Nobody Special
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I woke late this morning
in a dark and dizzy daze
I looked into the mirror
and a stranger met my gaze

I fear with every day that I’m
forgetting more and more
But how can I compare?
I can’t remember from before

Each day another stranger
claims to be my friend or foe
I’m forced to make hard choices
based on things that I don’t know

My anonymity protects
and hides me all the same
They wish to know my purpose;
I just want to know my name

With every step I take I change
the world before my eyes
I know now my mundanity
is not just a disguise

I wonder if it’s better to
keep known or disappear;
If failing memory should not
remain my greatest fear

If I should die tomorrow, though,
I simply wouldn't care
Content to be forgotten
as the man who wasn’t there

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