Nobody In Trouble
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»'n06ody has joined the lobby
<sakaali> Hello, Nobody.
<einBoot> yo nobody
what's up
<sakaali> What's the matter? Unusually early conference call.
<'n06ody> I'll keep it brief: I'm in trouble.
<einBoot> oh shit
<sakaali> Where are you?
<einBoot> that's not good at all
<'n06ody> I'm holded up in a net cafe right now.
In the middle of Pennsylvania.
<sakaali> I can send someone to pick you up. After all, that got boat out of Volgograd before.
<einBoot> that wasn't my fault
<'n06ody> Nah, that would be too much of a hassle.
<einBoot> whats the trouble about, anyway
<'n06ody> Some South American paramilitary guys, boat. A junta force, maybe?
I should be fine. Mostly.
<sakaali> Mostly?
<einBoot> i think i know who you mean nobody lemme find a pic
<'n06ody> So, I caught them snooping around the area of interest.
Actually, more like they caught me snooping on them snooping.
<sakaali> That means this definitely was related to the recent anom-incident in Penns?
No coincidences?
<'n06ody> Yup. Not a coincidence, as far as I can tell.
<sakaali> Damn. Possible Asian leaks? I'm sure there weren't any from over here.
<einBoot> do you think they knew what they were looking for
<'n06ody> Yeah, I'm fairly sure they did. They didn't meander a lot.
Like the other groups usually do. :P
<sakaali> What do you think, boat? You seem to know the Pan-American groups more than we do.
<einBoot> not sure, honestly, but ill know more once nobody confirms my suspicions
you seem more antsy than usual sakal
<sakaali> I know, just nervous. Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions against protocol.
<'n06ody> I understand. Just wanting to make sure I'm alright. Thanks.
<einBoot> hold up i think i found em
dammit the pics not loading wait a min
<sakaali> Continuing. What happened after they caught you?
<'n06ody> This guy shouted at me in some language
Couldn't tell if it was Portugese or Spanish.
basically I clocked him and stole his motorbike
Got the hell out of there and I ended up here.
<einBoot> found a new pic
<sakaali> Do you know what the guy yelled at you?
<'n06ody> Dunno exactly. Lots of the standard, "Who are you, what are you doing here?" type.
<einBoot> got it. did they look like this: los_cotizantes1979.jpg
<'n06ody> Holy shit, that's exactly what they looked like. Great job, as usual, boat.
<sakaali> Who are they?
<einBoot> thanks. they're "Los Cotizantes", an argentine paramilitary org
like an argentine UIU but not government run
<'n06ody> Oh, thank god, at least I know it's not Portugese.
<sakaali> Portugese isn't an official language there, right?
<einBoot> yeah they speak spanish
<'n06ody> fuck
they're outside across the street
i think they saw the bike
<sakaali> Can you run for it?
<einBoot> can you deal with them
<'n06ody> both unlikely but ill try
fuck theyre coming thsi way
do me a fvaor guys
<sakaali> For sure. What is it?
<einBoot> we got you
<'n06ody> im gonna wipe my drive
sabe theise fiels:,,,,
<sakaali> Downloading. They're huge files.
<einBoot> downloading as well. what are they?
<'n06ody> drive backups dont lose em
i have a question boot
<einBoot> yeah?
<'n06ody> do the argentinians waterboard during interrogations
<einBoot> yeah
<'n06ody> fuck theyre here im fucked
trying to stay incog rn
<sakaali> TTYL, you got this.
<einBoot> stay alive dude you're a good person
<sakaali> ^
<'n06ody> shit they saw me
wish me luck
«'n06ody has left the lobby
<sakaali> Does he even speak Spanish?
<einBoot> some spanish
<sakaali> He's screwed.
<einBoot> i think he's got it under control
you know
<sakaali> Really? Why so?
<einBoot> i mean after all
nobody expects a spanish inquisition

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