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But anomalous people are people, and the anomalous itself is not a threat merely for existing.

You are the monsters you are so afraid of. Let go of your fear, and join us in the light.

And if you will not… if you keep imprisoning and killing innocents, if you keep forcing the world to stay in the dark… then you will meet the fate of all the slavers and murderers in the worlds' history before you.

We will free those you keep imprisoned. We will rescue those you try to kill.

-Excerpt from "What To Know About The Serpent's Hand"

> Premise <

Life is hell for humanoid anomalies.

They are kidnapped from their families and friends. They are brought to an unfamiliar research facility, where their abilities are prodded and tested. They are told they will never return to their life before the Foundation. They are thrown into a small, dark, concrete cell. Their clothes are replaced with jumpsuits, and their names are replaced with numbers.

They are prisoners.

The O5 don't care about their suffering. The Ethics Committee is corrupt beyond saving. Doctors and Researchers view them as tools to be used or animals to be contained. MTF agents and GenSec guards are required to be prejudice and dehumanizing.

But not everyone within the Foundation sees eye-to-eye with the 'cold not cruel' motto.

There are those whose compassion and sympathy outweigh their lust for cheating at life. Those whose conscious and morality trump the need to obey orders.

They are not the majority within the Foundation, but their numbers are growing.

> Latest Installment <

-Posted 4/8/2023-
The Beige Folder

Cornwall opened the folder and began reading it. His face kept a neutral expression, a result of him spending years as a detective, but Parker could see the horror in his eyes.

> Table of Contents <


Squad-13's first mission, and their introduction to MTF.

The Scottish Goliath

There were gun shots in the distance. Hopefully they were Daddy's and not the bad guy's.

The Minutemen

"Our task force, Delta-4, goes by the name 'Minutemen.' Do you know why?"

Brink of Hysteria

He blinked rapidly and moved his eyes to let her know that he was, in fact, not dead.

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