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Initial Report
Author Ottaviano de' Medici Date July 4th, 1933
Interest High Identifier Items Sold by Mr. Night
I was approached by a former member of the Chicago Spirit yesterday, who offered to sell me a collection of items from his time within the Spirit that he no longer had use for. He claimed to have left recently, only a few months ago. He said his name was Mr. Night.

Given that the Spirit is crumbling, I had no reason to be suspicious of his intentions - the Foundation and the Unit will contain them all soon enough. (As an aside, it may be of use to take control of the remnants of the Spirit?)

He claimed to be a former operative in the Spirit, one of their more important artificers. (Not important enough for me to have heard of him before, mind you.) He presented several items to me to prove this, all of which seemed exceptionally useful. With one minor exception, I do not see any difficulty in finding potential buyers for this collection. The rest shall prove profitable.

I purchased the entire lot from him for $50,000, which we will easily be able to recoup. I've typed up descriptions for each below. Night had some comments that he wanted included, so I have left those as well.
File Opened Under: Lot C3S81
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status Sold
Demand High
Value $17,500
Availability Unique
Identifier Mnemophage Spider
Description Item is a small obsidian statue of a spider, with small rubies for eyes. A user may use the item to erase all memory of certain concepts, individuals or objects by holding it before a victim and having them look into the eyes of the statue. All memories affected in this way will be replaced by the memory of a swarm of spiders, and new memories of the affected concept will be associated with spiders.
Notes: I've found this is not a terribly efficient way of destroying memories. Rather, it is more useful for intimidation. Make note of that as you will. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status Sold
Demand High
Value $20,000
Availability Unique
Identifier Tight-Lipped Tommy
Description Item is a Thompson submachine gun which cannot produce noise. This effect is primarily observed in the lack of gunshots fired, but it also makes no sound when loaded, dropped or similar. Other than the lack of produced noise, the item is identical to normal Thompson submachine gun models.
Notes: A mob boss without a gun is like a king without a crown. But a crown is superficial, and if you are not a king, unnecessary. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status Sold
Demand High
Value $12,500
Availability Unique
Identifier A Hat for All Occasions
Description Item is a fedora that causes the wearer to become accepted wherever they go, as long as wearing a fedora would be. All individuals are still able to see and interact with the wearer, but consistently view the wearer's presence as normal for the situation. The effect of the item does not allow the user to act out of line: that is, violations of normal social norms and expectations will be responded to as normal.
Notes: These will be out of style by the time I'm back. Won't do much then. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status Renting
Demand Medium
Value $20,000
Availability Unique
Identifier Moon in Your Pocket
Description Item is a hip flask with volume exceeding exterior dimensions. Over the course of a full lunar period, it will fill with clear and unaged whiskey, similar to commonly distributed moonshine. When full, the item contains an high but limited amount of whiskey, preventing typical concerns involving unlimited liquid containers.
Notes: I don't drink much, but if I do, I will drink something good, not something like this. Tragically, the Spirit had poor taste in spirits. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status Selling
Demand Low
Value $1,000 Each
Availability Current Inventory Eight (Identical Items Exist, Total Supply of Such Items is 204)
Identifier Skeleton Keys
Description Eight copies of item O93NA/70KSA/YUW1S. For reference, item is a key capable of opening any lock.
Notes: A dime a dozen. How many do I need? — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark

Status Sold
Demand Medium
Value $15,000
Availability Unique
Identifier Egyptian Purity Scarabs
Description Item is a small cask which contains a large number of beetles, more than outside volume would allow. Item can only be opened in the middle of a large amount of viscera, blood or other cadaverous material. If such is done, the beetles will emerge and clean all viscera, cadavers and potential evidence, bringing everything into the barrel. No materials brought into the barrel have been recovered.
Notes: I have more restraint than the Spirit; my murders are nowhere near as messy. That was always one of my problems with them. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Status In Reserve
Demand None
Value None
Availability Unique
Identifier Ring of Secrets
Description Item is a ring that disguises the true nature of a small, extremely specific group of nonhuman entities, allowing them to pass as human under most magical and conceptual identification methods. Notably, no entities capable of benefiting from the effects of the item are in need of it. No known buyers exist or are projected to exist.
Notes: Please send this item to Mister Dark. He will find it interesting, at least. — Mr. Night
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

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