No Return Hub

No Return Hub
By: Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin
PUBLISHED: 04 Dec 2021 17:41
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A single choice begets two worlds
A mirrored tapestry unfurls
Vanguard's aegis shines
As Threshold draws the line


A multiversal degradation in anomalous phenomena ravages the world of magic, leaving its fantastical hidden lands and communities to gradually die out; the Foundation, its allies and foes, are made painfully aware that something must change. Explore the Impasse and the nuanced relationship between the Foundation, the anomalous, and the nature of change itself. Examine the world at stake and decide, ultimately, how to bring it hope.


by S D Locke, HarryBlank, PlaceholderMcD, Ihp, Grigori Karpin, DarkStuff, Aethris

Follow the Foundation's path to combat the Impasse by following several individuals on their own Paths through dying magic realms to retrieve artefacts of elemental power. Choose how they are wielded, for better or worse.



by HarryBlank



by Ihp



by Grigori Karpin



by DarkStuff



by PlaceholderMcD



by HarryBlank



by Ihp



by PlaceholderMcD



by Grigori Karpin



Nobody Likes a Sneak

by Grigori Karpin

A streetwise Nobody searching for an explanation for the Impasse, starts up an investigation that runs her afoul of cognitohazards, T-rex skeletons, the Wanderer’s Library, and a Paris café.
And that’s just the beginning.

Nobody's Looking For Trouble

by Grigori Karpin

Nobody isn’t alone, she’s working with the Serpent’s Hand, and she isn’t even the only nobody around, but none of that is gonna matter if they can’t find out where the Foundation is holding O5-Zero after their trial.

The Purple Witch Is Dead

by Einer von Rabe

The Black Queen Alison, following the advice of one of her Sisters, is trying to recruit an associate - Ms Mirabilis, The Purple Witch.
However, it seems that she has been hit hard by the Impasse.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

by HarryBlank, LizardWizard

You want to repurpose a formerly-hostile, presumably living anomaly, to save twelve dollars?


by Ethagon

Some always profit from the status quo. Among those is an ancient dragon that would have rather slept through the Impasse and its consequences. This is how it came to be.


by Guezma

After the Impasse is over, Judith Low updates SCP-140 to Neutralised. If only it were that easy with the Daevites.


by Kothardarastrix

Burying a problem only makes it worse.


Character Interactions Disguised As An Epilogue

by Ihp

Technically the end of Black Autumn IV: Nothing to Fear this tale begins prior to the end of SCP-6500 but then finishes after, representing a montage of 2021’s events from the perspective of Site-87’s cast of characters.

SCP-5056 (II): The Mirror Image

by HarryBlank

Philip Deering, the former SCP-5056-B, looks back with mixed feelings on one very strange year.

SCP-5974: The Interactive Fiction

by HarryBlank

A Foundation traitor is forced to relive her activities in the time before the Impasse by a video game with very low user friendliness.

SCP-6056: The Crumpening

by HarryBlank

In the wake of the Warlock path, some heartfelt conversations are happening — and being rudely interrupted.

SCP-7007: Misfortune Gorge

by Grigori Karpin

Almost a year after the events of SCP-6500, Vikander-Kneed Technical Media have some thoughts about the Foundation's recent behavior and invite them onto a gameshow.


Dr. Dan Goes to Washington

by Grigori Karpin

Vanguard is making its debut, revealing itself to the world and slashing the Veil in a global announcement. And they're sending Dr. Dan.

War in the Library

by Grigori Karpin & LizardWizard

The Black Queen needs to deal with an overzealous splinter cell of the Serpent's Hand during the transition between SH and Vanguard, just after Vanguard became public knowledge. The only problem is, this conflict is happening in the middle of the Wanderers' Library.

Hour Zero

by Jasiu06 and Ralliston

You do not seem to understand. The decision will be made, regardless of your approval.

Sarkic Heat

by Grigori Karpin

Shortly after Vanguard is established, Tilda Moose asks Dr. Alto Clef and Karcist Varis to lead a raid on the Hunter’s Black Lodge in Moscow. Think of this as a buddy cop comedy, with body horror.

A Sarkic By Any Other Name

by Grigori Karpin

Following up on Sarkic Heat, Varis and Clef continue their addressing of Sarkic Anomalies for the Vanguard as the heat starts to rise around SCP-2480 and a brewing conflict with the GOC.

An Assembly of Sarkics

by Grigori Karpin

Varis calls together a meeting of Nälkän leaders, to start the process of bringing together the various tribes of Ion. But something is bothering him, where are the other Klavigars? Where is Lovataar?

Varis and Clef take an MTF squad into the depths of SCP-2191 in search of the legendary Klavigar, and things go predictably awry.

With Many Choices

by LizardWizard and Grigori Karpin

As SCP-939 is normalized, Vanguard and the GOC battle in the court of public opinion.

What Came After

by Uncle Nicolini and Grigori Karpin

A series of vignettes cataloguing the reactions of every day people to Vanguard's reveal, and the first description of Vanguard's public announcement! Tune in for worldbuilding, but stick around for the grounded character perspective.

List of Common Anomalous Misconceptions

by Guezma, Grigori Karpin, Zygard, and Blazingpie

In light of Vanguard's appearance and the fall of the Veil, a few Wikipedia users got together to craft a list of all those misconceptions connected to the anomalous.

God meat's back on the menu

by Guezma

An ancient evil in unsealed and let loose in a city. Vanguard calls in an ally whose skills are perfect to deal with the situation.

