'Nexus HyperLine' (N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID)

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Status Renting
Demand High
Value N/A1
Availability Worldwide
Identifier Nexus HyperLine
Description A set of pod vehicles traversing an infrastructure connecting all Nexuses and Free Ports worldwide. Utilized by thaumaturgically-fueled hypervehicles, N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID will act as a solution to the transportation problem plaguing the paranormal2 world since the collapse of the Veil in 2021. Utilizing technology scrambled from the failed Prometheus-MC&D collaboration project back in 1998, Marshall, Carter and Dark will create a vast web of pod transportation that will finally connect all anomalous3 enclaves together, allowing for quick, easy, and — most importantly — profitable transport between Nexuses and Free Ports for all of its top-paying customers.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Internal MC&D Report
Author Robert Carter (Project Lead) Date December 26, 2022
Interest High Identifier Nexus HyperLine
When the real world was revealed to the public back in 2021, the thing most frequently on people's lips were Nexuses. From the storybook world of Sloth's Pit to the cyberpunk hellhole of Eurtec, the people wanted one thing above all else: to visit those living and breathing monuments that acted as testaments to a world they were barred from seeing for so long.

The issue of how to get them there arose almost immediately. Portals are unstable, dangerous, and require an active thaumaturge to open them every time someone wants to go through, and with the GOC's newly-established arcanist license, that's no easy task. The same can be said about Ways, Doors, and other secret passages. The question therefore still stood: how do you get people in and out of the highest-interest objects in the world, efficiently and en-masse?

The Nexus HyperLine stands to answer that problem, for the select few that will be able to afford the luxury it offers. Tapping into the incredibly promising market of inter-Nexus transportation, N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID will offer a rare, sought-after, and exclusive service that will not only be a permanent source of income, but will also be a stable one. With no other competing projects on the market of this nature, our own HyperLine will prove itself to be a consistent and safe way to establish MC&D's importance among the wealthy elite in the new, Veil-less world.

Most importantly, however, this project will not cost MC&D untold trillions. Going off a strict legal definition of its contract terms, Dark Real Estate is still the owner of the land it has sold throughout the world to numerous middle-class people in the year since the Veil has collapsed. It also so happens that the land through which the HyperLine would be constructed is already owned in 35% by Dark Real Estate. Therefore, acquiring the land necessary for the project will be significantly easier, as long as the Company is able to present a legal case allowing it to evict the current residents — which, once more, as per contract terms, it is. With MC&D's purchase priority, it's simply a matter of a few billion dollars, and construction could begin right away.
File Opened Under: N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Project Timeline
Date Event
26/12/2022 HyperLine draft is finished by Skitter Marshall and Robert Carter, and is forwarded to appropriate MC&D Departments. Relevant 3D presentations are shown to all potential investors. Legal paperwork is being prepared, as are the finalized blueprints for the tunnels which the HyperLine will traverse.
29/12/2022 All necessary users of Dark Real Estate land are evicted, and MC&D's Engineering Department immediately begins work. The foundations of the N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID highway are constructed within 24 hours via utilization of thaumaturgy, geomancy, and reality-bending.
30/12/2022 In order to ensure that Iris Dark's vacation is not interrupted by N7S2M/ER9C3/X56ID work and news, she is blacklisted from viewing the file within the Company database and being emailed about the project. Skitter Marshall and Robert Carter are declared the only Project Leads. Work continues uninterrupted.
02/01/2023 As news about the evictions and the general HyperLine project hit the news, protests emerge in most affected areas. The International Court for the Paranormal takes interest in the case; however, as appropriate legal contracts are cited, the Company's actions are deemed to be fully legal. As the only protesting are individuals that are not members of MC&D's wealthy clientele, security takes care of the protesters, and construction continues without further problems.
05/01/2023 Parts of the arcane community continue their protests. Citizens of numerous Nexuses and Free Ports — including Arcadia, Esterberg, and Three Portlands — officially condemn the HyperLine project, declaring MC&D's actions as immoral. Despite this, following the removal of protesters via the usual methods, construction continues.
09/01/2023 A series of thaumic charges are detonated at several construction sites. The only damage suffered as a result of the explosions is to HyperLine components. No casualties are noted. Investigation into the offending parties is launched. Construction continues, albeit at a slowed-down rate, now focused on repairing the damage done and protecting the construction sites from further incidents.
12/01/2023 Once HyperLine construction begins in the waters of the oceans, numerous Finfolk groups begin to join the protests. Throughout the almost-finalized tunnels, further acts of vandalism occur, which effectively result in the tunnels being flooded. A search for responsible parties is ongoing. Re-construction is immediately undertaken. Construction continues, but is significantly slower.
17/01/2023 The first HyperLine highway — connecting Germany's Eurtec and Sudan's Silverspire — is officially opened. Two hours before the first train can be sent along it, however, it is conceptually removed from reality. Later the same day, a rogue ontokinetic ecoterrorist group comes forward, claiming responsibility for the action. All of its members are quickly arrested. Full re-creation of the destroyed line is required.
25/01/2023 Legal troubles in International Court for the Paranormal continue as a new party becomes active. Goldbaker-Reinz, the insurer of a large portion of those affected by the initial evictions, pays the money the occasion necessitates, allowing the now-unified victims to file a group lawsuit. The group claims it possesses evidence that points to MC&D's actions breaking several aspects of the Court's law. Construction is halted.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Misters Marshall and Carter,

As per basic legal representation promised by my contracts with several users of Dark Real Estate, I have examined the legal ramifications of the evictions your subsidiary forced upon its clients in January of 2023.

