tied to has been determined.

An ACTAEON Event occurs on nights with a full moon, from the point in time at which the sun has fully set over the horizon to the point when it begins to rise over the horizon. ACTAEON Events affects all individuals who have lived in Nx-07 for 30 days or more. Over the course of an ACTAEON Event, all affected subjects will enter and be unable to exit their physically altered state. During their first ACTAEON Event, subjects usually experience a variety of side effects, such as an impairment of judgement and inability to recall the events that transpire while effected. These symptoms have often been likened to heavy intoxication. The symptoms lessen and control improves with each Event over the next few subsequent Events.

Addendum: Interview Nx-07-16.
In an effort to establish an overview of Nx-07's history and culture, Foundation representatives reached out to members of the Nx-07 community who had grown up in the environment. The following interview was conducted on September 4, 2009 between Ms. Amelia Deeds (native of Nx-07) and Dr. Theodore Ryan (Anomalous Relations and Negotiations Division).

Dr. Ryan: Good morning.

Ms. Deeds: Hi.

Dr. Ryan: Thanks for agreeing to do this.

Ms. Deeds: My pleasure. Anything for a friend, right? That, and you guys agreed to pay for the coffee.

Dr. Ryan: [chuckles] Yes, we find that that usually works as a good incentive. See anything you like?

Ms. Deeds: Hmm. I think I'll probably just get the black coffee, you?

Dr. Ryan: I feel more like sticking to tea this morning.

[Irrelevant Conversation Removed]

Ms. Deeds: So, anything in particular that you wanted to start off with?

Dr. Ryan: How about some of your earlier family history? When did your family first move here?

Ms. Deeds: Let's see… My great-great-granddad was one of the first outsiders in my family to move here, and that's as far back in the records as I remember. I think that was back in… 1911 maybe? Sometime around then. Came here from England because a friend recommended him for one of the fishing businesses.

Dr. Ryan: And was the atmosphere about the same then as it is now? Any major changes in the town's culture since then?

Ms. Deeds: Not much besides what's happened to the rest of the world. I guess relations have improved between the various types. Nowadays you just have little clusters among some of the kids. I heard that they actually had some street wars over it back in the Forties.

Dr. Ryan: Well, we can be glad that we don't live back then.

Ms. Deeds: For sure.

Dr. Ryan: So, that's some of the town's past. What about what's going on now? I know that you and your parents still live here-

Ms. Deeds: Right.

Dr. Ryan: -but what about other family? Any cousins living here? Do you know their thoughts on this place?

Ms. Deeds: No cousins, but, uh, but I do have an older sister who moved away a while back. I don't think it was that she disliked the, uh, the special aspects of the town, just that she wanted a change of scenery.

Dr. Ryan: What makes you say that?

Ms. Deeds: Well, just after she moved away she almost came back. Said she felt a little bit weird not having anyone around her who was in on the secret. That, and she missed having a tail.

Dr. Ryan: Haha. Guess that makes sense.

Ms. Deeds: Yeah. She's doing better now though.

Dr. Ryan: Glad to hear it. So, if you don't mind my asking, why have all of you kept this town a secret for so long? Not that I'm complaining, means less paperwork for me, but by the time we found out about the town, we were surprised it wasn't already plastered all over the internet.

Ms. Deeds: I think that there's actually a couple reasons for that. For newcomers, I think that, by the time they figure it all out, they're more concerned with getting used to the new lifestyle than spreading the word.

Dr. Ryan: Alright.

Ms. Deeds: As for the rest of us, I think that we just prefer it being more quiet around here. No TV Cameras or scientists poking and prodding us. Well, except for you guys, but you're usually pretty good about it. "You keep our secret we keep yours" kind of thing.

Dr. Ryan: We try our best.

Ms. Deeds: [nods] So there's that, and I think that there's just a general consensus that we enjoy keeping it a secret. Like one giant game of hide-and-seek with the rest of the world. We get each other here. We can relate in a way that a lot of other people can't. We have our little in-jokes that we can all laugh at and that get us strange looks from tourists. On some level, we all want to keep this to ourselves.

Dr. Ryan: Hmm.

Ms. Deeds: What?

Dr. Ryan: Nothing really. It's just that I've never heard it phrased that way, but it makes sense when you think about it.

Ms. Deeds: Yup. Anything else that you wanted to go over?

Dr. Ryan: Not unless there's something you specifically wanted to add.

Ms. Deeds: Nothing I can think of. You planning on watching the moon tonight?

Dr. Ryan: Unless I get held up by work.

Ms. Deeds: Alright then, I might see you later tonight.

Dr. Ryan: Maybe. Thank you for the interview.

Ms. Deeds: You're welcome. Bye.

Dr. Ryan: Bye.

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