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If you were at all paying attention to the Site last month, you probably noticed it was a very busy one. Not only was there a Halloween contest for both prose and art, but there was also a month-long anthology series hosted by user S D Locke, well-known provider of spooks and scares! For the uninitiated, SCP Anthology was a month-long horror-fest of SCP articles posted by mystery authors hosted by Locke and Estrella.

Since you already heard about the Halloween contest in last month's editorial, we figured it would be interesting to talk to Locke and see what she had to say about SCP Anthology. Let's hear about anthology from past me and Locke!

What inspired you to create SCP Anthology?

In terms of hard inspiration vs like “why” I chose to do it (as there’s some distinction there), I’d have to credit Kalinin’s 2798/001, and Kaktus’ Way it Ends, both of which took a serialized approach to content — and both of which were incredibly exciting to experience in the moment. I made a post in the Anthology group chat around the time of 7kon’s announcement that elucidates on this. I’ll be adding some commentary to the hub once I have time to elaborate.

To explain “why” I decided upon the size/scope: during last year’s Harbinger 2, I had a lot of requests to do another anthology and a lot of folks who felt either overlooked or who felt like they missed out. Stretching it to 31(+) works allowed me to be more inclusive, while also allowing me to work directly with a bunch of people I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I was involved in the process of writing for SCP Anthology, you mentioned it was like herding cats at some point. Do you think you will ever try something this large again?

If I do something like this again, the model would be changed significantly, perhaps allowing for days to be skipped if a deadline is missed or an author drops out, to save on desperate last-minute scrambling. Given that this fulfilled its month-long promise, I don’t think I’ll be so particular to have a perfect record in the future. And I sure as hell won’t start it 10 months in advance.

The letter X notably had 4 entries posted, and there were a few other X-word titles on LC the day that the first X article was published. What lead to this situation?

For X, it was a last-minute Hail Mary to put out an open call for authors. Once again following from my first answer, I wanted to be able to include as many people as I could since there were about a dozen prospective entries. I settled on 4 because I figured I could do something with the letter itself, which Estrella was able to incorporate into the hub itself in a really cool way.

As there could only be so many selected even with expanding from 1 to 4 articles, I had to pick and choose. Some were unfortunately not up to par — owing mostly due to the short amount of prep time and hard constraint for theming a story around a word beginning with X.

Do you think SCP Anthology achieved its goal?

I think so. The promise was daily horror SCPs from different authors, and we achieved that (even though one was not posted… though we had 2 SCPs 2 days in a row for a total of 33 anyways). We managed to see both new and returning authors from across the entire history of the site, and all in all, everything more or less fell into place.

Have a free plug! Which of the articles is your favorite?

Isabi’s M is for Moonlight. In my opinion, the scariest entry of the bunch

And there you have it! Thank you Locke for answering my questions and thank you to all the other SCP Anthology contributors who helped make this October a haunting one!

- By Uncle Nicolini

November 1st

Halloweencon 2022 has come to a close!

The winner for the artwork category is …

Site-19 Security Data 19.2022.10.31 by IronShears

The winner for the writing category is …

Makeup by J Dune

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who contributed! This October was absolutely flooded with awesome artwork and interesting writing. If you would like to see more of the results, feel free to check out the Halloweencon 2022 contest hub page!

- By WhiteGuard

November 15th

SCP Wiki Art Exchange

November 15th marks the start of the Annual Art Exchange for 2022. The first recorded instance of the SCP Wiki Art Exchange was in 2012 on a forum post made by the user Djoric. Djoric explained in their original post that they were inspired to create the Art Exchange from a similar activity they had participated in on the MSPA Forums, believing it would be a fun tradition to bring to the Wiki. It is the Wiki's version of Secret Santa.

The Art Exchange is a project where authors and artists of all different mediums are presented with the chance to share their creativity with their fellow Wiki members by creating artwork, crafts, SCP Articles, tales, stories, songs, videogames, etc for them. Generally, works are expected to be related to SCP in some way. Works can be of the chosen person's articles characters, or even just of an SCP or SCP character created by another author that they enjoy.

One can sign up for the Art Exchange by filling out the form on the current year's announcement of the gift exchange. It is important to always look at the rules and keep in contact with the members in charge of the art exchange so no rules are broken and everyone has a fun time. To see the history of Art exchange projects, check out the Art Exchange Hub.

Make sure to check out this year's Art Exchange using this link!

- By DianaBerry

November 15th

The 2022 Annual Survey is almost over.


The Community Outreach Team Logo courtesy of EstrellaYoshte

Greetings again, friends! As the title explains, our 2022 community survey is coming to a close at the end of the month. This is an additional reminder that if you haven't contributed already, we would love for you to check out the survey. As of right now, we have over 4.5k responses! As previously promised, we will hopefully have the results by the end of the year!

