Nobody's Business
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Acquired a new notebook. Old one was full, and I never liked it much anyway. This one is much better honestly. Bigger too.

Anyway, I'm at a parking lot. Going to have breakfast.

Maybe I'll order pancakes again. I got time before new job. Got to do retrieval.

CI transport at 2:00 pm — Be at vantage point
GOC ambush at 2:15 — slip by, acquire target

At vantage point. 5 minutes to go.

See GOC strike team. Their new camouflage tech isn't as great against skilled eyes. NOTE: Remember that detail.

Got uniform from Lefty that affect perception to see it as GOC or CI for an observer. Will slip by both sides. Handy, pun not intended.

Acquired the target. There were was difficulty due to thuamaturgic enhanced weapons, but prevailed. Target is a blackbox with a 7-digit combo. Cracked it in 4 secs. Inside is an item from Dr. Wondertainment named "Insta-Icee Cones" that come in 4. Packaging is made in shape of a freezer. Really cold to the touch.

Meeting client behind of a Toys R Us as stated by them. Odd but they pay.

Client was found spray painting insults on the wall directed at Toys R Us. Client was happy at my arrival, and attempted to hug me. Noticed that client grew a yellow tail.

Client expressed satisfaction and stated his affection for Dr. Wondertainment products. He explained he attempted to purchase the retrieved item (a discontinued product) originally by MC&D Ltd, though was banned. Looking into the situation, he would grow frustrated and childishly threaten patrons according to records. Last straw was when he threw 2 pretzels at the auctioneer after losing bid to a CI operative.

Client, with a piece of chalk, drew a door and opened it. Other side was a swirling vortex of colors, which he jumped through. The drawn door then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Money (10 k) was also found to be fake, memetic agent was cast on them to disguise the fact. They actually were just Monopoly bills.

To Do:

  • look further into client. Check Wonder City (or was it World?) records for possible residence.
  • return uniform to Lefty
  • get new memetic inoculations, keep better record on when they expire.
  • maybe ask waitress out from diner earlier if nothing else.
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