Niram's Gallery
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Hello! I'm niramniram, aka ramni/naelyati, and this is my art page. Long time lurker, joined only recently.
I do illustration and concept art. Most of them are Nälkä(Sarkic) related for now, but I might do art based on other SCPs/Canons in the future….

You can find me on:
Twitter(mostly rambling in another language and occasionally art)
Tumblr(mostly inactive and mainly for art archive purposes)
Instagram(maintaining several SNS accounts at once never ended well for me but here goes nothing)
Artstation(trying to be serious about art with various degrees of success)

Of Sarkicism

Sarkic art based on OriCat's second person character studies

Of Other things from the Foundation

Of Certain Things I probably shouldn't be proud about

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