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This is Noktigo's author page.

SCP-2715 - My first SCP. I know I probably could have done better with this one, but given that 2715 was a shitty oc of mine first, I think I did an okay job with what I had.

SCP-3715 - My second SCP. I'm proud of this one. I think posting it right after the 3000 contest made a difference. Remember to time your postings right, kids. Also, the tea wall I took the picture of is no longer up. RIP tea wall, 2016-2017.

SCP-3915 - My third SCP. There was originally supposed to be a tale to accompany it, but progress has been slow going. Stay tuned.

SCP-3575 - My fourth SCP, and probably the most personal. All pictures for this one were taken on-location, and, if you went there, you could probably find all the things I took pictures of.

Noktigo is known as Avocadonut (or variants thereof) on IRC. Feel free to contact him from any channel.

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