It was night in the lonesome October

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The following documents have been assembled by Agent Sinclaire, forming a rough record of the incidents which took place in Douglas County, Wisconsin during the October of 1869.



The manor of Jackson Sloth, founder of New Toronto, Wisconsin, circa 1860

From the Journal of Lt.Katherine Sinclaire

Arrived in New Toronto at 9:00 AM on 13th October. Obtained lodging at the Black Garden Inn, the only public house in the city. Tofflemire and Carol had to pose as a married couple, due to policy on rooms not being shared by members of opposite sexes unless married.

The entire town smells of sawdust. As I write this, I am watching a horse cart lumber down the street, towards the station, to be shipped off west. I am told that the wood from this part of the state is durable, and does not ignite easily.

I have a queer feeling about the townsfolk; while they seem welcoming, I can feel the suspicion about them. They do not trust outsiders, and I fear the manager at the Black Garden may have spied the badge within my luggage.

There are marvels at work in this part of the state, that much I am sure of. Our train had to stop two hours out of town because a creature was entangled in the cattle catcher; I caught a glimpse of it, and it appeared to be a reptile with the head of a cow and six legs. Someone on the train commented that this was a 'hodag', a marvelous creature native to the area.

Our investigation of the town has begun. Hoping to find some evidence of either Bailey.

Field observations written by R. Tofflemire

Items of interest observed:

  • Confectionery store in town. Predominately sells Young and Smylie candy, at three cents per pound.
  • Manor of town founder prominent landmark in town; people have given directions using it as basis.
  • Town hall is much smaller. Wall behind front desk prominently features a portrait of the founder's family; Jackson Sloth, his wife Imogen, his son Jasper, and his daughter Caroline. I am told that the portrait is obsolete, as they recently had a second daughter, though they have not released the name.
  • All individuals within the portrait were wearing odd medallions. The shape was hard to distinguish in the dark hall, but they appeared to resemble the head of a goat.
  • Tripped over a large turnip on the way out of the confectionery. Owner informed me it's for a local celebration, derived from an Irish tradition of the Sloths. Known as Sawwhen (?). Will inquire with Sinclaire.
  • Inquired about the Baileys at the public house. Cover is that I am attempting to locate the pair of them so I may inform them of the discovery of their father's remains within the ruins of Baltimore.
  • One recalled them; a pariah, by the name of Hendricks. He said that the two of them had taken up residence in a small house in the woods, claiming to intend to study local wildlife.
  • Hendricks seems to have a severe fear of insects; the sound of a bee buzzing against the window was enough to send him into a panic enough to flee.
  • Hendricks gave the location of the house in the woods. Intending to investigate tomorrow.

Correspondence from Montgomery Reynolds to Nina Weiss

Captain Weiss,

We found the Bailey brothers' bolthole in the morning. It was ransacked utterly. There was a pool of blood on the ground, but no bodies remained. Using marvelous means, Katherine was able to divine that they were alive, but not their location.

In the corner of the room was a pile of documents and photographs burnt to cinders. We cannot make any sense of the surviving fragments. The only intact item in the place is a curious woodcarving, which I have reproduced below.


On the back of the carving, the words "FILLI TRISTITIA"— literally "Sloth's Son". This creature may have some connection to the Sloth family.

As we exited, we found a pumpkin on the porch of the house, grinning at us. It wasn't there before. When Katherine attempted an inspection, it rotted before our eyes, and the wind carried a bizarre, rattling laugh.

Something is amiss in this town. Expect further correspondences.

Kindest regards,
Montgomery Reynolds

Field Report of Agent Alison Carol Regarding: Marvelous Activity around Logging Camp

I was able to infiltrate the logging camp (known as Sloth & Co. Lumber Camp #87) undetected in the middle of the day. From a concealed position, I was able to survey the goings-on. Two things of note happened during this time.

Firstly, at noon, Jasper Sloth appeared in the camp. He apparently is the foreman of this particular operation. He's not an ugly man, though his features are a bit too angular, and his goatee is poorly kept. He briefly got into an argument with one of the workers over wages. When the argument became heated, the worker drew a medalion[sic] carved into the shape of a goat's head from beneath his shirt and held it before him, as if to ward away Jasper. Sloth stormed off, a growl in his voice.

The second occurrence I did not fully witness. I saw a man fall with a yell, but I did not hear him hit the ground. When I inspected the area later, there was no sign of him, and it seemed to have been cordoned off by workers, as if the earth itself had swallowed him.

I made off with one of the goat-headed medaions[sic] carried by the workers. Sinclaire tells me that it may be indicative of Demon Worship, specifically Bafomet(?).

The sunsets here are clouded by sawdust, and produce an eerie shade as they vanish over the horizon. The street smells like blood.

Observation recorded by Lt. Katherine Sinclaire

It is past midnight as I write this by moonlight. In the street outside, a procession of figures is marching, cloaked in black, wearing masques depicting nightmarish, grinning faces. I dare not light a candle, for fear they notice me watching them.

Leading this procession is the eldest daughter of the Sloths, Caroline. She is without a mask, and they all chant something in Greek, which I will attempt to transliterate.