Following several hours of consultations with numerous other paralaw specialists, I have determined that while the action may appear legal on the Dark-Real-Estate-terms-of-service-surface, the action is in clear violation of several clauses of the Global Paralaw Charter, specifically sections 12-6-21. Due to this, I am forced to continue this line of legal ongoings in the International Court For the Paranormal.

Attached is the paperwork regarding the planned trial before the Court, as well as all of the details pertaining to the case.


Lydia Spencer, Esq.


Marie Surratt

#hyperline #capitalismbreedsinnovation girl you know things are bad when companies start actually building public transport and nobody fucking wants it
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00:13 AM · Nov 25, 2021

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Skitter Marshall in Critical Condition Following Stair Accident

By Alice Sharp (⁂ASharp)
Published 03/02/2023, 18:37


Skitter Marshall, photographed seconds before being escorted out of the Esterbergian House of Marshall by World Parahealth Organization personnel.

Transcript redacted for brevity.

THE COURT: All rise.

THE COURT: Following internal debate, this Court has decided that it does not find the actions of Dark Real Estate as breaching the Charter. As Mr. Katz has previously outlined, their clients have been well-informed of the terms of the agreements they have signed well before the Charter operated globally —

MS. SPENCER: Your honor, objection!

THE COURT: — and if we're not life-sentencing all of Vanguard for the Third Diaspora, we are not sentencing Dark Real estate, either.

THE COURT: All of that being said, however, the continued operation of the HyperLine Project under MC&D oversight is a blatant breach that cannot be ignored and falls under continued post-Veil exploitation of human assets. Therefore, this court dictates that Marshall, Carter and Dark and all of its subsidiaries are to abandon this venture effective immediately.

MR. KATZ: Your h —

THE COURT: Additionally, Dark Real Estate is to pay a fine amounting to seven hundred thousand United States Dollars to every single client that has fallen victim to their actions within the next month for their suffering and losses. They are also to provide every single one of those individuals with appropriate housing until they can continue operating normally.

MR. KATZ: Your honor, this is ridiculous. You cannot possibly say you aren't going to sentence someone but then —

THE COURT: Sit down, Mr. Katz. I am not done speaking.

THE COURT: However — as I was saying, prior to Mr. Katz's interruption — the fact of the matter is that the HyperLine project's construction is already close to being finished. It would be entirely impossible to restore the affected areas — including the houses of the victims — to their pre-HyperLine states.

THE COURT: Dismantling the entire infrastructure would also not only take months, but would actively be harmful to paranormal communities worldwide. All of the protests aimed at Dark Real Estate's actions aside, this court sees the real need that exists behind this project, no matter its actual intentions, and recognizes them as legitimate.

THE COURT: Therefore, this Court concludes that the HyperLine project will be allowed to continue under Global Occult Coalition oversight and control until said otherwise.

MR. KATZ: Objection!

MS. SPENCER: Your honor —

MR. CARTER: What do you think

MR. MARSHALL: Hrmhh, hgm!

THE COURT: This decision is final.

Esterberg Weekly

Your #1. Source of Information




By Aine Kayi'leigh

Camera #: 100-B-16

Location: DEATH PYRAMID, Floor 100

Both Skitter Marshall and Robert Carter are sitting atop sofas located on the 100th floor of the DEATH PYRAMID. The latter has his head propped up against his hand, and his brows are furrowed. He looks at the bandaged-up Skitter, who appears as if he wants to run away — due to his state, however, he is unable to.

Neither of them utters a single word. Beyond the glass panes separating both of them from the rest of Eurtec, heavy rain drowns the city in a mixture of wet neon, high junkies, and paratech gangsters. For what it's worth, tonight, even Eurtec seems to be doing better.

Eventually, Carter sighs, and glances heavily at the barely-sitting Marshall. The faces of both of the men are devoid of emotions. Carter does not seem to be aware that this is not by design, but rather due to the fact that Marshall is temporarily unable to actually move any of his head muscles.

Carter groans, continuing to almost murder Marshall with his sight.

Marshall sighs.

Marshall: She's gonna kill us.



With the Wings of Freedom Rings the Bell of Progress

23/04/2023 | ISSUE 31, VOLUME 15


With direct funding from Skitter Marshall and Robert Carter, new luxurious housing opportunities open up in the city that never sleeps. What does this mean for interested investors, and why should they immediately catch the chance to pitch in while it's still possible?

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