Note: Immortality Amulet
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Immortality Amulet
Aliases - SCP-963, PTE-1513-Knicknack-Grey-Kewpie, AA.2.143
(85/10), RINT4995-"Project Orpheus", UI255-25635-OBJ-5575
Summary - Amulet contains "soul" of Dr. Jack
Bright. On contact with humanoid,
consciousness is consumed and replaced.
Threat - Min. Reqs living humanoid.


Interest - Possible connection btwn amulet and myself. Similarities:
1) Pass on anomalous qualities through "descendants"
2) Constantly change bodies/appearance
3) Cannot truly die
4) Fighting against fate

While not technically a Nobody, the similarities are too strong to
ignore. Knowledge of the amulet's creation and
how it works could provide insight into
questions about myself. Worst case scenario
-> amulet is not helpful. Worth effort/risk to


Appearance 05/24/2014 -^
If amulet is unhelpful, possible that personality might be.
Exchange of ideas could be beneficial for both. Kindred spirit?
Can be recruited?
Location - Unknown. Moved from Site-63, possibly left US.
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