Nobody's Observations on Temporal Displacement, Family, and Waffles
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Finally made it to Oregon today. It's about 7:30 AM as I'm writing, thinking I might get an early breakfast at a Denny's. There isn't an IHOP nearby, shame.

It's been a tiring night. Almost made it to Boring. Need to meet up with an anomaly named Jonathan Stanford, they're going to be at a Foundation branch called "Wilson's Wildlife Solutions" today. Found one of their posters looking for their Doberman; not part of this timeline, implications of time travel.

Maybe I'll try eating at Waffle House, never tried it before. there's no Waffle Houses here??


* 1 CI spy inside Wilson's looking for a Kangaroo no longer there — Avoid interaction unless necessary
* Foundation MTFs in area — Avoid interaction as well, will probably apprehend me if spotted
* Wilson's Wildlife Center 2:15 — Jonathan will be there looking for a former MC&D object (the Doberman)

Outside of Wilson's. Entering soon. I believe that Jonathan potentially has a relative working at Wilson's, possibly why the Dog is there. (unconfirmed, just speculation)

Spotted CI spy, did not seem to notice me. No MTF here, think I'm in the clear.

This is one weird place, a bunch of tree-hugger hippies.

Passed by plenty of anomimals (heh). I might (?) have found a little mister by Wondertainment here, may want to evaluate it for information later (it could just be a Wondertainment product?). There is a cow filled with bees, made my stomach churn; they even have a runaway Herman Fuller animal here. Still looking for Jonathan.

Talked to the manager of the place, some lady named Faeowynn. Weird name, very stern. She directed me toward "enclosure 3", contains the Dog. Think I might be close.

It is possible that I found Jonathan, yet they were barely visible to the eye. A solid being there, but it was almost as though I were looking at a grainy photo of someone.

They were inside the enclosure with some other man, their name tag said Daniel Stanford. Likely a relative from this timeline. What I can only assume to be Jonathan was petting the Dog, the worker was oddly docile.

The blurry figure stood up for a minute and grabbed the hand of the worker as well as touching the dog. In a sudden burst of blue lightning, Jonathan was gone and the Dog was no longer abnormal. Some of the vegetation caught on fire, triggered smoke alarms.

I can only assume this mission was a failure. There is still potential for me to locate Jonathan in the future. As of right now, I don't believe I will be able to use time travel to make myself normal again.

To Do:

* Check records of Daniel Stanford- could interact with family?
* Look into the Wondertainment ape, find out where it was manufactured - don't recognize this one
* Give Insurgency agent a lead in on where the Kangaroo is
* Warn owners of Wilson's they have a spy (optional)
* Find a Waffle house

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