News for December 2016

Welcome to this installment of site news, where we celebrate the holidays and SCPs!

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

On-Site News

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for this month are SCP-1175 ("Bovine Icon and Guards") by ChazzKChazzK and Sparks of Creativity by FreudianFreudian. One's about guard bulls, and the other's about a newly-formed excited AI. Check them out!
  • The featured articles for November were SCP-1250 ("Alternate Reality Recorders") by UncleJoeUncleJoe and Rough Beast by zaratustrazaratustra. One's about tape recorders with some weird discrepancies, and the other's about how the Broken God becomes whole with the help of some unlikely sources. Check them out!

Event-Featured Articles

  • December 13, a day for music. Specifically, violins, though as DrewbearDrewbear shows us, some of those lovely stringed instruments are too sinister to really enjoy.
  • December 24, Christmas Eve! For some, a day to prepare for the upcoming holiday. For some, a day to celebrate. And for others, not quite the happiest day. See how some Foundation employees handle the holidays, courtesy of Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell.
  • New Year's Eve! Yes, that's right, the calm before the storm, December 31 is the final day of, frankly, a shitfuck year that was 2016. For some, they were more Quiet Days. DmatixDmatix has you covered in the more somber send-off of the year.

Rest of the News

  • The History Contest is now a thing! One of the first contests of the year to celebrate the Ten-Year Anniversary of SCP. Be sure to check it out and submit something!
  • The 5th Annual SCP Holiday Art Exchange has come and gone, and lots of exciting gifts! From tales, to pictures, to pictures of what used to be a library! Come see all the wonderful creativity on tap from the community!

Missing out on articles? Enjoy a recap on the articles from the past month. rumetzenrumetzen created the blurbs from December 1 - 14. A Random DayA Random Day created the blurbs for December 15-31. As the holidays kick into high gear, enjoy!

Week of December 1st:


  • SCP-2715 ("Guilty Sister") - Poisons can't hurt her, but loneliness will always wear you down. Written by NoktigoNoktigo.
  • SCP-2609 ("Traveling Lamp") - Lamps aren't that dangerous, right? Sure, as long as they stay put. Written by TheGreatGimmickTheGreatGimmick.
  • Tristar Pictures ("A film by SCP-2956, products of Natura Toys.") - Do you know how many safety briefs we're going to have to sit through because of this mess? Get it together guys. Compiled and edited before submission by LordStonefishLordStonefish.
  • SCP-2635 ("Hot Potato") - They say that art can set the soul aflame. And you. Mostly you, actually. Crafted by Dr SoloDr Solo.
  • Expedition Log Ψ13-2815-1612-1 - An expedition into the tree of life produces some unexpected results. A supplement for SCP-2815, written by NederbirdNederbird.
  • SCP-2378 ("Tissue Dome") - It's like one of those old tv episodes where they have to shrink down and go into someone's body, except the body is a bloated mass of warped clone-flesh. Written by DrBleepDrBleep.


  • Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Holy Smokes, new Resurrection! There's trouble brewing in Site-77, but fortunately Interim Site Director Ralph Roget is on the case. What while his investigations turn up? Written by RogetRoget.
  • Happy Howlidays - What's more festive than werewolves? Nothing. Nothing is more festive than werewolves. Written by Ihp does not match any existing user name.
  • No More Dull Days - Aleph Null continues! The heroes begin to plot a rebellion. Written by EekiumEekium.
  • The Ride Never Ends - The path to enlightenment is painful, and strange. Sometimes, it may not even be worth the result. Written by MrRoninMrRonin.

GoI Formats:

  • Number 27, Oneiroi Station - The search continues. The cycle continues. My work is not yet complete. One day you too will be inducted, if you can prove yourself worthy. Transmitted by Jack IkeJack Ike.

Author Pages:

  • Ihp's Author Page - Ihp does not match any existing user name's author page! One of our longest-lasting and most prolific author's finally gets his member page: rumetzen! I mean, uh… Ihp!

