Nobody there, but the thing-in-itself
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by Ethagon

December 29th, 1999

Christmas family is still at the hotel, hopefully they'll stay until New Year. I think I'll start my yearly routine to check up on the "thing in itself" today. Need to infiltrate Foundation security for this again.

Helpful definition for the thing itself: Based on Kant?

* People only ever interact with characteristics of thing itself (like touching it)
* Normally only all the characteristics combined are called "the thing"
* The actual thing in itself can never be directly interacted with (excluding me kinda)

Rest of the Day:

Found the thing itself in the anomalous item log. Apparently it still is an apple. the apple in itself.

You would expect them to be a bit more suspicious of an apple just appearing. But they just put it in a safe and forgot about it. At least contain it properly.

Picked the apple in itself up (takes too long, need to find a less complex way) and left the site. Site blurred an alarm, probably for all apples disappearing, after I left.

Put the itself-apple in my room. Bought an actual apple on the way and put it on my desk, just so I can see it.

The Hotel staff still hasn't figured out that I should have checked out yesterday, so I'll probably stay until New Year. Apple starts to feel less like a word.

Gonna check if I find my "thing itself" list.

Thing itself, places to put:

* Serpents Hand They didn't realize it. Not a safe place as It could be lost in the library
* GOC No reaction
* Horizon Initiative Thing itself is probably not religious
* Foundation I need a different approach to this

Really need to find a save spot for this. No more incidents.


Only attracts attention afterwards ✓

"Real" features can not be perceived ✓

Has no real features ✓

Does not belong anywhere ✓

Leaves a mark on the world X

Why are you like me ?

I need to stop pondering about this. I'm not a thing itself

December 29th, 1999

The apple on my desk is gone. How the hell Who in the


* Somebody followed me and took it Nearly impossible, I would notice being watched or followed. And how would they pick it up?
* It's sentient? I don't know what to do with that possibility
* No longer an apple. Turned into something different. Forgot that could happen

Hope I find it in this room, otherwise no idea where it went. Either way, it's gonna be difficult to find something I can't sense.

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