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Nx-03 is an island approximately 100 kilometers west of Ireland, referred to as Hy-Brasil in civilian folklore.

Nexus #: Nx-03

Civilian Designation: Hy-Brasil

Population: Approximately 101,000 10,623

Area Class: Free Port Camelot

Nexus Interaction Protocol: The population of Nx-03 is aware of the anomalous phenomenon concerning it, and the Nexus is exempt from the Masquerade Protocol. The Foundation currently has a diplomatic relationship with the government of Nx-03.

Site-03, which was originally constructed for the purpose of overseeing Nx-03, has been renovated into a general purpose Foundation Site. While the location of Site-03 is not kept secret from the general anomalous community, it remains a secure location due to the difficulty of reaching Nx-03.

Containment Facility: Site-03


Fig. 1.1. Hy-Brasil and Ireland, as featured on a map of Europe from 1572.

Description: Nx-03 is an island approximately 100 kilometers west of Ireland, referred to as Hy-Brasil in civilian folklore. Nx-03 was also the location of a large city which covered the majority of the island, also referred to as Hy-Brasil. The island Hy-Brasil is partially extradimensionally located, and can only be reached by traditional means one day every seven years. At all other times, Nx-03 could only be reached using enhanced travel methods1.

Nx-03 is a sovereign monarchy, which has positive diplomatic relationships with the Foundation and several Groups of Interest. Nx-03 is ruled by the Tuatha Dé Danann. Nx-03 had practiced heavily isolationist policy prior to 1811, at which point relations with the anomalous world were established.

The Tuatha Dé Danann were composed of an anomalous hominid subspecies2 native to Nx-03. The Homo sapiens tumuli possess minor physiological differences from Homo sapiens sapiens3, as well as minor-reality altering capabilities and natural thaumaturgic prowess.

The Tuatha Dé Danann had, prior to 1468, existed in low numbers within Ireland, with a small population living upon Nx-03. Due to increasing hostile relations with the nonanomalous community of Ireland and the Catholic Church, almost all Tuatha Dé Danann relocated to Nx-03 and entered an isolationist period for the next 343 years.

His Majesty's Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria negotiated minimal interventionist policies with the Nx-03 government in order to prevent any knowledge of paranormal becoming widespread. These policies do not entirely align with standard Foundation operation procedures, but had been grandfathered into practice when the HMFSCP merged with other organizations to form the modern Foundation.

Nx-03 and the city located upon it were exempt from the Masquerade Protocol and constituted the second largest anomalous community in the world. Most known Groups of Interest had bases of operation within Nx-03, including Marshall, Carter and Dark showrooms, Prometheus Laboratories research facilities, and a Global Occult Coalition embassy.

While Nx-03 has a limited military, it has remained neutral during the previous four Occult Wars, not actively engaging in any military conflict during. Nx-03 was the location of the First and Second Treaties of Brasil, which ended the Third4 and Sixth Occult Wars5, respectively.

The following is an excerpt from the HMFSCP's records concerning Nx-03, which was decided to be a good summary of the political climate of Nx-03, despite its age.

Note: I had been asked to deliver a report on the current state of "Hy-Brasil" to Her Majesty's Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria. I thought it best to submit my journal entry for the day I arrived, as it contains a good summary of the place. - Lord Theodore Blackwood

March 12th, 1893

I arrived at Hy-Brasil this morning, and I am already tired from the single day of travel. Truly, this is one of the most marvellous places upon the earth, a land of magic and wonder like no other I have encountered throughout my many travels.

When my boat landed, I was immediately whisked away to visit the king, Nuada Airgetlám VII. I was, of course, worried about dealing with a lord of the fair folk, for I have heard many stories about how cruel and capricious they are. However, I was pleased to hear that Nuada was hardly anything of the sort.

He immediately noted that I did not address him with the full respect due to a King (As I am an English Lord, I am sworn to only address Her Majesty as such), but was not particularly concerned by it.