Week of December 7th:


  • SCP-118-J ("The Saltiest Doctor Alive") - At this time, it is believed that SCP-118-J is thirty minutes into a rant about "Hanzo mains". Written by DrMagnusDrMagnus.
  • SCP-2574 ("What Rough Beast") - "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned." Written by AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist.
  • SCP-2438 ("There Is No Hunger in the Lee of Stone") - The bunnies could be anywhere. Watching. Listening. Waiting for their chance to strike. And there's nothing we could do to stop them… Written by PetrogradPetrograd.
  • SCP-2869 ("Fuckworms") - Now everyone can experience the miracle of childbirth! Written by Le Blue Dude, rewritten by SpookyBee does not match any existing user name.
  • SCP-2384 ("The Biggest Duck of All") - First the bunnies, now this duck? Easter this year is going to be fucked up. Written by TanhonyTanhony.


  • The Kitchen Sink - The seventh mind-peeling tale in the history of Thaddeus Xyank. Three people meet in a New York City building. Or, more accurately, every New York City building. Written by FortuneFavorsBold does not match any existing user name.
  • The Homecoming of Eta-13 - With nearly half their task force dead, MTF Eta-13 makes one last attempt through the Hydra's Spine to return home. Agents of the Serpents Hand seek to ensure this doesn't happen. The action packed conclusion to the Wayfarers series of tales. Written by Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell

GoI Formats:


  • Wayfarers Hub - The Foundations sends its explorers to map the roads of the multiverse. But it won't happen without resistance. Series created by Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell.

Week of December 15th:

It ain't no game, just turn up all the beams when I come up on the scene…


  • SCP-2391 ("Bimmy Plays") - Hell is the YouTube comments section. Remember to like and subscribe to TanhonyTanhony.
  • SCP-2431 ("1000 Prion Cranes") - Supposedly, anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish. Aido has no paper. He does, however, have prions. Folded by DrBleepDrBleep.
  • SCP-2809 ("Des Souvenirs") - Lay down your burden. Pick up your suitcase. Written by HumanmaleHumanmale.
  • SCP-2695 ("Lucibelle Perhacs") - No obvious health issues have arisen from multiple needles located in subject's brain. Subject reports feeling stiff in the afternoon. Sewed together by AccelerandoAccelerando.
  • SCP-1466 ("A Canary") - If you begin to feel atomic fission, please stop doing math and consult a doctor. Solved by Communism will winCommunism will win.
  • SCP-2874 ("Don Burten Explosive Dev13e) - If you have seen this cy12nder, you now have 11 seconds before you exp10de. Written 8y TanhonyTanhony.
  • SCP-2825 ("Jacob Perhacs") - With the current amount of saliva produced, the saliva "lake" possesses a peak depth of 189m and reaches 790m in altitude; 5440m2 of forest and grasslands are encompassed by bodily fluids within the valley. Written by AccelerandoAccelerando.
  • SCP-2536 ("The Gift That Keeps On Giving") - Here at [DATA EXPUNGED], we love nothing more than to watch the good work you fellows do. Your empathy and moral integrity are an inspiration to us all! Gifted by TanhonyTanhony.
  • SCP-729-J ("Peep Peep, Motherfucker") - Good at scaring away monsters… and everything else, too. Written by AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist.
  • SCP-2745 ("Linda Perhacs") - Temporal anomalies should NOT be present. I've already used them to begin Alizarin's process. DO NOT ENTER THE CORNER IF ANY ARE DETECTED. Paradoxes are highly volatile. Written by AccelerandoAccelerando.
  • SCP-2452 ("A Collection of Photographs") - There is supposed to be a headless bandaged mummy in this photo. So where is the headless bandaged mummy?! Shot by TanhonyTanhony.
  • SCP-1347-1353-J ("What a Pestis") - Worst roommate ever. Contracted by DrBleepDrBleep.
  • SCP-2793 ("Peace Planet") - There's something strange going on in the rings of Saturn… and something doesn't want us looking into it. Written by Praetor AvacynPraetor Avacyn.


