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My self portrait. Whoopie

Hey there guys. I'm Nickthebrick1. I became aware of SCP in my preteens when Markipler played containment breach. I initially thought that game was a one-off thing, but then I saw the scp readings online, which eventually led me to the scp wiki.

I became enamored with the site at first glance, it was everything I wanted out of an urban fantasy… and after some more time reading… I wanted to make more scps of my own. I had a hard time initially but after getting some help from a bunch of people I got onto my own two feet so to speak.

Here are a list of scps I've written so far:

SCP-4601: Revenge of the Redd Mennace! collab with Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23

SCP-5070: Man's (Only) Best Friend

SCP-5228: A Pizza That's Also a Computer

SCP-5488: Ratings That Stick collab with HarryBlankHarryBlank

SCP-5583: Skippy the Unicorn Has Had Enough of Your Shit collab with HarryBlankHarryBlank

SCP-5603: A Game Amongst Friends

FATHER: FATHER and the ties that bind

SCP-6029: Cracked

SCP-6041: Chicken Little's Requiem

SCP-6069: Cupid's Angels

SCP-6073: The Woven Wraith collab with HarryBlankHarryBlank

SCP-6122: Snakes 'n Ladders

SCP-6344: A Thousand Words

SCP-6409: Sovereign Reign, Memory Lane collab with Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23

SCP-6428: Dunk The Dipshit

SCP-6577: Golden Opportunity collab with Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin

SCP-6772: Head Hunter collab with RallistonRalliston

AO-19377033: Round and Round

SCP-7047: Domino Theory

SCP-7102: "Goldie"

SCP-7401: Network Connectivity Required collab with Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23



Junkers' Saga collab with Boogey_Man23Boogey_Man23

UIU File 2014-158 (Head Hunter Sequel) with RallistonRalliston

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