Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, and Nobody's Encounters with The Man in the White Suit

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Excerpt from a journal recovered off a battlefield by an American G.I during the Korean War in 1953.

March 10th, 1945

I saw him again today. Sitting on a bench in the ruins of the town square, looking as if he were about to feed the pigeons. All of Dresden is caked in a meter of ash and soot, and his suit still looks like it was carved from purest of snow. With the blackened corpses in the rubble around him, it is difficult not to read it as a mockery.

He attempted to make conversation with me, in his twisting way. Asked me about the weather, some tasteless joke about a rain of bombs. His callousness betrays something else. Experience. He has seen massacres like this before. It takes one to know one, I suppose.

But he dropped the act quickly. Warned me that my time was running out and he was going to be forced into action soon. That I should either get out of his way or make his job easier and let him put a bullet in me now.

Needless to say, I made my exit.

I tire of his games. Years of this godforsaken curse upon my name and he is the only constant. He follows from city to city, shithole village to bombed-out schloss. He knows. I don't know what he knows, but perhaps something about my affliction. Perhaps a kindred soul. Or something else entirely. The way he speaks, his fluxing countenance… he could well be an Allied spy, under the misconception I am his tail.

If I see him again, I will approach him. My Luger is oiled, and if he turns out to be foe rather than friend, I will dispose of him. God only knows he is not the first man to meet his death in the name of my cautions.

I don't know why I continue to write these. Clinging to some semblance of sanity, perhaps. I have been rendered unrecognizable, frightening to the average man. Though it's not like I was exactly standard before. War ruins minds, and I need to gather my thoughts. Here is as good as anywhere.

Tomorrow I leave what is left of Dresden. I need to be in Berlin soon, before the Red Army closes in. History needs me to play my part without distraction. I will record my further interactions with the man in the white suit, should they occur.


  • Dispose of the American officer's body - strip and toss into one of the mass graves, too many bodies to notice one more.
  • Escape Dresden
  • Try to find some food. Missing Belgium…
  • Figure out how he keeps his suit so white
  • Reach Berlin - maybe hitch a ride with the defense reinforcements?

Excerpt from a notebook in an abandoned bindle, discovered under a bridge in Atlanta in 1989.

May 2rd, '70

Jesus, I hate Ohio.

Dogshit state. I been across this entire country, and never seen a place more disgustingly bland and boring as this. The warm water of Americana.

Least they have waffles. One saving grace.

Ended up hitching a ride with some trucker out of Indianapolis. He was headed to Cleveland, so I hopped off near the highway's edge and walked the rest of the way. Tried to hitch another ride to Kent but apparently everyone in Ohio hates each other so much no one so much as even stopped. Assholes.

I walked all the way to a couple miles out of the city limits. Big ol' farm, figured I could rely on some country hospitality to fill my belly.

So after I'd squeezed the hole in the fence and started grabbing some vegetables, I made the classic idiot mistake. I let my guard down.

Shotgun missed me by a couple inches. Idiot that I am, I panicked and chucked an ear of corn. Bought me a second to figure out what was happening.

Fucking Whitesuit was there.

He had the whole getup on. White robe, pointed hood, red cross patch. But it was him, I'd recognize that fucker anywhere.

I tackled him and we wrestled in the dirt. Dropped the shotgun, I grabbed it and popped off the other shell. Didn't see if it hit him, didn't wait around to find out.

I don't know what's worse - that he both beat me here and somehow knew exactly where I'd stop, or that he followed me all the way from St. Louis without me realizing. Gonna have to be double careful now.

I'm in a shitty little motel now, paid in cash. Hopefully safe. Diner down the road, going to get some waffles when I wake up.

Fucking hate Ohio.

Get some food
Hitch my way to Kent State
Be there when everything goes down
Don't get goddamn shot by goddamn Whitesuit!!!

Excerpt from a diary, recovered from a trash can in Disney's Magic Kingdom, 2010.

Dear Diary,

today's friday the 13th! also june 2007. i forgot that friday the 13th was an actual thing, but its not really a big deal. ive got more important stuff to worry about.

i'm in florida right now. i'm not sure why, but its not like i ever do. just go places, and figure out what i'm there for.

it could be worse! having no adults is nice. no one to yell at you or tell you what to do. but i wish i had someone to talk to. writing is nice but its different to talk to someone. but its not like that's an option for me haha

i saw that guy again, today. there's something weird about him. he reminds me of…. me? i don't know it's really weird. like i know him from somewhere. and that he's bad news. i mean, i knew he was bad news already. he's following me from city to city.

he talked to me this time, which is new. his voice is familiar too. its like when you see an actor in a show and you know you've seen them in another show before, but the circumstanses are so different you have no idea where. like you should know them but don't.

but he spoke to me about some stuff. i don't know, i wasn't super listening, i was trying to figure out the fastest way to get the hellck out of there. but he mentioned that some nonprofit was looking for me, a foundation for something. that explains the vans, at least. he also said that we had "history" (dunno what that means) but he was willing to wait so he didn't have to "hurt a little girl".

so i kicked him in the shins and ran!

i don't know if i'm gonna see him again but i hope not. he creeps me out.

♥ find something to eat - saw a waffle house earlier!
♥ keep heading down to orlando
♥ sneak into disneyworld, want to ride splash mountain (maybe thunder mountain?)
♥ kick the guy with the white suit in the shins again
♥ figure out what to DO!!!!



I'm glad my Foundation clearance still works. When everyone forgot I existed, I guess they forgot my credentials existed too. Small blessings.

Seriously though, this is unnerving. I thought I was being paranoid about that dude, that he was just some paracriminal with a vendetta or something. This is a lot more fucked.

All these files from other Nobodies- this guy's been stalking us since, what, World War 2? That makes this guy well over a hundred years old. That's easy now, but back then… this guy isn't normal.

He seems to have updated his appearance, though. Ditched the three-piece, gotten one of those new tacarmor suits. So I think I'm gonna need more than a kick in the shins to get this motherfucker now.

But there's a hole. I've scoured these files, none of them even remotely indicate why this guy is on our ass. I'll need to figure out what he wants. Then maybe I can get some leverage, finally figure out what the hell is going on.

Hah, look at me. "Us". I guess this confirms that - I'm the new Nobody. Just my fucking luck, right? Though I suppose it's a bit of an advantage. I'm the one person the Foundation knows next to nothing about… which I guess puts us in the same boat.


  • Keep digging into SCiPnet's annals. There's gotta be something more on this guy. Check after-action reports for agents associated with Nobody sightings.
  • Figure out where Tommy's assigned. Low priority, but…. it'd be nice to know.
  • Arrange transportation. Something's telling me that I need to be in New Portland yesterday. Probably that sense the others kept mentioning.
  • Keep a better journal. I'd be dead already if it wasn't for my predecessor's advice… whoever comes after me is going to have his work cut out for him.
  • Get something to eat. Can't swing a dead cat in Hi-Tokyo without hitting a ramen stand. Need something to remind me of home. Maybe waffles.

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