"The Black Equinox comes on the Sabbath. We give praise to her for good health and long lives."

They have stopped in the middle of the street, after circling the block. An opening is made in the middle, and Caroline stands there, seizing back and forth and speaking in tongues. Her head has just caught fire, and she screams in ecstasy. Then, just as quickly as it started, it ends, and the procession disperses.

As I write this, the smell of sawdust has grown stronger. I fear it may soon be suffocating.

Transcription of a children's rhyming game observed by R. Tofflemire

(The children gather in a circle and begin walking clockwise.)

The wind is blowing
The colors are showing
The crows are flying,
Mother Autumn,
Who's next to be dying?

(The children break away from the circle and begin to spin. The first to stop spinning is considered 'dead' and is out of the game.)

Record of a Marvelous Phenomenon as observed on October 20th by M. Reynolds and K. Sinclaire

The moon above had turned red. I believed it to be a natural 'blood moon', or else an effect of moonlight filtering through the ever-present fog of sawdust. Whatever the cause, the effect of it on the townspeople was prominent.

We were observing it from the ground floor of the Black Garden, when suddenly, loud, thumping knocks came on the door. All within fell silent, except for the barkeeper. He asked, "Who is there at this hour?"

A voice, low and with a shaking, almost bleating quality to it, responded, "One who grants you so much power."

The Barkeep retrieved a basket of food from behind the counter and made his way to the front door. It opened in such a way that we could see the figure standing outside— it appeared to have a human figure, but had the head of a goat and cloven hooves. From its mouth hung a smoking pipe.

This figure is the same that was observed in the wood carving found in the bolthole. I overheard a patron mutter the name "Black Jasper". Is this creature Jasper Sloth, somehow transfigured by the full moon?

This warrants proper investigation of the Sloth household.

Evidence gathered on the state of the Sloth household by A. Carol and R. Tofflemire

  • Item: Jackson Sloth, town founder, has not been seen in public since 1866. His family claims that he is bedridden, and working on a novel.
  • Item: Imogen Sloth regularly orders large quantities of salted meat, which are delivered by train and taken to the manor by horse and cart.
  • Item: Imogen Sloth was very welcoming to us when we told them we were interested in settling in New Toronto, but had concerns over the practices of the townsfolk, referring specifically to the carved turnips and gourds.
  • Item: Imogen Sloth offered tea and licorice. Interior of home smelled strongly of sawdust. Tofflemire had to suppress a coughing fit to the point where he was red in the face; tea helped.
  • Item: Food and drink offered proved safe to consume.
  • Item: Imogen Sloth explained that they had founded New Toronto with the help of several Irish families, and that they were of Irish descent themselves (Accent not present). Her husband had started the Samhain celebrations during 1861 as a way to forget the troubles of war.
  • Item: Celebration goes on for most of the month. Several 'odd' rituals take place, but Imogen assures that they are harmless.
  • Item: When inquiring about Caroline Sloth, Imogen Sloth called her into room. Seems physically normal. Carol noted, but did not state, that Caroline Sloth lacked a reflection in the tea set.
  • Item: Inquiries about Jasper Sloth met with more resistance. Imogen Sloth noted to clutch an item concealed beneath her dress; Tofflemire noted that the outline of this item appeared to be a goat's head medallion.
  • Item: Inquiries about Jackson Sloth met with an answer of him being bedridden and writing. Consistent with other statements.
  • Item: Resisted questioning entirely regarding their third child. Carol and Tofflemire were ushered out of house shortly after.
  • Item: It was observed that all windows in the northern wing of the house were blacked out. No doors were observed on the interior of the house that led to the northern wing.

Conclusion: Insufficient evidence. Infiltrate Sloth household.

Log of an infiltration carried out by Lt. K. Sinclaire and M. Reynolds

02:10 AM: Arrived at Sloth Manor. Attempted to enter through first-story window in northern wing. Discovered that windows were bricked.

02:12 AM: Minor marvel used to dislodge, and replace, bricks. Reynolds and Sinclaire within northern wing. Wing observed to be highly disused. At least a foot of dirt on the floor in some places, mold on walls, a large amount of feathers on the floor. Camera set up to take photograph.

Photograph taken by Sinclaire.

02:13 AM: Moaning is heard from two rooms over. Sinclaire and Reynolds investigate, and find Tristan and Trevor Bailey, covered in filth, being held in wooden cages. Cages are observed to have grown into that shape, as opposed to being carved into such a shape.

02:18 AM: The two Baileys are freed from the cages, but are too weak to walk. Reynolds and Sinclaire offer food and drink so they may regain their strength, and armaments so they may defend themselves. They are noted to be naked.

02:21 AM: Reynolds leaves the premises to get the Baileys to safety in their bolthole, and to arrange immediate travel. Sinclaire insists on staying behind, despite risks to personal safety.

02:25 AM: Reynolds uses a minor marvel to dislodge and replace the bricks. He goes unnoticed by groundskeepers at the Sloth estate.

02:31 AM: Sinclaire hears loud screams from the second storey, along with three voices trying to comfort the screamers. Among the voices, the screamers are an adult man and an infant; those trying to comfort them are an adult male and two adult females.