VNP-6521: Lord Mansfield outlaws Vanguard

by Guezma

A stolen painting, vile schemes, and all of Vanguard and their allies are suddenly unable to act throughout the UK. All of Vanguard? No, a certain vigilante and the patron saint of betrayal can still kick ass!

Voice of Vanguard

by Guezma

Humanity must learn it's not alone in this world, and Vanguard's podcast helps spread the message. This week's guest is from Parawatch and he needs to learn a bit more than that.

Facing Forward

by Guezma

After the events of Voice of Vanguard, Ron Gambi's life has changed, but where is it all headed? A new opportunity and an old friend will help him find his way.

The Trainee Gets Trolled

by Guezma

As part of his training in Vanguard's PR department, Ron Gambi installs Void and gets the full social media experience.

Gambi's Gambit

by Guezma

After having been contained for two decades, Marcel Gambi is in hiding. Vanguard wants to find him to ask him a few questions. Ron Gambi wants to reunite with his long-lost brother. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones looking for him.

Ron Gambi's New Year Special

by Guezma

The Gambi family's New Year party is interrupted by a call from Ron's workplace. Later, Marcel spots a familiar face on TV.

A Parapolitical Compass for These Difficult Times

by Jasiu06 and Ralliston

It's not a far stretch to say we live in hard times.

What's Up With All the Reality Benders? — A Demographic Overview of Global Ontokinetic Prevalence

by Ralliston

Why has the reality-bending population so suddenly increased following the collapse of the Veil?

Esterberg (City) — Wikipedia

by Jasiu06, Jerden, MontagueETC, Ralliston, and Zygard

More than a decade after the Veil has fallen, the world truly has changed. Let's see its true colors, this time described by a much less biased party, shall we?

Manna Charitable Foundation — Wikipedia

by EstrellaYoshte

Who needs the SCP Foundation when you have Wikipedia? Click the link to learn everything there is to know about the MCF in its relationship to a world without the Veil!

SCP-6483: The Polar Express

by LORDXVNV and Ralliston

Site-120 has a new resident humanoid anomaly, and he's really getting into the Christmas Spirit. Watch as this anomalous individual goes from containment to employment as the switch to Vanguard occurs in this holiday appropriate article.

Miau Miau, Asheworth-kun


Daniel Asheworth acclimates a colleague to the new status quo of Vanguard. Things go awry. (Also, he's a catboy, but just temporarily)

Vikander-Kneed Worldwide News

by Cole 13

VKTM is finally free of 50 plus years of containment by the Foundation, and in this Vanguard future, they're reaching out to the public in a big way.

The First Occult Flame War

by Guezma, Ralliston and Zygard

Imagine two faiths whose messy history goes back tens of thousands of years. Imagine them going at war and suffering unbelievable losses. Imagine them reduced to shadows of their former selves. Imagine the grudges they bear in the modern world.
Can you picture that?
Okay now put them on Twitter.

SCP-7629: Sanctuary of The Sky Keepers

by WarriorofChaos

Site-120 discovers the hidden underground remnants of an ancient and powerful race, one who roots to the origin of magic. With new ancient history being revealed and sharing a common enemy, The SCP Foundation decides to help these people become as great as they once were long ago.

Plus I think it’s time we get a dragon article with a happy ending!

Public Release of OPERATION: WITNESS Materials

by Jasiu06 and Ralliston

The times might have changed, but the GOC — not so much. Come in and explore the Coalition's view on the un-Veiled world through their propaganda material.

Thump Thump Tick Tock

by UNCGriffin

For most people, the fall of the Veil meant waking up to a new world. But what about those invested in the old anomalous world, and its hidden conflicts?


by Jack Ike

The fall of the Veil has refreshed and changed the world; but not necessarily everything within it.


I Did Not Fade

by Ralliston

It’s 2057, Vanguard has been operating for more than thirty years, and Daniel Asheworth is tired. He’s lived a long life. And when he wakes up on October 10th, he knows it's his last day.

Order MEF-7629

by Zygard

Do you want to kill someone without leaving any traces, but are also a professional with certain standards? This is the perfect product for you! Hunter Industries presents the "Rokita" pistol!


by NotOrteil

A trans-dimensional Foundation attempts to contain a set of seemingly related phenomena, and ironically, seeks help from Vanguard.


A Magic Show

by Some Reference

As the Impasse begins to take its toll, Site Director Jack Shlain decides that the staff could use a bit of casual fun. Things do not go as planned.




Endless stories can be told in in the SCP universe. But what about the SPC universe?


End of the Lonely Wanderer

by Karpfisch

Some are tired. Others are happy. But many are freed from a burden they carried for years. The sad beginnings of an important event.

Audiolog VNP-507-5386

by Nykacolaquantum

Two reluctant dimension hoppers meet by chance, discussing the multiverse, the inherent burdens of their lives, and Algaddan wine in an isolated version of the Wanderers' library.



No Return is the canon that follows on the heels of SCP-6500: Inevitable, but you already knew that right? This canon is concerned with consequences first and foremost; when we were writing SCP-6500 it became clear that whichever timeline the reader chose, the concept of the Foundation was going to be irrevocably changed. Which is fitting, as Inevitable is a pretty stark climate change allegory. We wanted to create a setting which would foster further stories, leading off from either timeline.

So, what is No Return? It’s life after the tipping point, along two very different causal paths. One where the Foundation maintains its iron grip on the anomalous world, but those in the know are aware SCP-6500 was the SCPF’s fault and another in which the Foundation dissolves, forming a new organization with various groups of interest (read Emissary!) to try to educate the public about the anomalous world.

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