Now, The Serpent

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Now, The Serpent is a Tale Series about the Serpent's Hand, focusing on a small cell with revolutionary ambitions.

It is about what they stand for, and what they stand against.

Pleasing To The Eye - White Crow, the Serpent's Nest, and the more unsavoury side of anomalous art.

More Cunning Than Any Beast - Black Rabbit meets Serpent's Hand. Loose ends are tied off. Takes place in Japan, prior to the events of Stealing Solidarity.

You Shall Not Die - The Global Occult Coalition regulates magic. The Red-Green (Zhang Wen) has other plans. Takes place in the Philippines.

Your Eyes Shall Be Opened - The White Crow and Tracy Campbell. Takes place in Alabama, The Wanderer's Library and The Kingdom of Tlaneyanco.

Become Like God - Circe Galanis, cyborg sorceress, protects The Broken Church from the Wolves of the Horizon Initiative. Takes place on the Isle of Lemnos.

Knowing Good And Evil - Rahab the Amalekite, Last of the Nephilim, meets with Nobility and recruits them to her cause. Takes place in rural Austria.

Supplemental Works, considered canon to it:

The Emperor of Many Voices, aka The Hive.

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