02:35 AM: Breaking with protocol, Sinclaire uses a minor marvel to conceal herself and make her way up the stairs. The stairs creak, alerting others to Sinclaire's presence. Nevertheless, she is able to move up the stairs undetected.

02:36 AM: Sinclaire observes two figures coming to investigate the creaking sound. They are Caroline Sloth, who now displays prominent fangs, and her mother Imogen, holding several bloodied bandages. They make their way downstairs to investigate the disturbance further.

02:37 AM: Sinclaire moves into a room that appears to be a nursery. Standing over a crib is a black-furred, cloven-hooved, goat-headed being, attempting to comfort the infant within. Sinclair observes that the infant has several features that make it non-congruent with average human anatomy, including dark, shaggy fur, large serrated fangs, and ten truncated fingers ending in long claws. The goat-headed being refers to this infant as "Mavra".

02:40 AM: The goat-figure is alerted to Sinclaire's actions downstairs by the calls of Imogen and Caroline; the figure responds to the name "Jasper".

02:43 AM: Sinclaire makes her way to the master bedroom, where the other screaming figure lays. In the bed is a large, black mass of fur and arms, with claws similar to those seen in the infant present, as well as large horns on the head. The figure is observed to have ten eyes with hourglass-shaped pupils, no mouth, and is writing using one of its claws which has been dipped in ink.

The entity addresses Sinclaire directly, despite the marvel concealing her. Sinclaire notices a passage in the wall opposite her, leading to a set of stairs, and flees down these stairs.

02:46: Sinclaire finds herself in a set of tunnels beneath the house. These tunnels lead directly to the pantry of the manor, but Sinclaire finds it guarded by the goat-headed being. Sinclaire shoots the being with her pistol, hitting it square in the head, and flees as it begins to rise.

02:56: Sinclaire makes her way into New Toronto proper, and is re-united with Carol and Tofflemire. She is informed that Reynolds has booked six tickets out of town— four for her team, two for the Baileys. They evacuate almost immediately, destroying all equipment they cannot hastily pack.

Record of Events on the "All Hallows' Eve Raid" of New Toronto, Wisconsin

The following events occurred between the afternoon of October 30th and the morning of October 31st, 1869.

The force was comprised of twenty Union Investigations Unit agents, and seventy-five U.S. Soldiers, mainly infantry and riflemen. Lt. Sinclaire acted as the commander for this mission, due to her familiarity with the town.

New Toronto is found completely abandoned by arriving forces; at first, it is believed the townfolk fled following Sinclaire's discovery. However, Sgt. Pryce of the rifle corps spots a bonfire half a mile outside of town; fifteen individuals are mobilized to that location, while the remainder secure the town.

Inspection of the town reveals several private shrines to an entity known as the "Pit Being", a creature with no known folkloric equivalents. Said to be the embodiment of emptiness itself, and would one day rise to consume the world along with his wife and three children.

Investigation of the bonfire found that it was not, in fact, a bonfire; rather, several members of New Toronto's populous were gathered in a circle, dancing with their heads ablaze. Other members beat drums and spoke prayers in Gaelic. All were quickly either arrested or dispatched.

Lt. Sinclaire led members of force to Sloth's manor, where several lights were present in the windows. Inspection of the southern wing revealed a gathering taking place, with the figure that Sinclaire had encountered in the master bedroom acting as a centerpiece. Several of those gathered were carving off pieces of flesh and consuming them raw, or else after they held them over a brazier briefly.

In another room, the goat-figure was observed committing several acts of sodomy with both male and female guests. The goat-figure was observed to have both male and female genetalia, and was speaking in an unknown language as it performed these acts.

Members of the raiding force stormed the hall and started arresting guests. Several resisted using minor marvels, including the cranial ignition observed in other members of the town's populace. Others dissolved into choking clouds of sawdust, causing injuries among the force. The goat-creature attempted to dismember members of the force, but was halted by Lt. Sinclaire's use of marvels.

The massive, furred entity which guests were consuming was identified as Jackson Sloth himself. Members of the force equipped with flamethrowers dispatched of it once all arrested parties were cleared from the house.

Despite a thorough searching and cataloging of the property, neither Imogen nor Caroline Sloth could be accounted for. Furthermore. prior to forces being able to locate the remains of Jackson Sloth, an earthquake occurred, and the entirety of Jackson Sloth's manor was swallowed by a gigantic sinkhole, measuring exactly 100 feet in diameter, depth unknown.

New Toronto is considered abandoned. Union Investigations forces have cordoned off the area, and the town is currently in the process of being demolished, and its resources relocated. Surveyors within the area have proposed keeping the town on the map, but renaming it to "Sloth's Pit", This is currently under consideration by the United States Department of the Interior.

The wherabouts of Caroline Sloth, Imogen Sloth, and "Mavra" are unknown. Witness statements that their forms were observed in the upper story of the manor cannot be corroborated, as are reports of an infant crawling out of the pit.

Tunnel leading to the 'disused' wing of the Sloth Manor. Photographed 10/30/1869, six hours prior to the collapse.
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