Note: A Part of Nobody
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A Part of Nobody
Aliases: None so far.
Summary: Discovered that my bio-matter retains my anomalous
properties after separation. I can pass my properties to others.
Possible this material can transfer effects to other beings? (Temp?)
If so, affected persons would be unable to affect world around them.
Threat: Min threat, high chance of failure. Possible scenarios:
1) Transfer -> Person is (temp?) Nobody. Best Case
2) Transfer -> Transfered property is "having no effect"
No change. Person can affect world around them as normal
3) No Transfer -> No effect
4) No Transfer -> However, object causes placebo effect in
person. Loophole? "placebo" effect would originate

from person, not me. (they choose to act different)
changing their behavior and improving the chances
of success. Acceptable case scenario.
Interest: Exploiting this could finally be a way in which I could
directly cause change in the world. Unfortunately, no way to prove
conclusively (due to nature of fate). Does cause have an effect, or was
effect inevitable, regardless of cause? Still, even smallest
possibility of ignoring my restrictions is worthy any threat/cost.
Need to deploy this in the field for testing. Should investigate
way to directly prove results (anomaly that can compare possible
futures?) Note: Check Foundation progress on Project-2003
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