Click here if you wish to participate before the survey closes!

SCP Wiki Annual Community Survey, 2022 Edition!

- By WhiteGuard

Features Last Month

Top Articles of the Month

Ratings of course do not mean everything, but they are representative of what people happened to like seeing at the time. With this in mind, the following are the top-rated works last month, so if by some chance you haven't encountered them yet, be sure to check them out!

Top-Rated SCP

SCP-7179 by Calibold: E is for Eternity

As SCP-7179 is unable to be accessed or witnessed through non-anomalous means, containment is not required.

Top-Rated Non-SCP

Makeup by J Dune

From the late 1930s to the 1950s, a demon ran rampant across the film industry, terrorizing its victims with venom-laced words, clenched fists, and tedious, painful sessions in the makeup chairs of countless studio backlots.

Front Page Features

Every month, an article is selected from each of the three common article types: SCP, Tale, and Group of Interest Format. These three articles are displayed on the front page for the month to bring further recognition to them.

If you would like to view the previous front page features, you can view the archive for the SCPs here, the archive for the Tales here, and the archive for the GoI Formats here!

SCP Article

SCP-5863 by SynthPanda_: Myths Made Plain

Any activities suggestive of organic life will be logged and reported automatically.


it is in your spirit or it is nowhere by consumptive sphinx

This is also not why I’m in the Serpent’s Hand now, but it’s closer to it.


SPC-3008: A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old BLÅHAJ by FSevenball, rewritten by Tstaffor

Cult-like communities have spread online praising SPC-3008 as a sapient creature capable of performing extensive feats of reality-warping.

Reviewers' Spotlights

Works are featured on the site’s front page as part of the Reviewers’ Spotlight, which acknowledges the time and effort spent by forum reviewers helping other authors develop and edit and their works for the mainsite. Each month, community members are encouraged to nominate forum reviewers who have been both particularly helpful and active. Members of the Forum Criticism Team will then discuss the nominations, and select four prominent reviewers to choose the month’s Reviewers’ Spotlight front-page features.

If you would like to view previous spotlights, you can view the archive for them here!

1st of October

SCP-6755 by Kilerpoyo [Featured by Kilerpoyo]

A person can ask a petition to SCP-6755-2 in exchange for a "promise" that must not be broken.

8th of October

SCP-7041 by cdithink [Featured by Dr Sage Evergreen]

SCP-7041-1 should not be impeded in its actions, nor should children led into SCP-7041 be retrieved.

15th of October

SCP-1318 by murphy_slaw [Featured by Leveritas]

Due to the nature of the cognitive hazard presented by SCP-1318, no research staff shall be permitted to interact directly with specimens.

22nd of October

Friendly Conversation by GlassAutomaton [Featured by KokwahStarry]

This earned her a weird look from Leora. "Wait, how long have you been here, Iris?"

SCP Data & Trends

All the goings-on of the site condensed into bite-sized takeaways! Is there a statistic or figure you would be interested in knowing? Let us know and we can feature it next time!


We are still renovating this section, so you can expect more in the future!

- By Data Analysis Team

Featured Artist

The featured artist this month is IronShears!

This month, the Art Committee has decided to feature IronShears and their comic Kuobachs Eyes. This comic explores many different themes which emphasize its unique style and method of storytelling. When asked to provide a short summary without giving too much away, IronShears described their story as:

"An anomaly starts to recognize what's going on and what happened to them."

We highly recommend checking out Kuobach's Eyes and other works by IronShears!

- By The Art Committee

New Content this Month

There is a multitude of wonderful works that are posted to the Wiki every month whether they be SCP articles, Tales, GoI Formats, Art pages, Author Pages, Essays, and more! Below, we have all of the creations for this month listed out by week and type (except for art pages, we did that earlier!) We have added little emojis next to articles that qualify to add some additional content. Below we have listed out the emojis we use and what they mean. Be sure to give them a look!

🐣 = An author's first article - This is their first one! Check them out and be sure to leave comments!
🤝 = Co-authored works - It is always interesting to see the dynamics of how people work together!
💯 = Articles rated at +100 and higher - These are articles that have seen success and should be celebrated for it!
📈 = SCP articles rated under +30 and Tales and GoI Formats rated under +20 - Let's show these a little love!

Week of October 1st

SCP Articles


GoI Formats


Miscellaneous Pages

Week of October 3rd

SCP Articles


GoI Formats

Miscellaneous Pages

Week of October 10th

SCP Articles


GoI Formats


Miscellaneous Pages


Week of October 17th

SCP Articles


GoI Formats

Miscellaneous Pages


Week of October 24th

SCP Articles


GoI Formats

Miscellaneous Pages

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