When I asked him about the difference between his actions and those of the common folklore surrounding the fair folk, he explained that such interactions had occurred in the time of his great-grandfather, who was a much more violent figure. His actions (and those of his father) are what shaped our perceptions today.

I asked the King why he had decided to open the doors of his island to the outside world, and he did not answer. He merely led me out into the streets, into Hy-Brasil itself. He said he planned to take me to a few landmarks, and I obliged him.

The first place he led to was the warehouse of Marshall, Carter and Dark. I refused to enter, for I have had bad dealings with the Deathless Merchant of London in the past. He merely smiled and explained that the warehouse was a metaphor for why he initially opened the gates of Hy-Brasil.

He asked if the idea of the fae loving gold was consistent with my vision of them, and I replied that yes, that was part of my conception of the fair folk. He laughed and said it was accurate. By opening the doors of Hy-Brasil to the outside world, he had become richer than any of his forebearers.

I was satisfied with this explanation, but he asked me to follow him to another location upon the island. He brought me to the middle of a street, between a library and a workshop bearing the name "Prometheus Laboratories."

He pointed to the library and explained that it contained an ancient Way, to The Library. This was a gateway to a world of old wonder, one of sacred and ancient knowledge. He turned around and pointed to the laboratory. He explained that this was a place of new wonder, one of derived and researched knowledge.

King Nuada asked if I knew of any other places in the world that had this mix of wonder, and I could only name but a few. Hy-Brasil was truly wondrous and otherworldly, I admitted. He smiled and said that was why he did not change when he had gained his wealth.

I was led to a third, final destination, this one a grand statue of Nuada. He told me that this was why he did not regret his decisions - the legacy he had forged for himself.

Who would be remembered the most fondly? His great-grandfather, whose actions forced the Tuatha Dé Danann to retreat from Ireland? His grandfather, who actually ordered the retreat? His father, who did nothing but rule over a secluded island? Or himself, who restored the grandeur of Hy-Brasil?

The answer was clear. Nuada's actions had established a firm legacy for him, one that would stand the test of time. I told him that I now understood why he had acted as he did. History would know him as the greatest king of Hy-Brasil.

Noticing that it was getting late, we returned to Palace for dinner and rest.

Addendum: Incident-N03-78
On 13/06/1988, Nx-03 was attacked by a previously unknown anomalous entity, resulting in the almost total destruction of Nx-03. During this attack, Nx-03 was defended by the Global Occult Coalition, whose actions caused significant damage to the infrastructure of Nx-03. While this entity was successfully neutralized in the effort, Nx-03 also suffered severe damage. Incident-N03-78 resulted in approximately 750,000,000 IR£ of total property damage, the majority of the infrastructure of Nx-03.

The previous King of Nx-03, Nuada Airgetlám VII, was killed during Incident-N03-78, as well as his immediate heir. Shortly after, his nephew Delbáeth II was crowned king, and remains the current king.

The amount of property damage caused by both the entity and the GOC resulted in the large-scale abandonment of Nx-03 as a location for the operations of major Groups of Interest. The withdrawal and relocation of these organizations - several of which constituted a major portion of the economy of Nx-03 - resulted in large-scale economic turmoil for Nx-03.

Due to the generally secluded nature of Nx-03, the city lacked the ability to support a rebuilding effort for the damage caused as a result of Incident-N03-78. This was further complicated by political turmoil caused by the death of the previous king, who had ruled for 177 years. While another, more traditional city may have been able to rebuild from a similar event, Nx-03 was not.

As a result of these factors, the majority of citizens of Nx-03 made the decision to move away, causing a mass exodus of citizens from Nx-03. A large majority of these citizens moved to other locations exempt from the Masquerade Protocol, such as Three Portlands or Backdoor So-Ho, while a smaller minority reintegrated into civilian life.

Over the past thirty years, the population of Nx-03 has steadily dwindled, to the current population of 10,623. The majority of these residents are the operating staff of Site-03 and more conservative Tuatha Dé Danann citizens.

Nx-03 remains a neutral ground for the Foundation and many Groups of Interest, but its general relevance to the greater anomalous community has greatly diminished.

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