Author Pages:

Week of December 22nd - 30th

Hope you're down for a great train robbery…


  • SCP-2647 ("Premium") - Can you really put a price on your family's life? Written by kobon.
  • SCP-2709 (" Can Anyone Hear You Scream?") - Are they trying to keep you out… or something else in? Written by AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist.
  • SCP-2730 ("DogsTM") - Collect 'em all! Traded by Faminepulse.
  • SCP-1950-J ("Locked away in the tallest Containment Cell") - Upon being informed of the latest foiled attempt by SCP-1950-J-3 to breach containment, Administrator Jensen was observed rubbing their hands, cackling, and saying “Good, Soon I WILL BE THE PRETTIEST OF ALL! MUAHAHAHAH!” Sealed away by JameGumbJameGumb.
  • SCP-1909 ("Conqueror's Tomb") - Meet Alexander, the twelve year old tactical coordinator of Mobile Task Force Omega-7. Bred by AnaxagorasAnaxagoras.
  • SCP-2821 ("A Lunar True Vacuum") - There was void, and it was maddening / [Horror, abomination] made [Dolphin whistles] stay / THEY BUILT A LOCK AND THREW AWAY THE KEY. Written by -9Volt--9Volt-.
  • SCP-2744 ("Zeitgeist") - Seeing is believing. Recorded by MkfShardMkfShard.
  • SCP-2258 ("The Great Escape") - You can't keep a good balloon down. Written by rockyred9rockyred9.


Hub Pages

Fandom Stuff

What's been going on in the community aside from our site? Well…


  • This stylized poster of SCP-353 looks really cool! Like the kind of warning posters you might see near her containment cell in the Foundation. Give deksto some love, eh?
  • Иagi produces a ton of cool art; so many that I had trouble picking. In the end, I went with this abstract piece of SCP-2808. Many ways you can try and illustrate it, and I think this approach works just as well (and is probably easier, let's face it) than illustrating the anomaly's effects directly. But please check out their body of work!
  • This full color work of SCP-2845 shows it in all of its grand, menacing glory. THE DEER is truly awe-inspiring as depicted here. This was done by 雨見鶏, an artist with such a lovely style, who's work I highly recommend.

Top-Rated Articles of 2016

2016, a relatively quiet year for the site. Still, despite that, the content that has shown up has been incredibly great, and will prove to stay with the community for years. So what are the top-rated ones of the year? Here are the Top 10 for SCPs and tales!

  1. SCP-2935 ("O, Death") - +295 (by djkaktusdjkaktus)
  2. SCP-2439 ("[SLOT UNALLOCATED]") - +254 (by Jack IkeJack Ike)
  3. TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal ("The Broken God") - +224 (by TwistedGearsTwistedGears and djkaktusdjkaktus)
  4. SCP-2508 ("The Long Wait") - +206 (by EekiumEekium)
  5. SCP-2669 ("Khevtuul 1") - +185 (by KalininKalinin)
  6. SCP-008-J ("Geoff") - +172 (by DomeAcolyteDomeAcolyte)
  7. SCP-2316 ("Field Trip") - +167 (by djkaktusdjkaktus)
  8. SCP-2798 ("This Dying World") - +165 (by KalininKalinin)
  9. SCP-2308 ("Futures Trading") - +154 (by GreenWolfGreenWolf)
  10. SCP-010-J ("WHAT KETER I DON'T SEE ANY KETER") - +135 (by daveyoufooldaveyoufool)
  1. Your Last First Day - +127 (by qntmqntm)
  2. History - +113 (by HumanmaleHumanmale)
  3. Harbinger - +104 (by KalininKalinin)
  4. Kalinin's Proposal - +92 (Tied) (by KalininKalinin)
  5. CODE NAME: ████ ███ - The Truth - +92 (Tied) (by Jack IkeJack Ike)
  6. Date Night - +82 (by Hercules RockefellerHercules Rockefeller)
  7. After Action Report 2272' - +72 (by KalininKalinin)
  8. Magic Orientation - +71 (by thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose)
  9. The Bard of Ambrose - +69 (by GreenWolfGreenWolf)
  10. Standard Dream Report 66-Y 990.2 - +64 (Tied) (by KalininKalinin
  11. His Name - +64 (Tied) (by CirclesAndSquaresCirclesAndSquares)
  12. Different Kinds of Nihilism - +63 (by kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade)

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We look forward to 2017 with you all!

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