Not Fade Away

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The old water tower on the outskirts of this shit-heel town has been derelict for ages. It's amazing they haven't torn the damn thing down yet.

I reach up for the next rung, which groans in response to the unexpected weight, before snapping off entirely. I manage to catch myself at the last second, but my Go-Pro isn't so lucky. It makes a soft plop in the snow below.

"There goes my perfect fucking selfie."

It was a close call though. I take a second to catch my breath, before I steel my nerves and continue my ascent.

Can't turn back now. Stick to the plan.

You're going to be remembered for this.

I clamber onto the platform, and I'm greeted with an oversized grin- the rival school's idiotic mascot. Its face is weathered and peeling. Good thing he's about to get a brand-new paint job. Now all I need to do is decide exactly how many dicks I should add. Time to get to work.

Just one more over here…

Oh! Let's have one splooging all over it…

…pink? The fuck did I think I was going to do with pink paint?

…give 'em some missing teeth; he'll look just like these inbred jack-offs!

…little bit more and…done!

I stand back and admire my creation in all its glory. In just a few hours, people will wake up to their beloved avatar being assaulted by a group of floating penises; as if it were the star of a haunted bukakke. Now all I need to do is snap some pics for the guys to prove that yes, I am that Fucking Badass. I whip out my cell and get to work-lamenting the fact that I can't post these online (if only so I can #dickasso).

It's as good a time as any for a smoke. I spark one, and look out over the woods that surround the town. Last night's snowfall blanketed the landscape, leaving a pristine coat of white that went on for miles. I could see the lake off in the distance. From my vantage point, I could clearly see over the privacy fence that encircles it. As the early-morning fog began to dissipate, I could even see the water's surface and…what the fuck is that? Can you see them out there?

I cup my hands around my eyes — as if make-believe binoculars could somehow improve my vision — and lean out over the railing. There's definitely something bobbing about the surface. It…fuck. It looks like there's someone out there?

That can't be right. It is They closed the lake off ages ago. To keep it hidden. Something about an undertow? Lies. Fuck. Well it's not my problem if some random nobody gets themselves killed. They're closer to you than you'd think.

As much as I want to turn away, I can't. Because you want to know the truth. I'm frozen to the spot, precariously hanging over the railing. There's something about them. Something familiar? Don't you remember? The redhead…

Katie Lawson

We met in Home Ec class. She was always so patient and caring. She still cares. Took a trip with me and several of my classmates over the summer to check out the new Space Mountain. We shared our first kiss during the fireworks display on the third night. I…made some dumb promises I knew I couldn't keep…There's still time.

Doug Garner

A total blast to have around. Always wanted me to tag along on his misadventures. He didn't want to be all alone. We got caught sneaking in to see Jaws; I managed to get away before the cops showed up, he wasn't so lucky. Never sold me out, either. And risk losing you? He always had my back. Don't let him down.

Ben Ward

Lived across the street from me our entire lives. He's been there the whole time. I could never ask for a better friend. And he, you. We began drifting apart once he started getting pretty deep into his schoolwork. He was scared of what you might think. Every once in awhile he'd stop by, just to chill. Because he missed you. Don't you miss him too? Last time we talked was when he treated me to Queen's show at the Paramount back in April.

I fall backwards, reeling from a mix of vertigo from the height; light-headedness from the cigarette, and a sudden, splitting migraine. I press my palms into my eyes, trying to get my head straight. I can't even focus on myself now though. There's people down there. They need my help. Without even bothering to clean my evidence (I'll be back for it), I drop to the ladder and begin climbing down.

It's a quiet ride on my bike up to the path that leads to the lake, and a crunchy one for the last mile or so. The only sound other than me plodding through the snow are the occasional gusts of wind screaming through the trees. No. Not the wind.

Can you hear us?

Can you hear us?

Can you hear us?

Danger: Drowning Hazard. Area is off limits.

Little signs like this were posted everywhere. It's to keep you out. It's to keep the truth hidden. I disregard them, and trek on. I can't abandon my friends now.

It's funny, even though the sun is coming up, it seems to be getting colder. It's always cold. That's why they need you.

Barbed wire. Fuck, that's right. How the hell am I supposed to get over this? Over there. Wait a minute…that bush…Almost. Looks like there's a hole behind it, going right under the fence. Please. On my hands and knees, I crawl through.

I can see it now…

Can you see them?
Can you see them?
Can you see us?
Can you see them?
They can see you.



We can





It's…dear God…

Will you help us?

Do you remember us?

Do you remember me?



How could you forget

after everything?

Don't you remember us?

It's everyone I know. Every one of you. All my friends. My family. Still others I don't recall in full. You shouldn't be here. Why? How can this be? I have to get you out of here! I won't let this go on.

The freezing water is around my ankles now. With each step I can feel the ground below getting further away…up to my thighs, and I'm already shivering. My heart begins to drop. Something is wrong.

Help us, please.

Only you.

What about all those years?

Was it all for nothing?

You promised.

Always looked out for you.

We need you.

Remember us?

You promised!

I'm slowly moving out towards them…I can help. It doesn't have to be this way. We can all make it out of here.

Up to my chest.

I can't shake the creeping dread from being in such deep water. When I was a child, an ill-advised cannonball sent me plummeting to the bottom of my uncle's pool. I freaked. I couldn't move. I flailed about in a panic, trying desperately to gain vertical ground to no avail. I thought I was going to die. Someone got down in time to fish me out, but ever since then, I've had a horrible phobia of water. In fact, I've never actually learned how to swim.

It's all right.

It's all right.

It's all right.

There's always time.

Don't turn back.

Don't leave us here.


You promised.

Up to my neck.

It's too late now. I can't find the bottom, I can't gain a footing. I'm choking on the water, I'm starting to flail again.

It's alright.

We've waited so long.

You won't turn your back on us.

We could have been so much.

Done so much.

All gone.


In their arms now.

I can see their faces.

I recognize all of them.

I know all of them.

We're finally together.

They've been waiting for me for so long.

How could I have forgotten?


Why would they do that to us?

How could they?

They can't do that.

They can't leave us here.

You can't leave me here.

Don't forget me.

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